Best Nature for Chimchar, Piplup and Turtwig

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Since the third generation of Pokemon, a mechanic named Natures has been implemented to influence the evolution of Pokemon’s stats. Competitive players take advantage of Natures to give them certain necessary stats while casual players may not think twice about their Pokemon Nature. As expected, the Nature feature is used again Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining pearls.

The first Pokemon players to join Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining pearls be Chimchar, Piplup or Turtwig. The usefulness and measure of “how good” Sinnoh beginners are will vary from person to person. However, getting a Starter with the right stats may require multiple resets if they don’t get the Essence they want.


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Best Nature for Chimchar

Pokemon Chimchar

Chimchar’s final evolution is the Fire/Fighting Infernape. While some people may annoyed with this particular Pokemon typing, Infernape has a good group of moves and a good hidden ability (Iron Fist). Stat-wise, Chimchar-line excels in Speed, Special Attack and Attack. On the other hand, its Special Defense and Defense leaves much to be desired.

Unlike Pokemon Diamond & Pearl, it looks like there will be more Fire typenot only Chimchar and Ponyta are available in Shining Diamonds & Shining Pearls. But there are some trainers who prefer Infernape and prefer it to other Fire/Fighting types like Blaziken. With the Ignition/Fight style, this Pokemon will be vulnerable to Telepathy and Flight-type moves but can deal Super Effective damage against Steel, Normal, Ice, and Rock types.

As for Chimchar, its best Natures are:

nature Increase stats The stats have dropped
Adamant Attack Special attack
Jolly Speed, velocity Special attack
Hurry Speed, velocity Defense
Innocence Speed, velocity Special Defense

Although Chimchar has a particularly solid attack, most of the damage moves it will learn when leveling up are Physical. This means that players will want to prioritize Chimchar’s Attack over its Special Attack. For who would like to use both Special Moves and Physics in battle, consider the Natures that increase its Speed, but reduces Defense / Special Defense.

The behaviors to avoid for Chimchar are Sassy (+ Sp. Def, -Spd), Modest (+ Sp. Atk, -Atk) and Relaxed (+ Def, -Spd). Generally speaking, Any properties that cause Chimchar to grow Slow should be avoided as much as possible. The best way to use Chimchar in battle is to make sure it can finish off opponents quickly with High Speed ​​and Special Attack/Attack.

Best Nature for Piplup

Pokemon Piplup

The adorable Water-type starter, Piplup, will fully evolve into the Water/Steel-type Empoleon. Unlike Chimchar, Piplup is not a Physics fighter and its moves favor Special moves (such as Hydro Pump) over Physics (such as Aqua Jet).

Piplup and its developments have good Special attack/ Special defense and lower Attack / Defense / Speed. When it has more Steel-Tapping like Empoleon, it becomes immune to Poison-type attacks, but has a weakness to Ground.

Some of the better Natures for Piplup are:

nature Increase stats The stats have dropped
Modest Special attack Attack
Rash Special attack Special Defense
Shy Speed, velocity Attack
Patience Special Defense Attack

Since it’s wise to prioritize Attack/Special Attack in battle, the Piplup line can deal a blow to its Special Defense. However, the best Nature for Piplup is Modest with the second best pick being Rash.

The ones to avoid are Quiet (+ Sp. Atk, -Spd), Jolly (+ Spd, -Sp. Atk) and Adamant (+ Atk, -Sp. Atk). While its Speed ​​isn’t too high, you’d better avoid letting Piplup have Nature which will slow its growth rate – especially in competitive battles. Adamant Nature should be avoided as there is an increase/decrease opposite to Piplup’s Best Nature (Modest). Jolly Piplup’s Special Attack (its Best Stat) will be affected by its already average Speed. Likewise, Silence do speed up for Piplup, but not worth sacrificing Speed.

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The best nature for Turtwig

pokemon tgc turtwig

The Grass starter, Turtwig, will fully evolve into Dual Grass/Ground Torterra. Not surprisingly, the Turtwig . line no excellent speed and its Special Attack isn’t that great either. When it lacks certain stats, it makes up for moves like Earthquake and Wood Hammer like Torterra. The best way to use Turtwig is to have an Essence that will increase Attack, Defense, or Special Defense.

When evolving into Torterra, Turtwig will become immune to Electric moves. However, it will now deal 4x damage to Ice types because of the Grass/Earth Smash attribute, both of which are vulnerable to Ice attacks.

Here are some of the best Natures of the Turtwig line:

nature Increase stats The stats have dropped
Impish Defense Special attack
Careful Special Defense Special attack
Lonely Attack Defense
Adamant Attack Special attack

Turtwig and its evolutions have the best defensive effect. Try to get an Improved Nature based on it Defense and Special Defense take precedence on an Essence that will increase Turtwig’s Speed ​​or Special Attack.

However, some Natures characters such as Lonely will not negatively affect Turtwig too much. At the cost of a little Defense, Turtwig will get a better Attack boost, which takes precedence over the boost for its Special Attack. However, between Nature that increases Adamant’s attack and Loneliness, Adamant is a better choice because of Turtwig’s low Special Attack base.

Avoid having a modest Turtwig (+ Sp. Atk, -Atk), Hasty (+ Spd, -Def) and Naive (+ Spd, -Sp. Def). Another nature that should best be ignored for Turtwig is Timid as it will give Spd +, but is -Atk.

Additional nature for beginners


Those who want to stick with the in-game content and don’t want to fight other players don’t need to worry as much as Natures is better for their beginners. Those who should not only avoid Natures will go against the evolution of their respective Pokemon, but should also try and avoid “Neutral Natures.”

Especially, “The neutral nature “is docile, quirky, tough, and bold. Unlike the other Natures in the game, they do not increase or decrease stats. For someone who is looking play it safe, these may work for their starter Pokemon. However, it’s best to avoid Pokemon with them to fight competitively.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining pearls now available on Nintendo Switch.

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