Best Pokemon to Pair with Turtwig

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl takes the player back to Generation 4’s Sinnoh region. Original Diamond Pokemon and Pearl give birth to a number franchise’s most beloved starters and Pokemon, and are still some of the most beloved titles in the series.

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Whether players are returning to Sinnoh or embarking on their first journey through the region, choosing which Pokemon to pair with their starter can be daunting. Brilliant diamond and Shining pearls gives players a multitude of options when it comes to building their team to take on multiple gym leaders, and ultimately the Elite Four. Turtwig is a fan favorite for beginner Pokemon, and the dual grass/groundfall pattern in its final evolution gives the player the chance to create a number of strategic decisions in group composition.

Pokemon Metagross in battle

Metagross is one of the toughest Pokemon in the franchise and will work well with almost any team. With a Colossal Attack stat of 135, it is comparable to some of the game’s most powerful spells, it can be a great asset in battle. Metagross’ Psychic/Steel-type also gives it an edge in battle, with its immunity to Poison-type moves.

Beldum, the undeciphered form of Metagross, can be found on Road 228 in the tall grass as well as in the game Grand Underground. Beldum will evolve into Metang at level 20 and Metagross at level 45.

Metagross Stats

  • HP: 80
  • Attack: 135
  • Special attack: 95
  • Defense: 130
  • Special Defense: 90
  • Speed, velocity: 70
  • Total: 600



Pokemon Clefable in battle

Clefable It’s easy to overlook, but this Pokemon can prove extremely useful to players. As a pure Fairy-type Pokemon, Clefable’s immunity to Dragon-generation attacks is useful in tough battles.

Cleffa and Clefairy, previous evolutions of Clefable, can both be found in tall grass in Cup Garden and MT. Coronet. Cleffa will evolve into Clefairy at high friendship and become Clefable when provided Moon stone.

Clefable’s stats

  • HP: 95
  • Attack: 70
  • Special attack: 95
  • Defense: seventy three
  • Special Defense: 90
  • Speed, velocity: 60
  • Total: 483


Pokemon Milotic in battle

One of the best Water-type Pokemon in the game, Milotic is a pure Water-type Pokemon, which means it only has two weaknesses, Grass-type and Electric-type moves. Milotic’s huge Special Attack and Special Defense stats also give it an edge in battle.

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Milotic can be a difficult Pokemon to catch players. Feebas, Milotic’s pre-evolution, could catch use one fishing rod above MT. Coronet. Feebas will evolve into Milotic when it reaches maximum beauty and then level up, or if traded, keep a Prism scale.

Milotic stats:

  • HP: 95
  • Attack: 60
  • Special attack: 100
  • Defense: 79
  • Special Defense: 125
  • Speed, velocity: 81
  • Total: 540


Pokemon Rapidash Running

Rapidash Is one Pure Fire-type Pokemon, making it a good cover for Torterra’s weaknesses such as Ice, Bug, and Fire-Type moves. Rapidash’s Attack and Speed ​​stats also give it an edge in battle.

Ponyta, the uncharacterized form of Rapidash, is very accessible and can be found in the tall grasses of Route 206, Route 210, Route 211, Route 214, Route 215, as well as in Grand Underground. Ponyta will evolve into Rapidash at level 40, which is not difficult to achieve due to Shining Diamonds and Shining Pearls NS. Sharing is always on.

Rapidash’s stats

  • HP: 65
  • Attack: 100
  • Special attack: 80
  • Defense: 70
  • Special Defense: 80
  • Speed, velocity: 105
  • Total: 500


Pokemon Crobat in battle

Crobat is a Poison/Flying type and has great stats. Its typing gives it immunity to Ground moves, which comes in handy at several points throughout the game, especially during the Elite Four’s battle with Bertha.

Golbat, Crobat’s pre-evolved, is one of the most popular Pokemon in Shining Diamonds and Shining Pearls. It can be found at Wayward Cave and Oreburgh . Mine at any time, and on 203 Street, 204 Street, 206 Street, 207 Street, 208 Street, 209 Street, 211 Street, 216 Street, and Route 217 At night. Zubat will evolve into Golbat at level 22 and Crobat when the player reaches high friendship with Pokemon.

