Best Horror Movies on Tubi

In a world dominated by streaming platforms and subscription-based services, it can be difficult for viewers to decide what’s best for them. There are a number of sites that offer extended free trials (which convert into paid subscriptions), to provide prospective customers with their ever-growing content bank, but one particular “channel” giving loads of great old shows and movies to the public for free.

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Tubi is filled with a wide range of horror films that will appeal to even the most discerning of spooky hobbyists. Those looking for something really chilling won’t need to shell out any cash for a fix. The following list sheds some light on some of Tubi’s best horror films, with scary films that have stood the test of time and some lesser-known horror films that even fans of The most horror grave can also be ignored.


The Descent (2005)

Movie The Descent

“Lost in the woods” is a common theme in horror movies, but some movies manage to take the concept up and elevate it to something truly unsettling and downright terrifying. . The Descent is a great example of this, as it presents itself as a seemingly innocent “buddy movie” in which a group of women decide to go on a caving expedition to connect with nature and quench their lust.

What begins as a group of innocent hangouts quickly explodes into chaos as the women are confronted with something truly terrifying lurking in the shadows. With entertaining characters, great sound design, some really tense moments, and an extremely uncomfortable environment, The Descent is sure to stick in most viewers’ minds and potentially will disturb even the bravest outdoor adventurers.

P2 (2007)

P2 2007 Movie Axe

Monsters and bumps in the night make for great horror movies, but some of the scariest movies have movies that can take “ordinary” situations and turn them into a nightmare. heart.

Most people don’t see garages as a particular threat but P2 has the concept of being alone in a seemingly empty and open space to terrifying heights. A young woman finds herself being stalked by someone as she makes her way to her car in a lifeless garage late at night.

House (1985)

The horror comedy House 1985

The 1980s brought some incredible horror for fans, spawning some of the most popular series, some of which are still alive today. There’s something horribly creepy about ’80s horror, with many of the best movies featuring elements of humor and cheesy dialogue.

Those looking for a perfect ’80s throwback will want to check out House, a horror comedy that follows a struggling writer who finds refuge in a relative’s home to write his book. My next book. What begins as an innocent vacation turns into a truly terrifying experience. Those who enjoy the traditional “hand-built” special effects will love some of the monsters that appear throughout the story.

Getting Deborah Logan (2014)

Getting Deborah Logan

Alzheimer’s is inherently a heart-wrenching and terrifying illness in reality, but The Take of Deborah Logan goes above and beyond the “realistic side” of the painful illness to create a real movie. jarring. Fans of the supernatural will definitely want to check out this semi-slow burn, which starts off seemingly normal but quickly starts to go crazy as its run time goes on.

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Actress Jill Larson did an excellent job as the main character, with a truly brilliant portrayal of an elderly woman who is perhaps going through one of the scariest things in the real world that a people can go through. It’s curvy, shoots well, and is extremely unsettling.

Slither (2006)

Slither Shotgun Protagonist

Prior to Guardians of the Galaxy and The Suicide Squad, James Gunn is making his way into Hollywood by making his name on several projects. One of them is Slither, a Sci-Fi horror comedy that has loads of diverse crawling special effects and a pretty gripping plot.

Those with a weak stomach should probably avoid this movie as Slither brought some of the most disgusting, disgusting, and stomach-churning images to the big screen in the 2000s. Those who can stand the horror of the body freaks and slime-covered creatures will find a surprisingly great thriller that has attracted a cult following years.

Train To Busan (2016)

Train to Busan main cast

The zombie craze that enveloped the world in the 2010s has slowly faded over the past few years. Although there are there are still a lot of games and movies that feature zombies to some extent, it’s not nearly as hot as when The Walking Dead first hit the small screen. Unfortunately for most horror fans, the genre’s over-saturation has spawned a slew of rather gruesome zombie-based media.

However, Train to Busan is a bright exception. This Korean Thriller is perhaps one of the best representatives of Zombie Horror and a must-see for any zombie fan. A young father tries his best to protect his daughter from hordes of aggressive zombies on a really scary and equally comfortable train.

Rubber (2011)

Rubber Thriller 2011

The best thing about Horror is that it is subjective. What frightens some people may not frighten others. But Horror directors have done a great job of subverting expectations over the years, and some of them have managed to create truly horrifying situations out of the most innocent of concepts.

Then there are people who take seemingly outlandish concepts and turn them into Horror concepts that are so hilarious that they actually end up creating compelling entertainment. Rubber of the Year 2011 is a great example of this. A car tire suddenly becomes reliable and goes into a murder nightmare. It sounds goofy, looks goofy, and is an extremely interesting watch for those looking for something based on the horror and sublime Avante-Garde.

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