Best Murim Manga 2022

As always, there is an insurmountable supply of manga, manhwa, and webtoons for fans of the medium to peruse at any time. In fact, it’s such a rich medium that there are subcategories upon subcategories of manga.

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If anyone can think of it, there’s probably a subcategory of series related to it, and the region the source material came from is also important. For example, Japanese manga is currently full of isekai (such as Mushoku Tensei), while South Korean Manwha seems obsessed with stories about worlds full of dungeons and hunters (with Solo leveling is the prime example). But let’s also not forget the wuxia stories, a genre of fiction originating in China about the adventures of martial artists. It’s a popular subcategory that continues to influence films and media to this day. So let’s go through some of the most prominent stories ongoing in 2022 with part of their narrative relating to Wuxia or the Murim.

7 SSS class fighter that lives to die

comes first SSS class fighter that lives to die (so far SSS class suicide fighter), one of the most popular series of the last two years or so. This series is a relatively newer manwha (illustrated by Bill K), although the Shin Noah light novel source material is slightly older. Well, fans of the story might think that this is more of a hunter based story than a Murim/Wuxia story and they would be right as it shares many similarities with other similar series such as: The beginning after the end. But at its core, and especially the most recent part of the Manwha, this story is closely related to the Murim.

For one, the King of Death’s ghostly teacher, the Sword Emperor, hails from a Murim-inspired world. Second, the story talks about tons of classic Murim concepts such as martial arts manuals, cultivation of energy, and more. And finally, the last 30 or so chapters of the story (as of July 2022) all revolved around a post-apocalyptic wuxia world going through a zombie plague and the subsequent ice age.

6 Leveling with the gods

Let’s get this one out of the way as well, as it’s another one that’s not overly related to the wuxia genre, and this one is titled Leveling with the gods. LwtG contains many of the classic popular manga and webtoon tropes all contained in one story these days. For example it has:

  • A “Regressor” protagonist sent back in time with knowledge of the future.

  • Constellations and classic mythological characters that also exist within the tower such as Son Wukong, the Greek gods and more.

  • And finally, the Heavenly Demon Divine Cult, a wuxia classic, makes an appearance, as well as the Heavenly Flame.

It is on this last aspect in particular that this story makes many of its connections to classic Murim tropes. Kim Yuwon, LwtG Protagonist, has some ties to the Demonic Cult in the current Manwha arc (as of July 2022), and there are entire floors of the tower in this story, with the “floor” being basically a more compact Murim region.

5 Return of the Mount Hua sect

There are a few things that are almost ironclad rules for any author creating Murim or Wuxia inspired manga. To name a few, most of these stories include:

  • Cultivation of energy or “Qi” in Dantian usually indicates how “enlightened” a martial artist is.

  • Complex martial arts forms and techniques are usually preserved in scrolls or books in well-guarded libraries.

  • Including certain Taoist sects such as the Wudang, Qingqong and Mount Hua sects

The recurring sects are the focus here, as many of them never really existed, or if they did, it wasn’t usually a sect focused on martial arts. Yet for some reason, they’re a must-have in any Murim-based story. Return of Mount Hua Sect is a story that focuses specifically on one sect, namely the Mount Hua Sect.

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This story is quite different from many other Murim stories for several reasons. First, it focuses primarily on one cult, which is rare for these stories (excluding stories that focus on the Demonic Cult). Second, it’s genuinely hilarious that Chung Myung (the MC formerly known as Plum Blossom Sword Saint) takes the lead as comedic relief. And third, it focuses on the growth of a cult rather than the growth of a martial artist over the course of a journey.

4 nano machine

Of course, the currently popular wuxia manga could not be talked about without mentioning it nano machine. nano machine is one of those stories that sounds hilariously absurd at first glance, but very quickly turns out to be a story well worth reading. Essentially, it’s like all other stories that revolve around a character rising into the ranks of the Demonic Cult, but instead having an MC with a technology “cheat” rather than one focused on innate talent, reincarnation, magic or time travel focused.

The way Cheon Yeo Woon uses his gifted nano-machine AI to solve classic problems seen in many other Murim stories is always a blast, and the story itself has many interesting characters as well and twists.

3 The Legend of the North Blade

The Legend of the North Blade is a story that may not cross Wuixa fans’ minds right now as it is currently on hiatus from publication while they prepare for Season 2, but it is still one of the most popular, unique and entertaining Murim- based stories published in the last decade. This is primarily thanks to the story’s incredibly unique starting point, many departures from iconic wuxia concepts, and an absurdly likeable protagonist and main character.

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But apart from that, Legend of the North Blade just has some of the best martial arts fighting seen in both manga and anime right now and that’s a huge accomplishment.

2 Peerless dad

Peerless dad is another story so different from all the others that it’s doubly interesting. This is a manhwa about a father (Noh Gajang) who desires nothing more than to settle down and live happily with his children. But because he’s dumb and strong, living in a Murim world where the strong thrive and the weak fight, he can really only make “good” money working for one of the more orthodox sects like the Heavenly Dragon faction. Basically, this is an overpowered MC who has no idea how strong he is compared to everyone else and just wants to go home to his kids.

That said, the internal politics of this story, the slow unveiling of Noh Gajang’s past, and more ramp up quickly throughout the 100+ chapters, so readers shouldn’t dwell on believing there’s just one martial arts movie in the picture will form.

1 The rebirth of the doctor

And finally, let’s talk about it The rebirth of the doctor. This manhwa begins with a fairly classic setup: a guy dies in a “normal” version of Earth and is reborn in a Murim-based world. Only this time, the MC (Jin-Cheon Hee) is reborn in the world of one of his favorite wuxia stories, which he already knows inside and out.

Not only that, Jin-Cheon Hee was also a well-meaning and talented doctor in his first life. With all his memories, Cheon Hee is now able not only to introduce modern medicine to the Murim world, but also to use his knowledge of the novel to rescue characters written to die.

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