Crobat’s stats

  • HP: 85
  • Attack: 90
  • Special attack: 70
  • Defense: 80
  • Special Defense: 80
  • Speed, velocity: 130
  • Total: 535


Pokemon Houndoom in battle

Houndoom is a dual Fire/Dark-type Pokemon. Its typing granting it immunity to Psychic-type moves, which can be extremely useful for players, especially in a battle with the Elite Four’s Psychic-type trainer. Houndoom’s Special Attack stat helps it too crush your opponent in battle with its Fire-type moves.

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A Houndoom has been developed that can be seen on Route 214 and Route 215 once the player has access to Poke Radar. Houndoom can also be found in Grand Underground. If the player captures Houndour, the undeveloped form of Houndoom, it will evolve into Houndoom at level 24.

Houndoom’s stats

  • HP: 75
  • Attack: 90
  • Special attack: 110
  • Defense: 50
  • Special Defense: 80
  • Speed, velocity: 95
  • Total: 500


Pokemon Lickilicky in battle

Lickilicky evolved from Lickitung and is a pure Normal-type Pokemon, which means it has few weaknesses and also less resistance. It has immunity to Ghost-type moves, which is useful throughout Brilliant diamond and Shining pearls.

Lickitung can be found in tall grass at Lake Valor and in Grand Underground. It will evolve into Lickilicky after learning the move Introduce.

Lickilicky’s stats

  • HP: 110
  • Attack: 85
  • Special attack: 80
  • Defense: 95
  • Special Defense: 95
  • Speed, velocity: 50
  • Total: 515


Pokemon Gyarados roars in battle

Gyarados is one of the scariest Pokemon in the series. It is a Water/Flying type evolved from the infamously useless Magikarp. It is completely immune to Ground-type moves, but has a 4s weakness to Electric-type moves. If the player can avoid Electric-type Pokemon, Gyarados could be one of the best pairs for Turtwig due to its Massive Attack alone.

Magikarp and Gyarados (the latter are less likely) can be caught in most waters in Brilliant diamond and Shining pearls use a fishing rod. Magikarp will evolve into Gyarados at level 20.

Statistics about Gyarados

  • HP: 95
  • Attack: 125
  • Special attack: 60
  • Defense: 79
  • Special Defense: 100
  • Speed, velocity: 81
  • Total: 540


Pokemon Gallade in battle

Gallade is a Psychic/Combat-type Pokemon that features Special Attack and Defense stats. Gallade has some weak points (Ghost, Fairy, and Flying-style moves), which are useful for players who are used to typed matches. Gallade is also one of the best Battle-type Pokemon, outpacing other popular picks like Machamp or Poliwrath.

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Gallade can be a hard-to-get Pokemon. To obtain Gallade, the player must capture a male Ralts/Kirlia and evolve Kirlia using Dawn stone. Ralts and Kirlia can both be found in Grand Underground, or on Road 203 and Route 204 once the player has access to Poke Radar.

Gallade’s stats

  • HP: 68
  • Attack: 125
  • Special attack: 65
  • Defense: 65
  • Special Defense: 115
  • Speed, velocity: 80
  • Total: 518


Pokemon Staraptor flying in battle

Staraptor makes a great addition to any team of Pokemon due to its high Attack and Speed ​​stats, and its Normal/Flying attack pattern usually makes it immune to both Ghost and Ground moves. Staraptor can be a great asset to players in the Hearthhome City Ghost-style gym battle and the Elite Four’s battle with Bertha.

Starly, Staraptor’s pre-evolution, is widely available and can be found on Route 201, Route 202, Road 203, Route 204, Route 209, and Route 212. Starly will evolve into Staravia at level 14 and into Staraptor at level 34.

Staraptor’s stats

  • HP: 85
  • Attack: 120
  • Special attack: 50
  • Defense: 70
  • Special Defense: 60
  • Speed, velocity: 100
  • Total: 485

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Now available for Nintendo Switch.

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