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Saints Row Might not live up to the expectations of all fans of the series, but it’s still worth a look. The glitches are noticeable, but with time the team can hopefully smooth things out. Cyberpunk 2077 also had a rough few months but it finally turned around.

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Now there’s even an anime based on it Cyberpunk 2077 Meet Netflix. Will this new reboot of the Saints Row Franchise Getting Anime Treatment Too? Probably not, but the story has some entertaining quotes that could be turned into fun animated sequences. Let’s go through some of the best lines with spoilers.


8th “How many knives did you end up buying?”

This quote was said by Neenah to The Boss while they were watching TV. It’s a scene that takes place after the pair were fired from their respective posts in the Marshalls and Los Panteros gangs. The boss depressingly buys knives on a QVC-like network. Her answer to Neenah is “not enough,” and those knives are coming back for story purposes. The idea that The Boss would buy knives as a convenience mechanism is hilarious without context.

7 “I survived being shot and now I want to succeed without being shot again.”

Eli has a big brain about him, but he’s not the most physically strong member of The Saints. He’s consistently getting better Saints Row but even in the end, his skill with a weapon is mediocre at best. Eli says this line after a plan goes south, resulting in him being shot. At that moment, The Boss decides that they should start their own gang and say the hell with following orders. Luckily the gunshot wound wasn’t bad and Eli was able to live another day while inspiring The Boss.

6 “It’s our piece of abandoned dirt!”

It is recommended to wear headphones while playing as audio may come in and out. This allows players to hear dialogue more clearly, as if fighting enemies on the field. For example, there’s an early mission called “Shootin’ The Shit” where The Boss trains Eli to shoot at a dirt spot.

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The Marshalls eventually show up and start a riot. This quote may happen to be heard from one of the enemy soldiers and they often have a lot of great dialogues like this that are contextual missions. It’s a shame so much is missed due to the glitches mentioned above.

5 “It’s in the pie family.”

Kevin or Kev is a jack of all trades Saints Row. He can cook, DJ at parties, put together a group and the list goes on. Kev is also objectively a bombshell of a person between his looks and his loyalty to his teammates. Kev would be the perfect co-op partner for any mission in life. He says this line after The Boss pointed out that empanadas are not pies. His counterpoint can spark a debate, much like the hot dog discussion. Are they a sandwich or something else? So are empanadas a cake or something else? Let the great debate begin.

4 “How about I just throw myself in front of cars and trucks?”

There are a lot of main missions in Saints Row in addition to an amazing amount of side activities. In one of these side adventures, The Boss founds the insurance company Shady Oaks. Tamira Bowens is the contact at Shady Oaks who says she has software to hack the system to fake insurance claims to get free money. The boss is more into the idea of ​​hurting himself and robbing people the old fashioned way. The boss is a thief at heart, which is why they say this great line to Tamira.

3 “You all had me at the Murder Circus.”

“Aggressive Recruitment” is a main mission about mid-game. Eli brings up the point that to make The Saints bigger, they need to recruit new members. The idea of ​​The Boss participating in a Battle Royale-like experience on this island is decided.

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The boss was sold in the “murder circus,” as the quote proclaims. Later, while Kev, Neenah, and Eli are watching The Boss’s feed, Neenah exclaims, “So that means being good at killing.” There are generally a lot of great lines said during this mission, but these are two highlights.

2 “I’m not sure if that’s how it works.”

The Nahualli is the secret MVP of Saints Row. He starts out as a villain only to later become an ally. While The Boss introduces him to The Saints, Nahualli is most confused about Kev not wearing a shirt. The Nahualli says this line to him after Kev says, “No shirt, more power.” This confusion is likely to hit audiences, since shirts provide some form of protection even without a bulletproof vest or armor underneath. Somehow, Kev manages to avoid getting shot during hours of gameplay.

1 “Money fight!”

The Great Train Robbery is one of the most epic missions in Saints Row. The Saints storm a train protected by Marshalls in hopes of ending up with a truckload of cash. You’ll succeed after playing around with tanks, explosions and more. Once they reach their home base and separate from the Nahualli, the four main forces begin a money battle. Coming from left field, this fight is the perfect scene to show what makes this group so endearing. They pull off some wild acts as a gang, but deep down they’re just a bunch of friends trying to have a good time while earning rent.

Saints Rowwas released on August 23, 2022 and is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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