Best Sitcoms for Streaming

Whether I enjoy watching thriller dramas or thrillers, the TV shows I watch most often are definitely sitcoms. Sitcoms are always comfortable and easy to have in the background, always streaming episodes.

You can pop one of your favorite sitcoms as background noise while doing housework or working from home, and you’re almost always guaranteed to have a laugh or two. Or, you can keep an eye on them and take pleasure in every joke. When you run out of a sitcom, starting a new one is as easy as starting a new one from scratch.

Across what is like hundreds of streaming platforms today, there are many comedic sitcoms waiting for us to join and enjoy. So while you work, eat, relax, or clean around the house, here are the best and most watched sitcoms you can watch on the streaming service right now.

One of the most popular sitcoms of the past 20 years, Office has withstood the test of time with new generations of fans being born daily after stopping traditional television and switching to streaming services. The simulation style and almost humorous workplace setting have resonated with generations of office workers around the world. With 9 seasons to watch (a good 7 in my opinion), there’s a huge amount of content to watch and you’ll be able to watch a whole new episode for a much longer amount of time than many other part.


The Simpsons (Disney Plus)

An all-time giant among sitcoms, The Simpsons is the longest-running scripted TV show ever, and it’s become the streaming home on Disney Plus. The Simpsons was for a long time the funniest show on television, and now you can enjoy nearly 10 full seasons of what many consider to be the pinnacle of the television comedy genre. Here, you can watch more than 20 other mixed comedy seasons that you will surely still feel quite satisfied. With so much content and with the adventures of Springfield so much fun, it’s hard not to sit down with the Simpsons and enjoy.


From a cultural standpoint, Friends had such an impact that it became one of the best standby sitcoms of all time. The show is a deeply simple premise about a group of friends who just hang out with each other all the time, but the chemistry between each of them makes it pretty contagious to watch. The show had 10 seasons, and HBO Max decided to pick it up when it came to building out its library of content. You can go through the romances, jokes and coffee with the audience at the live studio and simply enjoy for years.


While perhaps not as popular as the earlier entries on this list, this hilarious Canadian sitcom about a small northern town is possibly one of the best written shows currently airing. With 10, although short, seasons are already available and new content is expected during the year, Letterkenny is a fun show about small town life that you can watch all day long. Quick, amusing jokes and nagging jokes are more than enough to keep you entertained. Plus, even if you don’t fully pay attention, there’s going to be a big fight going on for several episodes that’s sure to get your attention.


Not a traditional sitcom, with the show following a more crime-stricken series of the week, Psych probably also contains more jokes, if not more jokes per episode than many other shows. A movie about a fake psychic detective who is so goofy and unbelievably lighthearted, every episode feels like a vessel for Shawn and Gus to play around with for laughs. A stable of the American Network’s “Blue Sky Era,” Psych is a refreshing show that draws you in and never really leaves. Plus, with eight hour-long seasons, you’ll get a lot of profit compared to the shorter 30-minute runs of many other sitcoms.


Host of The Office, Parks and Recreation, Modern Family, and Frasier, Peacock has a veritable roster of some of the greatest sitcoms of all time in its library. However, looking through it all, 30 Rock is a notable highlight. One of the fastest-paced joke machines ever made, 30 Rock is basically what it looks like with a focus on making people laugh above all else. The show is witty, sharp, and fun with hilarious characters and settings that make it almost impossible not to enjoy. Especially with powerhouse performances from Tina Fey, Tracy Morgan and Alec Baldwin among numerous guests from the television rights, the show is built to last.


Another creation by Matt Groening, exhibition about the future is the funny kid to The Simpson’s apparently perfect eldest. However, despite not having enjoyed the same level of commercial success, Futurama in the shorter term could have outgrown The Simpsons by near-perfect quality over the course of 10 seasons. The show is the perfect take on Star Trek and so many other classic sci-fi series over the years. By delving deeper into the absurdities of the genre and letting the writing room’s creativity run wild. For some of the silliest plots and top-level writing, Futurama will be enjoyed well into the future.

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