Best Free-To-Play Xbox Games

With Xbox Game Pass offering access to premium titles at an affordable monthly price, players might not feel there is much reason to look into the Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One’s free-to-play games. These titles have a mixed reputation; while it is true that some games suffer from pay-to-win systems, there are also plenty of free releases that offer great gameplay and enough content to keep people coming back for months, if not years.

The best free Xbox games are those where playability isn’t limited by a paywall, and they can be experienced completely regardless of whether someone invests anything besides their time. Even with both these principles in mind, some games are still better than others in terms of quality and fun factor. That being said, here are the best free-to-play games on the Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One.


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Updated on August 18, 2022 by Mark Sammut: Gaming is expensive. That is a hard and true fact, however, services like Xbox Game Pass help ease the cost of acquiring a library of titles to play through. Microsoft’s subscription model is often enough to keep most people entertained for months on end, especially if they are willing to supplement Game Pass with some of the best free games on Xbox. Even though these types of releases have a mixed reputation, there are some absolutely fantastic free-to-play titles out there, including a few recent releases.


Release Date August 15, 2022
Genre Fighting
Native Xbox Series X/S Version Yes
Xbox Store Link MultiVersus

MultiVersus is a fever dream of an experience, in the sense that the game feels unreal. A fighting title in the style of Super Smash Bros., MultiVersus assembles characters from a range of Warner Bros. properties, pitting them against each other in gloriously over-the-top battles for supremacy. Presently, the free Xbox Series X game has a small but respectable roster, including the likes of Scooby-Doo‘s Shaggy, DC’s Harley Quinn and Superman, and Game of Thrones‘ Arya Stark. As an ongoing project, this roster should expand rather frequently.

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MultiVersus prioritizes team-based battles rather than solo fights, although the latter is an option for people who prefer to be lone wolves. The combat system is flashy and accessible, all the while still offering enough depth to keep people engaged in the long run. There are some fighters that are clearly superior to others, but Player First Games has been working to balance the roster.


Release Date August 11, 2022
Genre Battle Royale
Native Xbox Series X/S Version Yes
Xbox Store Link Rumbleverse

During the last few years, battle royale games have been so overrepresented that any new release has an uphill scrabble to conjure enthusiasm. While it might fall within the genre, Rumbleverse very much does its own thing, and that thing is wrestling. 40 players are dropped into a big city and challenged to survive until the end, a process that involves dropkicking opponents into the ocean and jumping off skyscrapers to pull off sick moves.

From the studio behind Killer Instinct, Rumbleverse has stellar fighting mechanics that are immediately understandable and satisfying to execute. Unlike other battle royale games that reward caution, Iron Galaxy’s title opts against the inclusion of weapons, meaning players are ready to go right from the get-go. There is still loot to be discovered, but participants are not helpless until they collect their first drop.

Destiny 2

Release Date October 1, 2019
Genre FPS
Native Xbox Series X/S Version Yes
Xbox Store Link Destiny 2

Although it’s seen its fair share of controversy over the years, Bungie’s Destiny 2 is still running strong today, with a recent expansion and multiple updates to add even more content to its steadily growing world. Players that are just now jumping in for the first time can boost themselves to a higher Light Level by proving they can tackle a Legendary story mission, giving them faster access to some of the end-game content packed within Witch Queen.

There’s a ton to see, unlock, and conquer for fans that are just starting their journey into Destiny 2 and there’s quite a bit that can be enjoyed without spending a dime. Players that to enjoy what they play can then opt into purchasing a pack of DLC content to unlock even more story and multiplayer content.


Release Date May 2, 2017
Genre FPS
Native Xbox Series X/S Version No
Xbox Store Link Paladins

Players that are looking for some TF2 or Overwatch action on their Xbox console can snag Paladins as a free-to-play alternative with a lot to offer. With classic point control, deathmatch, and payload-style game modes, Paladins features a large roster of characters that look and feel similar to those found in other hero-inspired PvP titles. Players have a lot to choose from, and there should be someone that appeals to them, with easy-to-use abilities and weapons that make it easier to jump right into the action.

