Best puzzle games similar to Escape Academy

Escape rooms have become a popular activity for those looking to have fun with friends. But in recent years, people have found ways to make the escape room experience more virtual. This also includes developing video games around the concept.

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Thus began the development of Coin Crew Games Escape Academy. This puzzle game captures much of the magic that real escape rooms have and puts it in a space where players can play alone or with friends locally and online. While Escape Academy is the latest from this concept, there are other puzzle games that are similar to it.

8th Outer Wilds

Escape rooms usually have time limits on how long the player has to solve all of their puzzles. What if this time limit existed but the room restarted every 22 minutes? That’s practically the concept of Outer Wildsa game that goes much deeper than a simple puzzle experience.

Players start on one planet but have access to a spaceship that allows them to fly to other planets within a solar system. The goal is to investigate the cause of this and find out why the sun goes into a supernova and explodes after the 22 minutes are up. Outer Wilds focuses on learning everything about the world and then applying that knowledge to an overall solution.

7 i expect you to die

In order to have video game experiences through escape rooms, one must try to do the best to immerse the player in the gameplay. Nothing immerses players more than virtual reality, which is why a game like i expect you to die is perfect for those who like more intense puzzle-solving situations.

Players take on the role of a spy who must help The Agency on various dangerous missions. The game’s gimmick is that the spy has telekinesis, so he’s able to levitate objects to help solve any problem he needs to overcome. Each level has a time limit, so players must complete them as quickly as possible.

6 Action tango

Speaking of spy, what if two people work together to take on high-stakes missions? That’s what Action tango everything is about. While Escape Academy gives players a room where two players can be at the same time, Action tango gives players different roles in different locations to achieve a goal.

In each mission, there will be one person who infiltrates and navigates a facility, while the other person takes on the role of the hacker whose job is to help the person navigate the facility. Sometimes these roles can change depending on the information available to the player. It’s a co-op puzzle experience that keeps both players engaged.

5 We were here forever

Co-op experiences like Escape Academy are great when each player takes on a different role to help achieve a common goal by trying to escape whatever situation they find themselves in. This is also the same concept as We were here forever.

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The fourth game in a series of puzzle co-op experiences, We were here forever traps both players in a lock. They aren’t in the same room together, instead being able to communicate via walkie-talkies to help each other navigate the incredibly frightening circumstances they find themselves in.

4 Keep talking and nobody explodes

Solving a puzzle in a short amount of time can be exhausting, it can be even worse when dealing with a literally ticking time bomb. Keep talking and nobody explodes puts a player at a desk where they are given a bomb that they must fiddle with, ultimately deactivating.

Unfortunately, this player does not come with a user manual. Fortunately, another person can download the manual and help the player with it. However, the rules of the game indicate that they are not allowed to look at the screen. This is a great game about communication and cooperation to avoid destruction.

3 encryption

Being trapped in a room with no clear escape route can be very scary, so it makes sense that there are scarier games with escape room elements. However, this is only a small part of what encryption really turns out.

Although there are many escape room elements throughout the game, a core mechanic of encryption is the card game that players are taught early on. In this deck building roguelike, players face off against a creepy character named Leshy, who enjoys constantly playing the game with the player.

2 The room

The best thing about being in an escape room is playing around with all the strange contraptions people are presented with, which ultimately lead to discovering an important clue or even the way out. The room is all about playing with that very concept.

With four games in the series released to date The room engages players by presenting them with various boxes that have many different mechanisms on them to tinker with. All the while, there’s an overarching narrative that unlocks with each puzzle cracked across multiple levels.

1 escape simulator

If players just want more escape rooms to play around with, escape simulator is well worth the time as it has its own spaces to explore that aren’t necessarily tied to a narrative like Escape Academy is. There are 20 rooms that players can play through with up to three players.

Besides the ability to customize characters, Escape Simulator also has a level editor that allows members of the community to create their own rooms with an easy-to-learn interface. Each level has its own overall theme including Ancient Egypt, Outer Space, Mansion and Enterprise.

Escape Academy is now available for Windows, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One.

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