Best traps & how to make them

While Monster Hunter popularize the idea of ​​taking down monsters with a variety of weapons, Monster Hunter Rise introduces new ways of hunting to spice up the franchise. In addition to the mount, Monster Hunter Rise also adds a zipline mechanic that players can integrate with combat to perform flash combos and quick escapes. And more importantly, Rise add a capture tool in Monster Hunter The recipe encourages the player to sneak traps on monsters instead of killing them.

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However, while it was fairly straightforward to lure a monster into a trap, the choice of the trap often determined whether the hunter was successful in their endeavor. Only traps that remain reliable in capture devices Monster Hunter Rise?

8 Meat sprinkles

Meat sprinkles

Monsters need food too, and good food will put them to sleep. However, the best food – like Meat sprinkles – feed them while putting them to bed. This meat makes an excellent bait for traps, and when used properly, a monster can sleep and ready to capture and attack in a short time. Ideally, the player should order the Drugged Meat along the path of a moving target so it resists impacts much faster.

The player can obtain Leftover Meat through crafting, through a combination of Raw meat and a sleeping herb. They can also buy it from Argosy for 300 points, Below Commercial goods.


7 Firm meat

Firm meat

Despite the skill to defend against hunters, monsters are still monsters, and they are hungry. When feeding with Firm meat, a monster may find itself paralyzed and unable to move. This makes Tinged Meat a delicious bait when setting traps. Ideally, players should use Tinged Meat in front of a moving monster, as this increases the likelihood of crippling them.

Players can obtain Tinged Meat through crafting, through matching Raw meat and warehouse. They can also get it from Argosy cho 300 points, Below Commercial goods.

6 Lightning Bomb

Lightning Bomb

Monsters can’t attack hunters they can’t see, and Lightning Bomb To be a pretty effective tool for rendering a monster’s vision pretty useless. When activated, Flash Bomb will release a beam of light. However, activate it right in front of a monster that can stun it and confused them for quite some time. Use this wisely, and Flash Bombs can give the team the time needed to retreat or even launch a counterattack.

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Players can actually craft their own Flash Bombs through Flashbug. They can also buy Flash Bombs from Argosy for 100 score, Below Rare search.

5 Sonic Bomb

Sonic Bomb

Players can sometimes need the power of sound itself to immobilize enemies, and this is exactly what Sonic Bomb to a goal. When activated, Sonic Bomb emits a high-frequency sonic boom can effectively fix the target. When hit the right monster, Sonic Bomb can disorient them and stun them, leaving them quite open to counterattack or catch cards in time.

Players can easily craft Sonic Bomb through Screamer Sac. However, they can also buy Sonic Bomb from Argosy for 100 score, Below Rare search.

4 Shock Trap

Shock Trap

Hunter need a simple way to trap enemies can benefit from Shock Trap, helps to fix the target on impact. At its core, an activated Shock Trap releases auras take the monsters and stick them in place. This stops them, allowing the player to successfully capture the immobile monster with a Tranq Bomb or a Tranq Ammo.

Shock Trap can be obtained through crafting, especially with Trap Tool and Thunderbug. Likewise, they can get the Shock Trap from Argosy for 400 points, Below Rare search.

3 Thunder Barrel Bomb

Thunder Barrel Bomb

When players use Thunder Barrel Bomb, they need to get out of its vicinity as it releases an aura that sends out a thunderous light to those it affects. Through the lightning light, the monsters will slowly accumulate stun values ​​whenever they are hit – eventually leads to a successful stun after a certain number of hits. The player is fighting with nasty aggressive enemies can use Thunder Barrel Bomb to stop them.

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The player can obtain Thunder Barrel Bomb through crafting, especially with Golden Seeds. There is no other way to get the Thunder Barrel Bomb unless it passed this method.

2 Trap


The only way to successfully caught a monster is to lure it into a trap, and Trap is as basic a trap as any can be. When using, the player needs Lure monsters into a Trap so they can fall into it. They then need two Tranq Bombs or Tranq Ammo to capture the monsters that are fixed in the trap.

Players can get Traps by crafting, especially with Trap and net tool. Likewise, the player can get Traps from Argosy for 600 points, Below Rare search.

first Tranq Bomb

Tranq Bomb

The Tranq Bomb perhaps the nature of the traps in Monster Hunter Rise, because this is the best tool to use catch the monsters that were stuck in the first place. Players can only hold up to eight of these at a time, and need to use one to two to successfully capture a monster. This means they only have four to eight successful attempts to capture a monster with a Tranq Bomb. Through the use of other traps, Tranq Bomb should have no trouble catching any monster it hits.

Players can obtain Tranq Bombs through crafting, by combining Sleep Herb and the Parashroom. They can also buy Tranq Bombs from Market because the 180z.

Monster Hunter Rise Now available on Nintendo Switch and PC.

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