Best One Piece Theory in 2021

The One Piece followers have been going loopy for the previous few days over a idea that has surfaced not too long ago. It predicts the situation of One Piece and has been deemed because the greatest One Piece idea ever. However earlier than diving into that allow us check out the place we’re at present within the story.

The third act of the Wano Arc is occurring and we’re virtually on the finish. The Tobi Roppos are falling thick and quick and shortly it will likely be time for the defeat of the All-Stars. The speculation couldn’t have come at a greater time because the opening of Wano’s borders will convey up an entire new flood of prospects for the story.

Finest One Piece Idea 2021-

This One Piece idea has been formulated by a Youtuber named Ohara. He discovered it from one other Japanese Youtuber named YUDE-RON and contacted him on Twitter.

He by accident came upon about this idea whereas researching on Enel and went on to share his ideas relating to this. There isn’t any doubt that this is among the most reasonable theories that anybody can ever give you and whether or not it’ll really occur or not is totally one other query.

What are the 2 most essential Arcs in One Piece-

One of many two Arcs that we’re going to point out on this article is a big fan-favourite and it’s the Enies Foyer Arc. It primarily revolved round Luffy and his crewmates declaring warfare in opposition to the world authorities to be able to rescue Robin.

Skypiea Arc One Piece
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And it seems the latter is true. We’re speaking in regards to the Skypiea Arc which at first hand appears a standard battle in opposition to Enel who had been terrorising the Shandians.

Nevertheless, there’s extra to it because it additionally explains the historical past of the Island of Jaya and the way part of it got here to reside on Skypiea. The golden civilization of Shandia is the important thing to the speculation because it types the principle foundation for figuring out the character of One Piece. 

Mix Map of Jaya Island (One Piece)-

Jaya Island can simply be overseen by many followers however the principle map has a number of connections in finding the One Piece. As we all know Jaya Island was ripped aside by a knock-up stream 400 years in the past.

If we mix the Jaya Island map with the Skypiea map, we get the unique island form within the type of a cranium with Jaya representing its decrease jaw. As per the speculation, 1100 years in the past, the Shandians got here to reside on the Island and shaped their civilisation which was a land made from gold.

Jaya Island One Piece
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Nevertheless, the knock-up stream took it straight to the sky islands the place it grew to become part of Skypiea and got here to be referred to as the Higher Yard

Now, the Shandian civilisation shaped the proper eye of the cranium whereas the left eye comprised of a giant gap that has been ripped aside. In accordance with Ohara’s idea, that is the precise nature of the One Piece which has been lacking from Jaya Island. He additionally talked about the relation of the Will of D with One Piece.

Jaya Island One Piece
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If we put the letter D in entrance of One Piece it interprets to Performed Piece or {that a} full piece. This refers to the truth that the One Piece is part of the Jaya Island that may make it full. That is the true nature of Snicker Story which additionally amused Roger resulting in him giving it such an amusing identify. 

The opposite essential level that he highlighted in his video is the connection between the proper and left eyes of Jaya Island. They’re two equal parallels that have been sought by Noland and Roger. Each of them went on a journey to seek out one eye of the Cranium and each have been profitable in it.

The one distinction was ultimately consequence as everybody refused to consider Nolan’s story and he was executed for spreading lies. Whereas Roger laughed at discovering the left eye of the cranium and his story about One Piece grew to become a legend. 

Jaya Skull Map One Piece
Picture Supply: onepiece.fandom

There may be even one other connection between the 2 eyes of the cranium which pertains to the solar and the moon. The moon has been a continuing for a lot of essential scenes in One Piece. Furthermore. Shandia means moon in Sanskrit and the Shandians got here from the moon to reside on the Jaya Island with new applied sciences.

Thus, the opposite counterpart refers back to the solar and is the lacking One Piece. It might additionally clarify the significance of the Solar God Nika who was talked about within the Wano Arc by Who’s Who. The Solar and Moon reference has been talked about a number of occasions at varied factors within the story.

Left Eye Connection-  Oda sensei is really genius. He has already unveiled the left eye connection  in many cover pictures like Luffy and Robin's left eye was closed referring to the missing left eye of the skull. Zoro and Shanks also have big scars on their left eyes indicating the same thing. And Dragon has also tattoo on his left eye. 
Picture Supply: comedian e book

Firstly we have now the Cat Viper and Duke Dogstorm the place Duke is the ruler of the day(solar) and Cat Viper is the ruler of the evening(moon). The residents on Zou have the perfect connection to the moon reference since they bear an incredible surge in energy on a full-moon evening which is named their Sulong kind.

