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Mona prides herself for being one of the vital expert astrologists of her era. Whereas her bluntness actually earned the ire of a few of her acquaintances, nobody cannot deny Mona’s sheer talent with magic. In Genshin Affect, Mona stays a fan favourite because of her mix-up and burst potential. Being a Hydro Catalyst, Mona excels organising opponents for devastating assaults by her numerous skills. Her ever-flexible skillset permits Mona to navigate the battlefield fairly simply – aiding allies and obliterating foes alike.

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Due to her elemental management, Mona can grow to be an efficient Help and DPS unit to any occasion in Genshin Impact. And with the right build, Mona can augment her team’s potential to devastate the battlefield with all kinds of AOE and utility spells.

Enter Mona


Given her toolkit and playstyle, Mona excels as a Secondary DPS or a Help position. This makes her fairly the right accomplice for aggro-heavy events as her bursts could make method for excellent setups or debilitating assaults on their very own. Listed here are some notable details about Mona earlier than deciding on her staff compositions:

Notable Constellations


As gamers would discover, Mona’s Constellations can present useful buffs that may excel her potential as each a Secondary DPS or a Help Position. Listed here are some ideally suited Constellations to prioritize to assist Mona capitalize on her potential:

  • Prophecy of Submersion: When Mona hits an enemy affected by an Omen, the injury for Electro-charge, Vaporize, and Hydro Swirl will get a 15-percent enhance. Furthermore, the length for Frozen results now get a 15-percent enhance. This makes the Constellation tremendous ideally suited for Mona as a Help.
  • Lunar Chain: After Mona lands a traditional assault, there is a 20-percent likelihood that this assault will robotically get adopted by a charged assault. This impact occurs solely as soon as per 5 seconds, however sufficient for Mona to get a considerable enhance in assault energy.
  • Prophecy of Oblivion: When Mona lands an Omen-afflicted enemy, they get a 15-percent enhance to their Essential Price. This turns into a godsend for Mona, whose reliance on quick-burst assaults can profit from the Crit enhance to land the killing blow.

Supreme Weapon


When constructing Mona for a staff, her choice of weapon can significantly have an effect on her position in fight. Listed here are some ideally suited weapon decisions relying on Mona’s place and precedence within the staff:

  • The Widsith (Secondary DPS): Mona going for the Secondary DPS position ought to use the Widsith. Each time Mona takes the sector, the Widsith provides her a theme tune for 10 seconds, every with totally different buffs. Recitative provides a 60-percent assault enhance, Aria provides a 40-percent elemental injury enhance, whereas Interlude provides 240 to Elemental Mastery.
  • Skyward Atlas (Help): Mona going for the Help ought to use the Skyward Atlas. Its 12-percent elemental injury enhance provides Mona an offensive edge whereas serving to her allies. Nevertheless, the Atlas has an energetic assault part. The weapon possesses a 50-percent likelihood ever 30 seconds to deal 160-percent assault injury to close by enemies in bursts all through a span of 15 seconds.

Supreme Artifact Set


Not like weapons, Mona can equip any of these ideal Artifact units relying on the advantages gamers want her to obtain. Listed here are some concerns:

  • Coronary heart of Depth: With two gadgets outfitted, Mona will get a 15-percent Hydro Injury Bonus. In the meantime, with 4 gadgets outfitted, Mona additionally will get a 50-percent assault injury enhance for regular and charged assaults every time Mona makes use of Elemental Expertise.
  • Noblesse Oblige: With two gadgets outfitted, Mona will get a 20-percent enhance to Elemental Burst Injury. In the meantime, 4 gadgets outfitted will give all the occasion a 20-percent enhance to Elemental Burst.

Which Workforce Composition To Use?


With Mona’s elemental management, she will grow to be a strong asset to make use of with different heavy-burst customers. As a DPS specialist, Mona’s secure Help and DPS parts can match a large assortment of events – from balanced groups to aggro-heavy compositions. Listed here are a number of the finest compositions for Mona to pair with:

Diluc, Bennett, Ganyu


Gamers who need to get a style of Mona’s potential together with her reactions will do nice with Diluc (Pyro), Bennett (Pyro), and Ganyu (Cryo). At its core, this staff would want Mona’s package to proc numerous elemental reaction chains. This could start together with her personal Hydro, adopted by Cryo (from Ganyu), and ending with highly effective Pyro (from Diluc and Bennett).

