Best Titan Builds in Destiny 2

Fate 2 doesn’t strictly adhere to the established tank, healer, and DPS roles, but that doesn’t mean the Titans are weak or weak. They are every team’s park, able to summon a protective barricade that can absorb enemy shots or even speed up reloading.

Titans can also deal massive damage, but they generally have fewer tools to do so than Warlocks or Hunters. With the right setup, however, Titan can be an invaluable defense for their team — or a devastating force against enemies.

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Here are the best Titan builds in Fate 2 on all activities.

Banner Shield + Ursa Furiosa

If you’re doing a challenging activity, such as Grandmaster’s Nightfall, and you have a Titan on your party, chances are this is what they’ll run for. Banner Shield is part of Code of the Commander, the medium skill path in the Void subclass. Protecting with it creates a large defensive barrier that shields anyone behind it and creates an Orb of Power when taking damage. This defensive ability makes it invaluable in high difficulty content, but combining it with Ursa Furiosa makes it even better.

Ursa Furiosa converts shielded damage into Super Energy when Super Energy ends, creating a near-constant stream of shielding to your allies. This is strange nerfed in Season of the Lost.

Ward of Dawn + Helm of Saint-14

Ward of Dawn is one of the most important Titan Supers for longer DPS phases against bosses. It grants allies the Weapon of Light power, which greatly increases their weapon damage over the long term and can be refilled simply by going inside the bubble.

This just makes the Ward of Dawn a great addition to any fireteam, but throw in the Helm of Saint-14 and you have a safe pocket in the midst of any intense fighting going on. Helm of Saint-14 blinds enemies entering the bubble and gives allies a shield, providing a safe haven for as long as the ability is active. However, bosses can destroy bubbles with enough damage.

Thundercrash + Cuirass of the Falling Star

This is the Titan equivalent of the Hunter’s Celestial Nighthawk/Golden Gun combo — and you’re the bullet.

With Code of the Missile (the middle tree in the Arc subclass), players can hurl themselves through the air and deal damage to any enemy they hit. That alone is a tempting promise for happier Titans, but Cuirass of the Falling Star makes this possibility even more appealing. This Exotic greatly increases Thundercrash’s damage, making it an amazing source of explosive damage even against the toughest bosses. The cherry on top is the Glorious Charge spell, a shield that lasts longer based on distance traveled before impact. Glorious Charge gives you enough buffer to reposition fairly safely, even if you land in an unfavorable location. And, if you don’t use it against a boss, chances are whatever you land on will die by the time you register the shield.

Behemoth + Heart of Inmost Light (Shatter)

While Titans doesn’t really have fast-moving gameplay like Hunters, this build takes advantage of the slide from Cryoclasm Stasis Aspect and Glacier Grenades to unleash Shatter damage. The grenade changes in the 30th Anniversary Update Damages this construction a bit due to the significantly increased cooldown on Glacier Grenades, but it can still work. However, for higher level content, you will be better suited to join Ursa Furiosa or Ward of Dawn.

The core of this build includes Cryoclasm Stasis Aspect, Whisper of Shards Stasis Fragment, and Heart of Inmost Light Exotic to create a synergy that will recharge your grenades. Throw your Glacier Grenade to power up Barricade and Shiver Strike, then slide over the crystal to deal Shatter damage to enemies in range. This will also boost Whisper of Shards and increase your grenade regeneration. Melee the target or activate the Barrier to power up your grenade, then rinse and repeat.

These make up the core of the build, but the rest is up to the player’s preference. We recommend running Whisper of Fissures as well to increase the size of your Stasis explosions, and The Aspect of Howl of the Storm Stasis can also give you another chance to create Stasis Crystals while your grenades are running. during cooldown.

Sunspots + Phoenix Cradle

Some Titans just want to see the world burn. This build is for them.

The ability to kill using Code of the Siegebreaker (bottom skill tree of the Sun subclass) produces black marks, a valuable mechanic. They give you a buff called Sun Warrior, which increases the healing of grenades and melee, and also increases the damage of your weapon. Phoenix Cradle maxes out that buff: not only does it double the duration on Sun Warrior (to 10 seconds), it also increases Sun Warrior for any ally that passes through Sunspot. This makes for a spam-powered build that generates a lot of Blackspots and keeps you and your team on top as long as you get kills.

Hammer Throw + Heart of Endless Light

Heart of Inmost Light is easily one of the best neutral Exotics Titans, meaning it doesn’t benefit a particular Super or subclass. This makes it a viable option for any Titan, but it shines when combined with Hammer Throw due to its operability.

Hammer Throw is the only melee skill of the Code of the Devastator (Solar Middle Tree). It throws a small hammer that damages its target and falls to the ground. Picking it up after throwing it will reset your melee ability. As a bonus, it will also start recovering your health if you take it after a successful hit.

This fast refill mechanism combines with the Heart of Inmost Light. The player can power up his hammer by throwing a grenade or dropping a Barrier, while hitting the target with the hammer powers up the other two skills. This creates a satisfying ability loop that boosts your ability energy pretty quickly. Add it to a Increase damage by 50% against powerful warriors in Season of the Lostand this is easily one of the most unique builds in Fate 2, although its usefulness diminishes significantly at higher level content.

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