Paladins can be just as competitive and engaging as similar games in the same genre and players can hop into matches without having to spend anything. The only pocket change here is thrown towards cosmetics and skins that won’t affect the gameplay past anything visual.


Release Date August 18, 2015
Genre Action & Adventure
Native Xbox Series X/S Version No
Xbox Store Link Smite

League of Legends is one of the biggest and most engaging MOBAs available on the market, alongside DOTA 2. These two top-down-style PvP releases can be a ton of fun but players won’t be able to enjoy them on Xbox. Instead, players seeking a MOBA experience can download Smite for free on their Xbox console, giving them access to MOBA-inspired access that plays much better on a console than LoL or DOTA 2 would. The third-person over-the-shoulder perspective works insanely well for console, giving players the ability to aim their skill shots and abilities better, while also allowing them to move easily across the battlefield via thumbstick controls.

There are TONS of Gods for characters to try and master, with many available in the free-to-play rotation. Those that fall in love with the mythology and gameplay of Smite can purchase an Ultimate God Pack that will unlock access to all of the available characters (and any future characters) forever.

Halo Infinite (Multiplayer)

Release Date November 15, 2021
Genre FPS
Native Xbox Series X/S Version Yes
Xbox Store Link Halo Infinite

In November 2021, Microsoft shocked the world by releasing Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer. While the stellar single-player campaign requires Xbox Game Pass or a $60 investment, the multiplayer is completely free, which is a massive deal for the series.

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Although not without its issues, Halo Infinite is generally regarded as a return to form for Microsoft’s iconic franchise. The multiplayer does not reinvent the wheel in any significant way, opting to offer more of what players have come to expect. Unsurprisingly, Halo Infinite is one of the best free-to-play games on Xbox.


Release Date November 20, 2015
Genre Game Creator
Native Xbox Series X/S Version No
Xbox Store Link Roblox

Roblox is a level creation sandbox game that works similarly to Minecraft’s cubic construction. The game explores the creativity of users as they take on the role of both level builders and players of various creations developed by other people.

Roblox‘s objectives are also like VRChat. Though some games have no direct objectives, a lot of fun can be had in engaging with other players on the server. Because of its boundless mechanics and explorative nature, Roblox is the perfect option for people looking to work out their creative muscles.

Fall Guys

Release Date June 21, 2022 (Xbox)
Genre Battle Royale
Native Xbox Series X/S Version Yes
Xbox Store Link Fall Guys

Initially launching with a price tag, Fall Guys went free-to-play when it expanded to more platforms, a move that has largely worked in its favor. A party game, Fall Guys supports an array of match types. The main mode is a 60-person battle royale divided into rounds, with each one consisting of mini-games.

In a local multiplayer setting, players can create smaller contests built upon a points system. Utilizing loose but amusing physics, Fall Guys is good for a laugh, and matches do not typically outstay their welcome either.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis

Phantasy Star Online 2 debuted in 2012, but it did not make its way to Western nations until 2020. Released a year later, New Genesis significantly updates the original experience by enhancing the visuals, fine-tuning the class system, and introducing an open-world.

New Genesis has a few shortcomings typical of an MMO, mainly lackluster quests and a heavy focus on grinding; however, it delivers in the gameplay department. The combat system is deep and engaging, while the simple act of exploring the open-world is a treat.


Release Date April 5, 2016 (Closed Beta)
Genre Vehicular Combat
Native Xbox Series X/S Version Yes
Xbox Store Link Crossout

Crossout is a demolition derby 8v8 deathmatch. Players take on other players in this vehicular slaughter of infernal destruction. Crossout is like a full-scale Battlebots where the arenas are barren wastelands and the bots are Mad Max-esque vehicles built from the ground up by the player.

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Players have the freedom to build, design, and equip their vehicles with various weapon types and armor. Here, the only limitation is the players’ imagination. A machine gun truck, an eight-wheeler tank, a crab turret, the possibilities are endless in this free-to-play game. However, Crossout does have some elements that players have to pay for.

