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Yoko Taro is a veteran in the gaming industry. His complex imagination creates incredible games with unique worlds and characters. Throughout his career he has been involved in the development of many flagship titles as both creator and support. Although it is well known that Yoko Taro never originally planned to participate in video game development, he joined the faction after working for them Namco and Sony.

He is praised for his unique storytelling style, which focuses on the dark side of humans and why they find it necessary to use violence against one another. Taro’s themes are strong in the games he’s worked on, and fans of his work remember him for these narrative elements. His success has recently been defined by his work in the NieR franchise that has become a cult classic. Here are some of the best games Yoko Taro has worked on.

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Updated October 10, 2022 by CM Edwards:Yoko Taro is still one of the most prominent game directors. His considerable success with the Nier franchise was earned through hard work and dedication. Nier’s growing history through multiple new releases over the past decade has created a world loved by thousands of fans. Nier is now making its way to the Nintendo Switch with a definitive version titled Nier: Automata – The End of YoRHa Edition, which will be released with exclusive content and DLC. Yoko Taro’s legacy has been cemented with every title he has under his belt, but the eccentric artist certainly has more to come.


9/9 NieR Automata

NieR Automata is one of Yoko Taro’s most popular games and is set in a sci-fi world during a war between machines and androids. The story follows several characters but among them 2b is the main character and the most popular one. She is accompanied by a scanner droid named 9S and a rogue prototype named A2, and together they set out on their missions. NieR: Automata is a direct offshoot of Taro’s previous game, Drakengardset ten thousand years in the future.

NieR: Automata saw outstanding successes in both the eastern and western areas. Fans around the world enjoyed the game for the character of 2B, the intense combat system, and the incredible boss fights it brought to the table.

8/9 Never Reincarnation

NieR reincarnation is an action role-playing game released on mobile devices. It’s a prequel too NieR: Automata Series. This game follows an all new character named Fio, a girl who lost her memories. The game sees her being pursued by a monster of darkness as she tries to make her way through a dangerous dimension called “the cage”.

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Throughout the game’s story, players will gain incredible insights into the NieR Universe. You will follow Fio and several other beings appearing in the game’s story and learn more about this complex world.

7/9 kidney replicant

NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139 is a remastered version of the original NieR which was released on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. NieR is a JRPG set in the Drakengard Universe and serves as a starting point for the NieR Series of games to which the previous two entries belong.

The story follows a protagonist as he sets out to destroy the Shadowlord and end the plague that has wreaked havoc on the world. Along the way, players will pick up key party members as they battle and level up throughout the game’s campaign. While NieR spawned its own franchise, for which it was intentionally intended as a base Drakengard 2. However, work was being done on the game’s story and concept, and the project evolved into its own new IP.

6/9 Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringer

FF14 has seen monumental successes under Square Enix as one of the most played MMOs of the current generation. That final fantasy The name itself carries a lot of weight in the gaming world as the longest-running RPG series to date. FF14 has been expanded several times in the course of its existence, most recently shadowbringer, on which Yoko Taro worked as a screenwriter.

In collaboration with Yoko Taro and the developers of NieR: Automatathe dark apocalypse scenario is a 24 man assault in FFX14. shadowbringer introduces players to characters and monsters from the NieR series, brought into the world final fantasy

5/9 Drakengard

Drakengard is the defining universe in which the NieR game universe is located. Yoko Taro created the first game for PlayStation 2 in 2002 and served as creative director and scenario designer. This title is the first game in a series that has spawned two sequels, all of which have been highly acclaimed by action role-playing game fans.

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In contrast to the NieR games, Drakengard takes place in a dark medieval fantasy world called Midgar. It has a multi-faceted story that allows for different endings depending on the choices players make throughout the game. The main character is Prince Caim, who teams up with Angelus, a red dragon, to prevent the world from falling into chaos.

4/9 time crisis 2

time crisis 2 is an FPS light gun arcade game published by Namco, for which Yoko Taro acted as background designer. This game was Yoko Taro’s second venture into game development before he set about developing his own ideas, including the games mentioned earlier.

time crisis 2 focuses on two secret agents attempting to thwart terrorist efforts by sending players through a series of guided kill-em-all missions. The game spawned a sequel that was released on consoles years later, but that sequel wasn’t as successful.

3/9 Voice of Cards: The island dragon roars

Voice of Cards: The island dragon roars is a drastic change from the normal themes Yoko Taro is known for. Voice of the Cards is a unique RPG set in a tabletop role-playing system in which characters, enemies and the world are represented as playing maps similar to those of The Witcher‘s Gwent.

The story sends players on a mission to slay a dragon of unspeakable power that was prophesied to bring disaster to the world. The Queen of the Isle of Bliss sends hordes of heroes to bring down the dragon. Voice of the Cards has a very innovative lay style that keeps the classic RPG systems and mixes new elements.

2/9 Monster x Dragon

Monster x Dragon is an upcoming collaboration between Square-Enix and Yahoo to be released as a free browser game that combines trading card game aspects and role-playing game aspects. Players take control of multiple monsters as mercenaries competing against each other in the Dragonia game world.

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In a massive war, players must form the strongest possible team while forming powerful factions with other players to create huge armies. Monster x Dragon coming this winter, so players should keep their eyes peeled.

1/9 Drakengard 2

Drakengard 2 is a Japanese hack-and-slash combat role-playing game released in the early 2000s. As a sequel to the original Drakengardit is one of Yoko Taro’s earliest works and shares a universe with that kidney Franchise.

Players take control of Manah as he sets out to free the people from the cruel oppression of the Seal Knights. The main knights, Uric, Eris, Gismor, and Calm, are the pillars of the Order of the Seals and possess powerful abilities that Mannah must overcome. Drakengard 2 has an incredibly layered story and multiple routes to reach different endings.

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