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I’m not sure if I remember correctly, but I vaguely remember being able to make my own wine in The Sims 3. I think it was a gameplay feature that came with the World Adventures pack.

We don’t have a lot of aristocratic alcoholic beverages in TS4, so it makes sense to turn to custom content for that.

Finally, wine glasses and wine bottles are a great way to jazz up a plain body! Check out our favorite options below.

1. Flavie Bar Set (Part 2 – Clutter) by Syboubou

Flavie Bar Set (Part 2 – Clutter) by Syboubou / TS4 CC

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Part 2 by Syboubou Flavie Bar Set includes clutter you would typically see in a bar; Cocktail shakers, corkscrews… and plenty of drinking glasses.

Five to be exact!

There is a glass for burgundy wine, a glass for dessert wine, a glass for white wine and so on. It’s a bit of an exaggeration, but hey. If we can have three different forks at dinner, why can’t your sim have five different glasses?

2. Glasses set ‘KL’ coasters from BuffSumm

Glasses Set'KL' Coasters by BuffSumm / Sims 4 CC

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How about some funky wine glasses for Sims who prefer the modern, quirky contemporary, and slightly avant-garde aesthetic?

This set of drinking glasses has a thicker, more angular appearance.

Stringed together, the overall effect is pretty cool! They also have their own glass coaster. Talk about chic!

3. Olive Juice Glass Bar Set by DOT

Olive Juice Glass Bar Set by DOT / TS4 CC

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This Olive Juice Glass Bar Set by DOT includes 24 new meshes; 20 of these are “Contemporary Glassware” for your Sim’s home.

When they’re not lined up, the difference is subtle.

But for true wine connoisseurs, I’m sure the distinction between silhouettes is important.

And hello; there are worse things than having 20 stemmed drinking glasses lying around. This set also includes decorative olives!

4. Lawrence Glass Bokals 02 by Severinka_

Lawrence Glass Bokals 02 by Severinka_ / Sims 4 CC

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Part of Severinka_s Laurentius dining room Set, these simple – but still noble! – Wine Glass is as easy as it gets.

There are no gold rims, ornate details, glass coasters, or avant-garde silhouettes here; no sir!

Just a single, long-stemmed wine glass for your Sims to pour, sip, and swirl their pinot noir, merlot, or cabernet sauvignon into.

5. Iron Glass Wine by wondymoon

Iron wine glass by wondymoon / TS4 CC

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No, I’m pretty sure this wine glass is made out of regular, clear glass.

That iron in the name comes from the custom made dining set it belongs to.

Unlike the previous items, this custom glass already has some alcohol in it! Ideal for cluttering up dining tables at dinner parties in full swing. You can even choose the wine; deep, rich red, bright tangerine, and sparkling, bubbly yellow (which is probably white wine, but I’m not sure).

6. Modern Romance Set by drgreenie100

Modern Romantics Set by drgreenie100 / Sims 4 CC

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This set is a mixture of utility furniture and table decoration.

As you can probably guess, we’re after the decoration.

Especially the three sophisticated wine glasses. Although I think one of them is more of a champagne flute than a wine glass.

But I love that even the flute has two “filled” color boxes and one “empty” color box like the two wine glasses do. Makes the set more cohesive this way!

7. Black White Dining – Wine Glass + Wine Bottle by ung999

Black White Dining - Wine Glass + Wine Bottle by ung999 / TS4 CC

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Like Wondermoon Iron glass of winethe wine glass from ung999 is already filled with some liquid and ready to taste.

Your Sim can choose between white wine and red wine as usual. And to add even more flair to the scene, you can mix and match the wine glasses with the Creator’s custom wine bottles from the same dinnerware! Download the Black White Dining wine bottle here.

8th. The Dark Diamond Sims crystal glass set

The Crystal Glass Set from Dark Diamond Sims / Sims 4 CC

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Colorful crystal carafes will never be Not look expensive.

They are reminiscent of the spacious salons of the 80s and 90s, with dark mahogany walls and furniture decorated with real gold.

A crystal decanter set might not be that hard to come by these days, but it still looks the part Well. case study? This crystal glass set.

I don’t know if the slight ombre overlays on the tumblers make them look more or less expensive, but they’re still stunning!

9. Simmer Down wine rack by RAVASHEEN

Simmer Down Wine Rack by RAVASHEEN / TS4 CC

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This is literally one of the smartest custom storage ideas I’ve come across.

I mean, I’ve seen this in real life, but I’ve never seen a TS4 iteration of it – until now!

RAVASHEEN’s To calm oneself down The wine rack lets you hang decorative wine glasses just about anywhere in your kitchen.

Sure, they only attach to kitchen cabinets from the same set, but that still leaves you with one a lot of of design and customization options!

10 Oh la la! by Syboulette

Oh la la! by Syboulette / Sims 4 CC

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This racy little set from Syboulette includes some beautifully crafted items to set up an expensive lounge bar; Exquisite damask wallpaper, benches, headlights and – of course – bottles of alcohol.

Nine even!

Upscale bars definitely have a bottle or two of the good stuff, so expect some decent wine to mix with the whiskey and tequila scams.

The CC set even has a snazzy looking wine bottle rack for your Sim to store the bottles.

11. New Year’s Champagne Glass by BuffSumm

New Year's Champagne Glass by BuffSumm / TS4 CC

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OK, so. This is not a wine glass.

But in the context of custom tumblers used solely for alcoholic beverages, I’d say they’re pretty close.

I also really like the design of the flute! It is tall, slim and has geometric designs all around the ring.

It’s totally eye-catching in a sexy, non-obscene way.

You can also combine it with the custom New Year’s champagne bottle from the same set if you like.

12. Arden champagne *decor* by SIMcredible!

Arden champagne *decor* by SIMcredible! / Sims 4CC

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The title says champagne, but I know those wide, long-stemmed glasses.

These are cocktail glasses at best and really short wine glasses at worst. This piece stays on the list.

I also like the look of a champagne/wine bottle in a bucket. It’s pretty unique!

13. On Cloud Wine Bottle by RAVASHEEN

On Cloud Wine Bottle by RAVASHEEN / TS4 CC

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This RAVASHEEN custom wine bottle has cute labels to match its cute name.

I’m not sure if they’re based on actual wine labels and brands, but I appreciate how they’ve all been simplified properly.

There are eight varieties (read; specimens) of the bottle, and I will say; the metallic sheen lets the colors work Splendid.

14 Barefoot Variety DECO by Afrosimtric Sims

Barefoot Variety DECO by Afrosimtric Sims / Sims 4 CC

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Well, aren’t these the most festive little wine bottles I’ve ever seen?

But seriously; The combination of colored glass and neck really does it for me. It’s reminiscent of really lively and jazzy holiday parties, like a New Year’s Ball or a post-Christmas rooftop carnival.

The labels aren’t in Simlish, but they look damn fancy!

fifteen. Wine O’Clock Dining Set by Chicklet45368

Wine O'Clock Dining Set by Chicklet45368 / TS4 CC

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The custom cabinet in this set is based on an actual chalkboard cabinet (which the creator references in the description).

The transformation from IRL to TS4 is scary accurate, and I think the creator deserves insane props for it!

The other notable element in this set (which made me giggle) is this Uncork and relax Sign. Very instagrammable. Best Wine Glass CC & Clutter for The Sims 4 – FandomSpot


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