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Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey is a man of many metaphorical hats. Whether it’s business, charity, education, or acting, the Texas-born performer is always open to a wide range of genres and the same can be said of his experience in cinema.

First, he did small parts to build himself up, then he got into romantic comedies before going through a career renaissance in several celebrity dramas. . What happens next remains to be seen, but as a result of this eclectic work, it can be difficult to determine what is “best” from the often extremely laid-back entertainer.

With this in mind, here’s a ranking of Matthew McConaughey’s movies by far as the best, okay, okay.

Warning, this post contaslight spoilers. Be careful if you haven’t seen all of Matthew McConaughey’s movies.

ten. Serenity (2019)


Although this movie only earned a 21% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, don’t let that discourage you. It has a great cast and has a slight twist in it that is so lovely, it qualifies as high art in the “bad is great” genre. McConaughey deserves credit here for choosing something utterly ridiculous, and well worth your while with a drink.

9. Age of Fire (2002)


Although this 2002 film only has a 42 percent positive rating, it shines for a number of other reasons. It featured the younger Christian Bale, Gerard Butler and Doug Cockle before they blew up due to their respective series and video games. The digital visual effects shoot for the stars at a time when so many movies just call them in or use realism, and McConaughey’s character has an interesting backstory that will make for an exciting new season. better than in the series. Please give us him and his team fighting dragons as they try to get to the UK.

8. EdTV (1999)


While it lost some of its thunder with Truman’s show, which follows the life of an ordinary person as a television show and deserves praise for being one of the predictors of what “reality television” and culture will be. massification will become in the following decades. McConaughey plays an ordinary person who has to do absurd things to stay on television and end up ending everything after a feud with the producers. It earns 64% from movie reviewers for a living, so maybe it’s at least decent?

7. U-571 (2000)


The historical inaccuracies of this 67% positive movie are so bad that it leads to many apology from the people behind it. Other than that, it’s a serviceable action movie and one of McConaughey’s better works before the era when he stuck to making romantic comedies for his older friends your mother. Watch, enjoy, and remember that not much ends up in the cinema being real and often exaggerated to excite audiences.

6. Sing (2016)


While Illumination Entertainment may be best known for bringing adults to the world of extremely cranky Minions, this 71% positive movie is sweet and has some really cool performances. great in it. McConaughey voices a theater owner who is struggling to save his business in an anthropomorphic animal world and tries to make you believe his little koala is in a great situation. hope. Come for the koalas, stay for the elephants, its performance at the end will make you think.

5. Among the stars (2014)

Among the stars

Telling someone in 2005 that McConaughey would one day work with Christopher Nolan would have been fun, and he excelled in this scientifically accurate film, which received a 72% rating from critics criticize. You believe his journey here, and the scene that followed that made him cry is truly one of the history books of the acting profession.

4. Fragile (2002)


When putting these lists together, it’s easy to name popular movies, as it’s safe to cite popular movies. This, on the other hand, is a 2002 psychological horror film directed by Bill Paxton (may he rest in peace), showing McConaughey as a man on the line between despair and debauchery, and he We actually sell it. Add this, please. It has 75 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and is definitely better Texas Chainsaw Massacre the next part he appeared in.

3. Killer Joe (2011)


One of the first works in Matthew McConaughey’s career renaissance that later won him an Oscar, this work saw him play a police officer with a hidden agenda. . It earns 80% positive reviews and man, scenes involving a certain type of food are among the books. Watch it, let it burn into your brain and tell us about your experience afterwards.

2. Bernie (2011)


No, it’s not about the famous politician, but this 88% positive movie proves that McConaughey is at his best when he teamed up with Richard Linklater as a memorable supporting character. It’s funny, dark, sad, and realistic in a way that will captivate everyone who has watched it afterward.

first. Mud (two thousand and thirteen)


This southern coming-of-age story has received a higher rating than Matthew McConaughey’s award-winning work. Dallas Buyers Club (92% versus 97%, respectively) and seems to have been forgotten by many. Not us. Here he plays a fugitive that some young men come across and luckily the movie doesn’t end how the scenario could happen in real life. Take your time and you WILL want to watch it again after the credits end.

This ends our list of Matthew McConaughey the best, the best and the best movies so far. Which one is your favorite? Is there anything out of the ordinary that you think deserves a sequel? What should have been on the list but wasn’t, and what would you swap it out for? Let us know in the comments section. Best Matthew McConaughey Movie, Rated


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