Killer Instinct

Release Date November 22, 2013
Genre Fighting
Native Xbox Series X/S Version No
Xbox Store Link Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct is a classic fighting franchise similar to Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter. Aside from the conventional elements of the genre, 2013’s Killer Instinct features ultra combos that are lengthy flashy strings of moves accompanied by a loud and sustained “ULTRAAAA COMBOOOO” scream.

There are also ultimates, which are devastating killer moves. Reactive music accompanies hits and combos, making maneuvers feel powerful and satisfyingly glorious. Each character has their own combos, ultimates, and reactive music. In turn, each combatant fights and feels unique. On top of that, Killer Instinct is known for its iconic C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!


Release Date April 22, 2014
Genre FPS
Native Xbox Series X/S Version No
Xbox Store Link Warface

Warface is a futuristic first-person tactical shooter. Players who enjoy the likes of Call Of Duty or Rainbow Six: Siege will love Warface. This free-to-play game features five distinct classes to choose from: Rifleman, Medic, Engineer, SED, and Sniper, each with their own strengths, abilities, playstyles, and usability.

There are a lot of PvP modes to enjoy, including Team Deathmatch, Plant The Bomb, Capture, and Battle Royale. Aside from the competitive PvP modes, Warface also features co-op PvE modes that test team chemistry and offer a challenge to players. Warface is a nice cost-free alternative to popular action shooters.


Release Date November 6, 2018
Genre Fighting
Native Xbox Series X/S Version No
Xbox Store Link Brawlhalla

Brawlhalla takes inspiration from Smash Bros with its gameplay. The free-to-play title is a fighting platformer where players have to knock each other off the screen. Four-player mayhem is the name of the game, and the arenas are scattered with weapons to use against the opposition.

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As players take damage, they become easier and easier to knock around. This encourages players to dodge attacks while also dealing damage of their own. Brawlhalla awards juggling ability and platformer expertise. Playable characters are also plenty and varied, ensuring endless hours of fun.


Release Date August 19, 2019
Genre Survival Shooter
Native Xbox Series X/S Version No
Xbox Store Link Vigor

Vigor is a free looter-shooter that takes place in post-nuclear war Norway. Like DayZ, survivors go around abandoned homes and establishments raiding for supplies and weapons. Players will also encounter other users who they may kill and loot, and items and weapons brought into matches are lost when someone is killed. This lets players gamble with their approach.

Engagements can be approached aggressively to loot as much as possible while increasing the risk of getting killed; alternatively, users can play it safe and leave once enough loot has been acquired. The survival elements of Vigor partnered with a modified Battle Royale complement the post-apocalyptic world nicely.

PUBG: Battlegrounds

Release Date January 12, 2022 (Free-To-Play)
Genre Battle Royale
Native Xbox Series X/S Version No
Xbox Store Link PUBG: Battlegrounds

PUBG: Battlegrounds helped popularize battle royales, and the genre has been flourishing ever since. Originally released towards the end of 2017 on the Xbox One, PUBG went free-to-play in January 2022, opening the influential title to a much wider audience than ever before.

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PUBG‘s gameplay loop makes the game difficult to put down, and matches do not typically last too long while there is an ever present sense that victory could be possible. Now that it is no longer a premium title, there is no reason to not give PUBG a try.

Call Of Duty: Warzone

Release Date March 10, 2020
Genre Battle Royale
Native Xbox Series X/S Version In Development
Xbox Store Link Call Of Duty: Warzone

An Xbox gamer’s library isn’t complete without at least one Call Of Duty game. With the case of Warzone, at the cost of zero dollars, it’s one of the cheapest and greatest installments in the franchise. This literal free-for-all places 150 players, or 200 in some cases, in a battle arena where the only way to win is to be the last man standing.

Call Of Duty gives players a plethora of guns at their disposal, along with some tools to aid in the battlefield. This fast-paced battle royale rewards aggressive playstyles but also encourages tactical approaches. Given COD’s mastery of the action genre, this battle royale shows just that.

The Pinball Arcade

Release Date November 25, 2014
Genre Pinball
Native Xbox Series X/S Version No
Xbox Store Link The Pinball Arcade

This selection comes with the caveat that if someone is specifically interested in picking up neat tables based on popular licenses, then they will need to purchase them (and the PC version is superior to the Xbox One with regard to updates). The free version comes with a single table and the option to preview premium ones, so the aesthetic is not going to change all that much.

