Best Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Limited Prototype

Total 10 Magic: Gathering Limited prototypes are contained in Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty setup, providing players with a good starting point for crafting and crafting Limited decks

Not like recently MTG Limiter like MID and VOWthe Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty (ANCHOR) set does not have cookie-specific templates. All 10 limits prototype flexible and can support multiple synergies. Color Black stands out for its good rejection and multi-theme support tag. Red and Green also has good discard cards, while transforming into multiple cards ANCHOR prototypes. And all three colors are available removal spells.

From ninjas to Artifacts and Spells, here are the four most playable archetypes in ANCHOR Limited format. These prototypes will be updated after the digital and global release of Neon Night.

Artifacts of UB ninja

Most popular ANCHOR Draft in the first few weeks on MTG Arena will most likely be UB ninja, causing many archetypal support cards to be hotly contested. Nostalgia hype aside, the UB is a decent prototype but not overly powerful. The Silver-Fur Master is the signpost that pulls you into the prototype. Ninja Mouse supports other ninjas and submits to your control while discounting all of their Ninjutsu abilities.

For a deck of Ninjutsu to work properly, the caster must have some form of evasion and low energy consumption. The Network Disruptor is the ideal one, has Flying and is permanently mineable when entering the battlefield. The Inkrise Infiltrator is another inexpensive creature from the Flying that has a built-in battle trick for added value. The High-Speed ​​Hoverbike is an Artifact vehicle that sleeps with a Flying, Flash, and hits a target creature upon entering the battlefield that has a crew cost of one. And the Nezumi Bladeblesser is a triple throw that can have either Menace or Deathtouch.

Creatures with Ninjutsu must have solid abilities and energy costs won’t drain all of your energy. Prosperous Thief has a Ninjutsu of 1U, which is 3/2, and has the ability to generate Treasure tokens whenever a ninja or rogue deals damage to an opponent. Moon-Circuit Hacker has a Ninjutsu cost of U and draws one card when dealing battle damage.

Dokuchi Silencer has a 1B Ninjutsu with an ability that allows you to destroy your opponent’s creature or rover by discarding a card and dealing battle damage to your opponent. And Covert Technician has a Ninjutsu cost of 1U with an ability that allows you to place an Artifact on the battlefield from your hand that has a mana value equal to or less than the combat damage dealt.

GW Enchantment . ramp

The MTG Green is implied by Enchantment, supported by White. Jukai naturalist is ANCHOR instruction card for the Green and White archetypes, reducing the cost of the Enhancement enchantment by one while also providing a small amount of Lifelink as 2/2 two drops. Unlike the BR Artifact-focused build, the GW Enchantment contains various ramp forms and several curve finishers.

The Spirited Companion is an inexpensive Enhanced creature that offers the ability to draw cards, allowing the Generous Knight to drop once, a soul that allows you to place a +1 / + 1 mark on a creature whenever it strikes. whenever you use Enchantment (not once per turn). Social with Spirits is an inexpensive Magic speed spell that helps you find an Enchantment or land in the top four cards in your library.

Eiganjo Exemplar is a creature that gains strength when attacked alone and is an Enchantment creature. Fang of Shigeki is another cheap Enchantment creature that has a Deathtouch while Careful Cultivation is a type of aura that can provide Reach, +1/+3, and a ramp.

Providing late game power, Greater Tanuki is 6/5 with Trample also able to search a base land early game through the Channel. There’s also the Sky-Bless Samurai, a 4/4 creature with Flying that costs one less for each Enchantment you control. And Sunblade Samurai can search a base land through the Channel while getting you alive early in the game or out on the battlefield 4/4 later with Vigilance.

GB ninja and reanimation

Having many cards with respawn ability gives you an advantage over your opponent in Blue and Black ANCHOR prototype. And as an added bonus, there are some good Ninjutsu creatures and spells. Gloomshrieker is the signpost for GB. The feline beast returns permanently from your graveyard to be delivered to you upon entering the battlefield while also featuring Menace, creating Ninjutsu mischief.

However, a drawback of the Gloomshrieker is that the cat beast cannot resurrect itself because it is exiled when it perishes. Unforgiving One is a three-drop creature with Menace that grants Ninjutsu and can return a creature with “X” energy value from the graveyard, where “X” is the number of Modified creatures you control. The Season of Renewal is an Instant that can return a creature and or, an Enchantment to your hand from your graveyard. And Okiba Salvage is a Magic speed spell that returns a creature or vehicle from your graveyard back to the battlefield, placing two +1/+1 counters on it if you control an Artifact and a Mantra.

Good ninjustsu ANCHOR The cards to include in the GB prototype are Kappa Tech-Wrecker, Coiling Stalker, Nezumi Prowler, Dokuchi Silencer and Mukotai Ambusher. Coiling Stalker combines with Modification by placing +1 / + 1 counter on a target creature that has no reflector when dealing combat damage to the opponent. And the Nezumi Prowler can deal three damage through Ninjutsu or be cast 1B to give a creature you control Deathtouch and Lifelink for the rest of the turn.

Roaring Earth is a solid two-drop drop worth taking ANCHOR Draft combines with Modification and is a Magic. Fang of Shigeki is a Ninjutsu skill, only a head hit in Green with Deathtouch. Similar to the UB ninja archetype, both Nezumi Bladeblesser and Inkrise Infiltrator are good Ninjutsu supporters.

Sacrificed BR and Mid-Range Lifegain Artifact

The MTG Black and Red both have the effect of removing solids in ANCHOR Limited format. Sacrifice is the archetypal theme, supported by the Oni-Cult Anvil two-drop signpost. Black also contains a Lifegain that can extend the BR range in addition to Artifact’s synergy in both colors.

Oni-Cult Anvil has amazing synergy with Sokenzan Smelter, a tool that provides goblins as sacrificial tools through generating 3/1 Artifact tokens with Haste for paying one energy and sacrificing one Artifact at the start of combat. The Beetle Virus is a cheap Artifact creature with added value upon entering the battlefield. Dockside Chef is a solid sacrificial supporter, along with Undercity Scroonger. And the Experimental Synthesizer is valuable when it enters the battlefield and when it leaves, especially when it is targeted as fodder.

Twinshot Sniper and Dragonspark Reactor are both Red pawns that support the BR archetype. Scrapyard Steelbreaker receives a significant stat boost through sacrificing an Artifact, improving your late game board status.

Black Lifelink supports building BR because it wants to take down opponents. The Okiba Reckoner Raid and the Life of Toshiro Umezawa sagas both offer solid Lifegain and have low energy costs. Reckoner’s Bargain supports the sacrifice theme while helping you gain lives and draw cards. And Return to Action is a cute Instant Speed ​​spell that gives a Lifelink for a turn and instantly returns that creature back to the mined battlefield upon death or sacrifice.

All images via WotC. Best Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Limited Prototype


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