Best Innistrad Prototypes: Crimson Vow Limited

With the release Innistrad: Crimson Oath (VOW), limit Magic: Gathering meta is starting to take shape.

NS VOW The limited meta is bomb heavy, displaying a number of Rare and Mythic Rare cards that can draw the player into a particular archetype. The color chart has Black, Red and White being the strongest, followed by Blue and Green. Having a board presence is essential, otherwise you are likely to be overtaken by your competitors. And are keeping an eye out for green energy storks, creatures that can harness energy with any color, which can open the door to tricolor running in VOW Limited format.

A total of four prototype stand out from 10 other colors: Red/Black, White/Black, Black/Green and Blue/Red. Near behind them are Green and Red, with Green allowing the player to launch a third color for the bomb. And Blue/White souls can pop out when the stars align.

Here are the best four MTG Limited models after release VOW in descending order of ranking.

BG . durability issue

Ancient Lumberknot is a signpost archetype Uncommon for BG, but don’t be fooled into thinking the construction revolves around a tree-man. Green has two mana snake creatures: Weaver of Blossoms and Reclusive Taxidermist. Capture a growing Wilds or a VOW Rare Dual land and running three colors becomes reasonable.

In addition to creatures with toughness greater than strength, cards such as the Apprentice Sharpshooter and Cloaked Cadet can exert pressure through VOW Educate mechanic. Green also has the best finishers, from Bramble Wurm to Flourishing Hunter. Dormant Grove can strengthen +1/+1 counter creatures while also transforming into a Gnarled Grovestrider, providing all creatures on the battlefield with Vigilance.

Apprentice Sharpshooter
Apprentice Sharpshooter

The Spore Crawler can give the card an advantage while the Toxic Scorpion can be defensive in the early game while also putting pressure on your opponent by giving another creature you control Deathtouch until the end of the turn. .

Splash in solid black removal spells like Bleed Dry, Parasitic Grasp, and Hero’s Downfall. The Archghoul of Thraben can give a card advantage while the Catapult Fodder is a good combo, but is generally not used against creatures whose toughness is greater than their strength. And Blood Fountain is a good late pick that can provide Blood tokens while also being able to return two creatures from your graveyard for the cost of 3B and sacrificing Artifact.

UR . magic problem

With most drafters pursuing the colors Red, White, and Black, Blue was left open in the first weeks of VOW Limited drafts. Whisper Wizard is an easy top pick in UR, pumping out 1/1 of a Bay token one at a time with each non-threatening spell cast. The other two Popular and Uncommon bombs to get are the Cruel Witness and the Wandering Mind

Cruel witness
Cruel witness

Syncopate is the best dict for getting multiple copies. Witness the Future can shuffle spells back into your library, and Desire to Explore is a great way to keep your hand full while discarding cards you don’t need. And Red has lots of cheap knock-out spells like Abrade, Rendering Flame, and Flame-Bless Bolt.

Voldaren Epicure is a solid late game pick, pinging your opponent for a single damage while also generating a Health Token. Vampires can also act as sacrificial fodder for cards like Repository Skaab, who will return Instant or Magic spells to your hand with mechanic Exploit.

Render Flame
Render Flame

The mischievous Catgeist can draw a few cards and Skywarp Skaab is a Flying Snake with 5x toughness that can block most creatures. And the Biolume Egg is a great option if you can pick up creatures like the Stitched Assistant, Repository Skaab, and Dever Skaab.

Vampire RB

Vampires have taken over Limited VOW meta. Blood Token is a mechanic’s bomb, preventing players from spilling over lands while searching for that ideal card to finish off their opponents. Bloodtithe Harvester, Archghoul of Thraben, Gluttony Guest, and Wedding Security are all cards that can definitely pull you into RB.

Wedding security
Wedding security

Aggro cards like Blood Petal Celebrant and Ragged Recluse can hit opponents for early damage. And Bloodcrazed Socialite and Falkenrath Celebrants both feature Menace as late game finishers, and incorporate a Blood token theme. The wedding invitation is also a sure-fire double that gives the card an edge while also providing a Lifegain to the vampire when needed.

Bloodcrazed Socialite
Bloodcrazed Socialite

Both Red and Black have a bunch of discard spells, allowing you to build around your curve with cards like Bleed Dry, Rendering Flame, Hero’s Downfall, Vampires’ Vengeance, and Flame-Bless Bolt. The gift of fangs is a good one, along with Edgar’s Awakening. One trick to playing RB is to watch your curve, keeping it between Aggro and Midrange.

BW Lifegain

Possibly one of the best VOW The limited prototype is the BW. Lifegain has always been a powerful tool in the Limited format, and both colors contain creatures that can stack your life points while also putting pressure on your opponents.

Similar to RB, Glutonous Guest can protect early while also generating Blood tokens. And when you crack one of those tokens, the Glutonous Guest will get you a life point. Markov Purifier is a solid Uncommon that can draw cards, combined with Traveling Ministry.

Panic bystanders
Panic bystanders

Panicked Bystander helps you survive when a creature you control dies and can transform into 3/5. Kindly Ancestory has a Disturb, which keeps that Lifelink train running even if it is removed from the battlefield. And Dawnhart Geist is a late pick that can definitely give a boost when you cast Magic from one of your creatures with Disturb, while Courier Bat is a evasive creature that can carry a living Items from your graveyard return upon winning life.

Be sure to remove White and Black to avoid being overwhelmed by decks like RB, GR, and BG. Circle of Confinement is a cheap Enchantment that bans a target creature with less mana, and can also reward RB decks that give you a life boost whenever your opponent uses a vampire. dragon with the same name as the exiled vampire card. Bleed Dry and Hero’s Downfall are two solid elements VOW Black removal option, along with Parasitic Grasp. Best Innistrad Prototypes: Crimson Vow Limited


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