Left Eye Connection (One Piece)- 

Oda sensei is de facto genius. He has already unveiled the left eye connection  in many canopy photos like Luffy and Robin’s left eye was closed referring to the lacking left eye of the cranium. Zoro and Shanks even have massive scars on their left eyes indicating the identical factor. And Dragon has additionally tattoo on his left eye. 

Left Eye Connection-  Oda sensei is really genius. He has already unveiled the left eye connection  in many cover pictures like Luffy and Robin's left eye was closed referring to the missing left eye of the skull. Zoro and Shanks also have big scars on their left eyes indicating the same thing. And Dragon has also tattoo on his left eye. 

We even have the aspect story of Enel travelling to the moon to focus on its significance. When Enel reached his vacation spot, driving his ark, he found some automata mendacity there. After by accident reviving it, he got here throughout a gaggle of Area Pirates and defeated them simply.

Three moon tribes one piece
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He then entered a cave dug by the Area Pirates and located an historical hidden civilisation. After by accident recharging your entire metropolis with the facility of his Goro Goro no Mi, he got here to find out about his ancestry. The moon had three races particularly – Skypienas, Shandians and Birkans.

After exhausting all of the sources on moon, they set sail to earth with the Shandians residing on Jaya Island and the Skypieans and Birkans residing on the Sky Islands.

Kozuki Crest (One Piece)-

The Kozuki Crest additionally performs an essential half right here. Shandora had a poneglyph however in response to the Shandians their ancestors didn’t write it.

As we all know solely the Kozuki clan have been those who mastered the craft of making the Poneglyph and thus it might make sense that Shandora was part of the traditional civilisation and One Piece is lacking from it. Furthermore, the moon is part of the Kozuki Crest which is analogous to the Shandians.

kozuki crest one piece
Picture Supply: onepiece.fandom

The Kozuki Crest has crossbones that’s usually mixed with a cranium. Thus, the lacking piece could be the cranium map of Jaya which if mixed with the Kozuki Crest makes it a cranium with crossbones that’s usually used as a basic image of pirates.

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How Enies Foyer is linked to One Piece-

Similar to how including D in entrance of One Piece makes it Performed Piece if we add D in entrance of Enies Foyer it turns into Denies. This can be a reference to how Enies Foyer denies anybody coming into it, making the place the proper location for One Piece.

Enies Lobby One Piece
Picture Supply: onepiece.fandom

When it comes to form, Enies Foyer is an ideal match within the Jaya Map and may properly be its lacking piece. It additionally explains why the federal government made it one of the closely guarded locations on the planet protected by one among their greatest Cipher Pol organisations.

If we evaluate the parallel journeys of Nolan and Roger, we are able to additionally conclude that just like how Nolan’s metropolis of goals was pushed to the sky, Roger’s Snicker Story fell to the bottom.

It can additionally make sense why Roger laughed at reaching the ultimate island since he had handed it so many occasions however had no concept about its true nature. This proves that the World Authorities which was shaped by the 20 kingdoms knew that the One Piece is part of the traditional kingdom.

enies lobby gates one piece
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In consequence to be able to cover this truth from everybody else, they determined to assemble Enies Foyer on high of the One Piece in order that nobody would dare to enter it. This may even clarify the rationale behind the place being closely guarded always except for it being an essential marine stronghold.

In accordance with this idea, Oda Sensei has already revealed the situation of One Piece which might make him a genius. A plot like this requires intensive planning and concrete construction over a very long time and Oda Sensei has managed to do this completely.

enies lobby war declaration one piece
Picture Supply: strawhatpirates.wordpress

He has additionally proven us that solely Luffy out of all of the pirates has managed to enter Enies Foyer (One Piece) and declared warfare immediately in opposition to the World Authorities. The truth that in addition they went there to be able to rescue Robin the one one that can learn the Poneglyphs additionally makes all of the puzzle items match proper of their place. 

In conclusion, Enies Foyer is constructed on One Piece which is the lacking half from the left eye of the skull-shaped Jaya Island and mixing them will make the Performed Piece.

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