Best Meryl Streep Movie, Rated

Searched for Meryl Streep’s movies, and the results were stunning. The most recent example is Don’t look up, is a Netflix series in which she is played by none other than the President of the United States. Her career began in 1977 with a role in the movie Julia, and she became the center of Hollywood with a supporting role in Deer hunter in 1979. The critically acclaimed film about the aftermath of the Vietnam War on survivors led to Streep’s first Academy Award nomination.

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It won’t be the last. Streep would spend the next few decades bringing audiences to life with her versatility and range of activities. She can completely change her look from role to role, and can handle dramas and comedies with equal expertise. Today, Meryl Streep is one of the biggest names in the movie world, and decades later, hits continue to appear.

ten Sophie’s Choice (1982)

Screenshot Sophie's Choice

A chilling story that leaves its mark on the social consciousness, Anyone know what this movie is about? even if they haven’t seen it yet. The story takes place in New York after World War II, and follows the character Stingo as he tries to write a novel.

In the process of doing so, he befriends Polish immigrant Sophie and her lover Nathan. Delivering an incredible performance, Streep truly took home the Oscar she would be given for the role. She studied both German and Polish, including learning an official accent, to play the main character.


9 A Cry In The Dark (1988)

a cry in the dark screenshot outside the court

As a true story of a painful tragedy followed by a lapse of justice, this is another popular film so iconic that people still refer to it to this day without understanding the source. Data. A wild animal attacking a child is no laughing matter, no matter how silly the tone may be.

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A cry in the dark, known as Evil Angel in Oceania, based on the true story of Lindy Chamberlain, who claimed a dingo snatched her baby from their tent during a camping trip. The child’s body was never found, and authorities blamed Chamberlain for murder. The film focuses on courtroom drama and media circus spiraling out of control, rather than the veracity of the claims themselves.

8 Death Becomes Her (1992)

Promotional image of Death Becomes Her

Anyone who doubts Meryl Streep’s comedic talent has been transformed by Her death. Another nice surprise is Bruce Willis, who plays against the human type by taking on the silly and awkward character of Dr. Ernest Menville.

On the surface, this movie is a clever, satirical comedy that takes a realistic and literal look at what eternal life might look like. The deeper message is about the unrealistic demands that the media places on the public, especially actors and musicians, to stay young and attractive.

7 Postcards From The Edge (1990)

Postcard from screenshots Age and Maclean

Carrie Fisher wrote a semi-autobiography about her life, and when it’s time to make a movie, she also writes the script. Postcards from the edge is a funny yet sad story about the quirks of growing up in a family with deep connections to the entertainment industry.

Streep plays the lead role of an actress who has to rehab at home. She’s great in the role, but Shirley MacLane really steals the show as her mother, Doris. The character is based on real-life actress Debbie Reynolds, who has been starring in Hollywood for decades and started acting before she was 20.

6 Kramer vs. Kramer (1979)

kramer vs kramer family together screenshot

Kramer and Kramer received a lot of positive and negative attention back in the day. Thanks to this movie, people can admit that divorce is not only a real thing, but a fairly common thing that can happen for any number of reasons.

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Critics compare contemporary shows like Marriage Story to historical movies like Kramer and Kramer on the same topic. The plot combines family intrigue, economic pressure, and courtroom drama. Furthermore, unlike other stories of broken marriages from that time, it refused to take sides.

5 The Bridges of Madison County (1995)

Bridge-Madison-County Eastwood and Streep Bridge in the deep

Not many fans of the movie think romance and art when it comes to Clint Eastwood, but it seems Meryl Streep only has that effect on humans. On the other hand, that’s what the character of Robert Kincaid is supposed to be like anyway.

A notorious tearer in the spirit of movies like Notebook, The story of this film is mostly told in flashbacks after Streep’s character Francesca passes away, and her children come across some memorabilia about a delightful weekend mom was home alone while they went to the State Fair with their father. The moral of the story is not only about the secret lives of those closest to us, but also about how those memories influence the way we move on.

4 Into The Woods (2014)

into the forest main character promotional images

This adaptation of the popular Broadway musical includes a witch, a forest, a couple desperate to lift a curse, and there must be a handsome prince somewhere around here. Perfect for movie fans who like Princess Bride or Stardust, Into the Woods is also a modern retelling of an ancient fairy tale. Which is the question, though, as the plot includes as many fantasy jokes as possible as part of the inside joke.

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A deliberate fusion of stories from the Grimm Brothers fills much of the plot, and viewers will recognize images of Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, and Rapunzel. This time Meryl Streep plays the villain, which is crucial to the cursed witch.

3 The Iron Lady (2011)

screenshot of iron woman as butcher

There is a lot of debate regarding Margaret Thatcher’s real-life politics. However, everyone agrees that Meryl Streep nailed the character when she took on the role in Steel woman.

The film is a play told by the protagonist in flashbacks as she reflects on her life after her husband’s recent death, and includes moments from her childhood and career. that. Streep has been credited with giving a divisive political figure a more humane and sympathetic portrayal.

2 Mamma Mia! (2008)

Mamma Mia

Does Meryl Streep sing and dance on her resume? Turns out the answer is yes. Some of her first public performances as a teenager included singing and she played one of the lead roles. in one of the most famous musicals in the world.

A Broadway adaptation of another movie, Mamma Mia made the jukebox musical a big deal, mainly because of how effectively it could profit with familiar tunes and a cheerful, upbeat story.

first Silkwood

Screenshot Silkwood stretch russell cher in the plant

Remember when people were concerned about worker safety and nuclear power, sometimes even at the same time? Silkwood This is an exciting time after another, but it should also be noted that little has changed when it comes to the animosity that management and corporate interests have when it comes to labor unions. This film is based on the true story of Karen Silkwood, a whistleblower who is investigating unsafe conditions in the factory where she works.

Speaking of time capsules, this movie also Kurt Russell doesn’t have to play an action hero for the first time, and Cher also joins the cast with one of her first serious roles that is unrelated. regarding a musical performance. Although Streep is the star, the supporting cast only makes the movie better.

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