Best Film Starring Ana De Armas, Already Rated

Ana de Armas is one of the most talented young actresses today. Born in 1988 in Cuba, Armas made his first film role at the age of 16. She moved to Los Angeles in 2014 and continued to build her acting career. She rose to prominence in the second half of the 2010s and as her fame grew, she appeared in several critically acclaimed films alongside big-name actors.

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Besides the roles she has played, there is one standout role she could score as Armas auditioning for the role of Catwoman in the new movie. Batman. However, even without playing Catwoman, Ana de Armas still has many interesting lead roles under her time.

6 Corazon (2018): 6.6

Corazon 2018

One of Ana de Armas’ lesser known films also offers her one of the most challenging roles. In Corazon, Armas plays a young prostitute who discovers she has a life-threatening condition and struggles to get a visa so she can receive the treatment she needs.

The 49-minute film is a must-see for all Armas fans who want to see their favorite actress in a more intimate and rustic story. Armas shines in the role and it’s easy to cheer her up considering all the challenges her character Elena has to face.


5 War Dogs (2016): 7.1

2016 Ana de Armas . War Dogs

Before becoming a household name, Ana de Armas had a supporting role in this crime comedy. Inspired by real events, the film focuses on two young men (played by Jonah Hill and Miles Teller) who start working for the US government and receive an unexpected job that can prove fatal. proved too much for them.

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The movie is fun to watch and all the actors perform well, including Ana de Armas, who plays Iz, Miles Teller’s on-screen girlfriend who isn’t very happy about her boyfriend’s new job. and everything he’s doing.

4 Anima (2011): 7.1

Anima 2011

If her fans want to see an Ana de Armas movie that is almost forgotten and doesn’t have much time to spare, then Anima is a perfect choice. The film is only 11 minutes long and gives Armas one of her oldest lead roles. The film only has two actors and Armas plays the lead role, making her impossible to miss.

At just 23 years old, the actress gave a mature and memorable performance as cellist Julieta, who experiences an unusual encounter when she arrives at the piano workshop. If audiences manage to find the film, it will be a unique opportunity to see the beginnings of Ana de Armas’ acting.

3 No Time To Die (2021): 7.4


As Ana de Armas’ fame grew, she appeared in more prestigious series. And James Bond is one of the most iconic films of all time. In Daniel Craig’s Last Adventure as James Bond, agent 007 returns from retirement to help an old friend only to discover that things have gotten a little more complicated.

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Ana de Armas plays Paloma, an intelligence agent recruited by the Central Intelligence Agency, who is intelligent, beautiful, and a capable fighter who is more than capable of fighting alongside Bond. Armas’ role is a prime example of how much women’s personalities have changed since the first James Bond film.

2 Knives Out (2019): 7.9

ana de armas in knife ra

The 2019 Oscar-nominated crime comedy is a prime example of a film similar to Agatha Christie’s work but not based on her novel. In other words, it’s smart, full of complicated characters, and offers unexpected twists and dark humor. Ana de Armas is at the center of the story as Martha, who is more or less honest in a house full of liars who actually have good intentions.

Martha helps Daniel Craig’s detective solve the case of the man who murdered her employer (played by Christopher Plummer). In addition to its story, the film features an all-star cast that includes the likes of Chris Evans, Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Shannon, and Katherine Langford. It became a logical hit so it will have a sequel, but this time one with different characters.

first Blade Runner 2049 (2017): 8.0

Blade Runner 2049 Joi

The long wait Blade Runner (1982) sequels demonstrate that it is sometimes possible to step into established waters, and that sequels don’t always disappoint. This is also the highest ranking film of Ana de Armas at the moment. Armas Met Ryan Gosling In The Movie And They Will Re-team In The Netflix Thriller In 2022 Gray Man, with another former Armas co-star, Chris Evans.

Ana de Armas ‘Joi and Gosling’s K has a romantic relationship in the movie but in a world where nothing can be real love is even more complicated. The movie not only keeps the audience hooked and keeps guessing what will happen next, but it also has an excellent cast. In addition to Ana de Armas and Ryan Gosling, it also marks the return of Harrison Ford in one of his most iconic roles.

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