Best League of Legends Player of 2021

Year 2021 League of Legends The competitive season is finally over.

After a whole year of intense fighting on Summoner’s Rift, the champions crowned on land, LPL’s EDward Gaming finally took home the World Championship after years of misses and multiple roster changes. But even though EDG ended up winning the gold medal, many other players around the globe still have a lot of achievements to be proud of.

Whether it’s finally taking home their first regional trophy or ushering in a new era for their region, League The e-sports superstars have been providing fans with a feast for the eyes throughout the year. But who is the tallest among the hundreds of pro players who have competed? There are some big names underperforming, while others have risen to make their mark.

Here are some of the best League players of the year 2021 around the world, in no particular order.


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Let’s start things off with one of the best junglers we’ve seen in recent history. Yes, the overall success of DWG KIA is due to the huge talent disparity in the lineup, but this year, it seems that Canyon has raised the bar higher than before.

This year — and especially at Worlds 2021 — the 20-year-old phenom continues to dominate. He became half of the best mid laner in the world alongside his superstar teammate, ShowMaker. He boasts an ocean of diverse champions, impeccable macro knowledge and Unparalleled mechanical skills that can change the course of any game instantly. He’s also the top player in his role at Worlds 2021 with a 5.4 KDA and 55 kills, according to Oracle’s Elixir.


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Like some other e-sports, League There have been separate debates about which player deserves to be called the best in the world. Hailed by all as the greatest successor of all time, DWG KIA’s ShowMaker is a leading contender.

Along with Canyon, ShowMaker is part of the best jungle duo in the world. Although DWG KIA changed the team’s playstyle in Summer 2021 by swapping roles, he and Canyon eventually returned to their positions and helped their team win the LCK championship consecutively – a achievements that only SK Telecom T1 can achieve.

It feels like a torch is passing through the league, with a new era of Korean superstars now rising to claim their place at the top and carve their names among the best in the world. ever seen. ShowMaker is one of the few leading the way in that ranks, and he will certainly continue to aim for the stars, even though he was turned down after this year’s World Championship.


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The greatest man of all time has finally returned to the Worlds scene after a year of absence. Faker and a growing young T1 roster didn’t disappoint either: they performed superbly throughout the tournament and came close to taking down DWG KIA in the semi-finals of the tournament.

Faker doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone anymore. He’s won three world championships, two MSI titles, and nine LCK titles to boot, and he’s even led a rookie-filled T1 team to the semi-finals. And yet, it seemed his hunger for another title continued to tear at his stomach.

He has continued to show his versatility by moving into a support role for his teammates with picks like Lissandra, Twisted Fate, and Karma. His stats may not be that impressive, but we still know his strength as a primary carry pick for the lineup. But with the people around him now heavily experienced against the best in the world, we could see this team helping Faker satisfy his cravings in the coming year.


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The LPL’s new predator has finally taken home his World championship. After showing his star potential against Griffin, Viper found a new home with EDward Gaming and helped the team win the first Summoner’s Cup in the organization’s history.

With a new region, Viper is forced to adjust himself in many ways, from learning a new language to learning a whole new style of play in a hyper-aggressive region. With his superb mechanical skills, he has honed himself to become a weapon whose talent is on full display throughout the year. Whether it’s his superhero antics during EDG’s run to the LPL championship or their feat to win the Worlds trophy, Viper has established himself as the best marksman in the world.


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It might be a bit odd to see Doinb here after his team was unexpectedly knocked out of Worlds in the group stage, but it would be foolish not to acknowledge how well he played during FunPlus Phoenix’s time. in 2021.

Doinb dominated the Summer Split. He has the second-most kills and the third-highest KDA in the league, and holds a towering 71.3% kill participation percentage, according to Oracle’s Elixir. He ended up winning the regular MVP of the season award for his efforts and showed he still has one of the most diverse champion pools in the game, with 17 unique picks for the season.

The end of the year was certainly disappointing, but Doinb is certainly still one of the best players in the world and will be a feared member of any team he joins in the future.


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Rogue’s success this year has largely come from Inspired’s ability to execute attacks through their jungle with some master mechanics, macro decision-making, and mechanical skills. Great overall study. He gave his laner the lead and brought the team to success, earning himself the 2021 LEC Summer MVP award.

The 19-year-old Polish superstar quickly established himself as the top jungler in Europe after an impressive two-and-a-half years as a pro, and after making it past the group stage. god of Worlds 2021, the future belongs to one of LEC’s brightest eyes. Look out for him to rampage on Summoner’s Rift next year and possibly level up even more beyond our expectations.

Human figure

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When looking at MAD Lions’ increase in fortune in 2021, fans have to look towards the mid lane with Humanoid. The 21-year-old star has consistently grown into the most stable player in his role with the second highest average damage against champions in the LEC throughout the Summer Split, according to Oracle’s Elixir.

He also has some of the best early game stats of any mid laner of the season and is explosive almost every moment of the game. He has a wide range of champions that can be flexible depending on the situation and is an important part of MAD Lions’ late game total destruction.


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This young man’s journey with Cloud9 has impressed fans and analysts globally, and for good reason. Fudge has gone from a rookie rookie who slandered his elimination in the 2021 LCS Lock-In to dominant opponents like TheShy and Khan in the major international arenas, all within the span of his first year at the LCS. LCS.

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His improvement as a professional has been nothing short of amazing, and he has quickly become an integral part of his team’s future. He plays tanks and carries champions and competes in endurance in both roles, showing a confidence that fans only see from seasoned veterans of the tournament. But now, with new teammates ahead, we’ll see if Fudge can continue to develop into the best NA top laner.


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The bright star of TSM made this list after taking on the responsibility of shouldering his team for the past year. Although his team lacks consistency when it matters, Spica shows he’s a true leader for the future of the LCS. won the 2021 LCS MVP Award at 20 years old.

Whether it’s his lovable character outside of the Rift or his delightful play in the game, Spica has earned himself the most respect. League fan. With Bjergsen’s departure this season, TSM is also looking for a new face for the franchise, and the young star looks poised to take on a major role as the LCS champions. longtime wants to add more hardware to their trophy case in 2022. Best League of Legends Player of 2021


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