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Battlefield 2042 was just released, and like most AAA video games these days, it’s unstable. The reviews reflect much on the technical state of the game. Therefore, it is also one of the most difficult games to run, especially on PC. Of course, that is to be expected of a game with great graphics. Battlefield games always keep pushing their technology.

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However, some players are happy to sacrifice the shine of the fired shell for a slight increase in frame rate. Battlefield 2042 Thankfully, there are plenty of graphics settings on the PC version that allow players to find an acceptable compromise between performance and visuals. Players need to keep these settings in mind if they want to squeeze out some extra frames per second.

Light quality: Low

Battlefield-2042 - Players attack with the same party

Hitherto gobbler biggest frame rate in Battlefield 2042, According to the test, is Lighting Quality. This setting defines the atmosphere of the game as intended by the artists and developers. It allows as much light or light source to be available in the game, making it look more realistic.

Besides, The quality of the light also determines the quality of the shadows in the game. As always, the shadows take up a big chunk of the average frame rate. Therefore, keeping Light Quality low is always a good idea for those who want to increase the frame rate a bit and maybe up to eight percent.


Anti-aliasing quality: High TAA

Battlefield 2042 - Player shoots landing enemies with parachute

Anti-aliasing is also one of the biggest mistakes when it comes to frame rate drops. It has a significant effect on the image quality as there is no anti-aliasing function to make pixel jagged too obvious and worst of all too distracting. Players can easily spot this from slanted edges or thin lines (such as power lines or grass).

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Fortunately, Battlefield 2042 use smarter anti-aliasing technique called TAA or Temporal Anti-Aliasing. It doesn’t consume as much frame rate as traditional Multi-Sample Anti-Aliasing (MSAA). In fact, The impact on performance of TAA may be negligible, so the player can also set it to high. The downside is that TAA can make the whole image blurry, as if someone were applying vaseline on the screen. It depends on personal preference.

Ambience: SSAO

Battlefield 2042 - The player places the health crate on the ground

Ambient congestion has come a long way since its inception. Players will notice that Battlefield 2042 tool some types, such as Full HBAO or HBAO. Those two more advanced ambient blocking methods are a bit expensive depending on the age of the graphics card.

For better and safe results, just set it to older SSAO. Some reports even discuss that imaging differences are not significant between SSAO and HBAO. If players can live without ghosting and shadows are created to simulate the scattering of light, then they can turn off the option completely – but the game can look like it belongs in the early game. 2010.

Terrain quality: Medium

Battlefield 2042 - Players shoot opponents crawling in the sand

Terrain quality refers to how highly distributed texture resolution is to render the terrain. It also determines how granular some distant land formations are related to character spacing. It’s entirely up to the player whether or not they want to sacrifice some terrain fidelity, but in the heaviest and busiest environments, higher settings can be more demanding.

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At last, Battlefield 2042 is a game that presents scenes of vast war-torn destruction. More than that, The environment in the game is highly destructive. Showing all those ground scars from afar can take a toll on the hardware, even if most players won’t notice visual damage due to long distances.

Effect quality: Low

Battlefield 2042 Players take a neat Wingsuit training in portal mode

Speaking of frenetic fight scenes, the quality of the effects is also another setting that can easily drown out the hardware if they play out too much on the screen. Are from Battlefield 2042 To be a competitive game, players simply cannot turn away from scenes that reduce their frame rates and in danger of being killed.

That’s why the safest option here is to set the effect quality to low. This will be noticeable impact the atmosphere of the game. Some plumes of smoke will appear too faint or thin, some explosions too light, or there may be little debris in general. However, having enough framerate when needed in a major skirmish is more important in this game.

Development quality: Low

Battlefield 2042 - Players use submachine guns to destroy enemies

Development quality refers to the realism of the vegetation in the game, usually grass. Battlefield 2042 snacks every blade of grass carefully and as a separate entity its own shadow – at least on the highest setting. Players can imagine how costly this can be on older hardware.

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That’s why setting poor development quality to low is another safe call. Teeth remove shadows and other details from grass and vegetation, and make them appear less lively or active. But the frame rate increase can be as high as three percent based on some tests.

Ray Tracing: Off

Battlefield ray tracing trailer 2042

Ray Tracing is the latest major NVIDIA technology being sold around the most popular AAA titles. Battlefield 2042 is no exception, and while it can be tempting to see the most accurate reflections and lighting behavior in the battle between the heat of all the explosions, it’s very possible competitive player don’t even need all those distractions.

More, Ray Tracing’s highest setting more or less halves the average frame rate. Even on low settings can still drop some significant double-digit frame rates with it. Anyone interested in saving their average frame rate budget should just turn off this annoying but beautiful graphics setting.


Battlefield 2042 - Players use zoom range to kill opponents

To make up for the big framerate hit of Ray Tracing, NVIDIA was thoughtful enough to develop and release a new technology called DLSS. It’s actually downscaling the textures and overall resolution of the game, but smarter than traditional downsampling.

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This setting selects problem areas in the game and strategically reduces graphic fidelity with such care that most players won’t even notice the loss in quality. For many people, DLSS is basically free frame rate booster with little or no downside. It is also almost essential when using Ray Tracing.

Dynamic resolution scaling: On

Battlefield 2042 - M5A3 custom player with attachments

Think of Dynamic Resolution Scaling as a more aggressive form of DLSS, except it wreaks more havoc on the image. This setting allows players to set their target frame rate, and to achieve that, the setting will automatically and automatically and reactively reduce the resolution of the game.

Do like that will make the game look pixelated and blurry, especially on older hardware. It makes the game go as smooth as butter, but it’s only really recommended in the most desperate of hardware setups. Sometimes it can even disrupt gameplay as the player may have difficulty seeing distant targets due to pixelation.

GstRender.ShadowQuality 0

battlefield-2042-mask-expert-dark background

This is a hidden setting tweak can increase the frame rate to 10 frames on average. It fooled the launch game with the worst ball quality available. Take note that it won’t disable the drop shadow, and the visual difference isn’t too bad. Here’s how to do it step-by-step:

  1. Go to Documents.

  2. Search Battlefield 2042 folder.

  3. Open it and find Settings.

  4. Open PROFSAVE_profile

  5. Find the configuration file and open it with Notepad.

  6. Find the command line “GstRender.ShadowQuality” and set the number next to it to “0”

  7. If it’s not there, just copy and paste “GstRender.ShadowQuality 0”

Battlefield 2042 Currently available for Xbox Series X and Series S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows.

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