With this construct in thoughts, the frontline DPS Diluc would act extra as a finisher. Gamers can use Diluc’s package to proc Soften or Vaporize to maximise his injury output. In the meantime, Ganyu’s package can crowd management enemies together with her Cryo assaults, leaving them extensive open. Lastly, Bennett serves as an important buffer for the staff, alongside the robust Pyro Resonance with Diluc.

Klee, Fischl, Qiqi


Gamers who need Mona synergizing nicely with high-speed reactions will work nicely with Klee (Pyro), Fischl (Electro), and Qiqi (Cryo). With this staff, Mona’s Vaporize procs nicely with Pyro DPS, particularly Klee together with her bombs.

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In the meantime, the opposite staff members can profit from Mona’s synergies as nicely. As an example, Fischl can proc Overcharge that dish out highly effective injury with Mona and Klee’s mixtures. Likewise, Qiqi can use her burst-heal-attack rotation to supply highly effective therapeutic, particularly since this staff can capitalize Qiqi’s elemental injury buffs. Qiqi as a assist on this regard provides a ton of maintain to the staff, since each Mona and Klee have low protection.

Xingqiu, Klee, Bennett


Gamers who need to capitalize on Mona’s injury capabilities ought to strive a staff with Xingqiu (Hydro), Klee (Pyro), and Bennett (Pyro). This alone provides each Hydro and Pyro Resonance, giving Mona and the staff fairly a lift to their general package. Nevertheless, whereas Klee looks like the extra cheap DPS as a result of her nature, Xingqiu really shines on this construct.

When used correctly, Klee might help Xingqiu’s sub DPS construct to succeed in foremost DPS numbers. Due to Mona, synergies with Vaporize can even capitalize elemental bursts to succeed in greater injury numbers. This burst-reliant construct can eradicate opponents fairly shortly.

Tartaglia, Kaeya, Diona


Gamers who need an alternate take on double resonances would need to strive Tartaglia (Hydro), Kaeya (Cryo), and Diona (Hydro). This construct alone will proc each Hydro and Cryo Resonance, rising general therapeutic and CRIT Price in opposition to enemies.

Tartaglia and Kaeya work collectively significantly as Kaeya’s highly effective Cryo burst receives buffs from Tartaglia’s fast Hydro procs. In the meantime, Mona and Diona’s mixture can freeze a variety of enemies when mandatory, leaving them extensive open for highly effective crowd management assaults. Due to this construct, gamers can count on high-speed, AOE-intensive maneuvering.

Klee, Sucrose, Diona


Gamers who need to capitalize on Mona’s excessive injury potential ought to strive a staff with Klee (Pyro), Sucrose (Anemo), and Diona (Cryo). Mona’s tandem with Klee can proc Vaporize a lot quicker, doling out extra injury than anticipated.

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In the meantime, Sucrose’s crowd management mastery can cluster enemies collectively to make sure Klee can maximize her bomb’s injury output. And when mandatory, Diona can present sufficient heals and shielding to Klee to make sure her survivability in fight. Due to Klee’s DPS potential, Mona can shine when it comes to assist and even enhance her DMG output to succeed in sub-DPS ranges.

Klee, Venti, Zhongli


Gamers who desire a comparatively secure Mona staff will want Klee (Pyro), Venti (Anemo), and Zhongli (Geo). Klee might function the staff’s foremost DPS as her bombs can profit from Mona’s Vaporize procs. In the meantime, Zhongli’s stable defense as a Geo user can guarantee survivability throughout the board for the staff.

This setup works nicely with Venti, who can pull enemies for devastating crowd management results. Due to Mona’s sub-DPS injury ranges, Klee can simply obliterate foes with sufficient bombs courtesy of her high-powered package.

Klee, Bennett, Sucrose


Gamers who desire a high-powered Mona construct can capitalize on Klee (Pyro), Bennett (Pyro), and Sucrose (Anemo). With this construct, Klee and Bennett will instantly obtain advantages from their Pyro Resonance. Furthermore, the staff can get an important buff to offense because of Bennett’s main assist toolkit. To high all of it off, Mona’s simple Vaporize procs can setup Klee to grow to be a robust DPS with devastatingly-high DMG numbers.

In the meantime, Sucrose’s presence will be certain that the occasion will get respectable crowd management every time mandatory. Sucrose’s pulls can assure simple pickings for Klee’s bombs. Likewise, Bennett’s assist can provide the staff useful survivability in lengthy encounters.

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