Focusing solely on the gameplay, The Pinball Arcade is pretty great and one of the better options in this niche subgenre. Ultimately, this is still traditional pinball without any significant changes or embellishments, but there is a reason this activity has remained popular for so long. Pinball is just a fun way to kill a few minutes.

Apex Legends

Release Date February 4, 2019
Genre Battle Royale
Native Xbox Series X/S Version Yes
Xbox Store Link Apex Legends

Respawn’s Apex Legends is a contender for the best battle royale title on the market, a proclamation driven by its polished gunplay, frequent updates, and squad-based gameplay. The latter introduces an element of strategy and coordination that is absent from most other releases in the genre, and it is combined with stellar first-person shooter gameplay reminiscent of Respawn’s Titanfall series.

As there are so many free-to-play battle royale games on Xbox, newcomers to the genre might not know where to start. If someone is only willing to try one game, they should pick either Apex Legends or Fortnite.


Release Date September 26, 2017
Genre Battle Royale
Native Xbox Series X/S Version Yes
Xbox Store Link Fortnite

Fortnite shot its way up the charts like a SpaceX rocket, turning it into one of Xbox’s must-haves. The game introduced construction elements to a battle royale mode that encourages players to build fortifications and strongholds. The players were quick to pick up on this, and have seamlessly integrated building platforms with combat; making one of the most complex yet rewarding combat systems ever in a game.

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Fortnite also features wacky dance emotes that have cemented themselves as the game’s main hooks. Fortnite is an iconic game that can be played solo or with a squad.

War Thunder

Release Date June 19, 2018
Genre Vehicular Combat
Native Xbox Series X/S Version No
Xbox Store Link War Thunder

If Battlefield is a bit too pricey, War Thunder is the perfect zero-cost alternative. The game features a whole WW2/Cold War battlefield to engage in, filled with open fields, urban jungle, and vast airspace. The massively multiplayer game engages 32 competing players in full-scale PvP matches with over 1700 available military vehicles to choose from.

There are also PvE and solo missions based on battles throughout history. The vast battlefield along with the gargantuan selection of vehicles leaves no limits to player strategies and tactics. Though it isn’t as popular as Warzone or Fornite, War Thunder‘s realistic gameplay is something that can be appreciated by a wider market.

Free-To-Play Episodes

Now, this section is dedicated to a different breed of free-to-play Xbox games, specifically titles that only give players a sample of the overall experience. These projects divided their content into episodes that were released across a few months rather than all at once. Consequently, publishers made the first episode free in order to entice people to pick up the rest of the season.

Typically, each chapter/release includes roughly two hours of content, which should be more than enough time for someone to determine whether they are invested enough in the story and characters to drop some cash. These freebies are definitely worth checking out before buying the whole season, and when all these episodes are taken together, they should eat up a sizable amount of time.

Path Of Exile

Release Date August 24, 2017
Genre RPG
Native Xbox Series X/S Version No
Xbox Store Link Path Of Exile

For the most part, the free-to-play scene is dominated by multiplayer projects. However, there are a couple of RPG-themed exceptions, and Path of Exile is among the best on the Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One. Grinding Gear Games crafted an old school action RPG that harbors back to the likes of Diablo 2, and there is a lot of game here despite its “free” price tag.

The campaign should keep players entertained for a few dozen hours, and that is only a drop in the bucket of the entire Path of Exile experience. Forget free games, Path of Exile is simply one of the greatest modern RPGs.

Rocket League

Release Date September 23, 2020 (Free-To-Play)
Genre Vehicular Soccer
Native Xbox Series X/S Version No
Xbox Store Link Rocket League

Rocket League‘s popularity speaks for itself. Debuting in 2015, the game blends soccer with cars, producing an experience that is simultaneously accessible but also skill-based. Rocket League was a huge hit before it went free-to-play, but the latter ensured the game would remain active for years to come.

Unlike some other free-to-play games, Rocket League is designed for short play sessions. Have 20 minutes to kill? Play a quick match in Rocket League. It will be time well spent.

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