Best Female Nemuidere Characters in JRPGs

While not as popular as the other character types like the yandere or the tsundere, the Nemuidere archetype is still quite endearing to fans. The Nemuidere archetype, usually found in anime, is also present in the large repertoire of JRPGs. The term itself derives from “nemui” (Japanese for sleepy) and “deredere” (which means love dove).

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A character who is a Nemuidere can be easily identified by their habit of sleeping for long periods of time, for whatever reason. Whatever role they play in the game, these perpetually sleepy ladies remain some of the best characters in their respective games, largely defined by their love of sleep.


7 Caitlin (Pokémon Black & White)

Arguably the most powerful member of the Unova Elite Four, Caitlin’s strength is easily concealed behind her elegant appearance and sleepy manners. Apparently looking for more experienced opponents, she even advises the player not to give her a “soporific fight” when she challenges her for the first time.

in the Pokemon black and white, Caitlin’s chamber in the Pokémon League appears to have a fancy bed with gold curtains, leaving little to the imagination of how she spends her time outside of combat. Initially upset at being woken up, Caitlin eventually acknowledges the player’s strength after being defeated.

6 Karina (Rune Factory 3)

Although Karina is one of the smarter characters in Rune Factory 3, she is also one of the laziest. Instead of doing her share of the chores around her family’s shop, Karina takes naps instead, a habit that often leads to heated arguments with her mother.

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Even when it comes to other menial tasks, Karina will make every effort to avoid them as she doesn’t want to try any harder than she would like. However, as Karina grows closer to Micah, she finds in him someone worth being active for and motivation to try new things in life.

5 Futaba Sakura (Persona 5)

The Phantom Thieves’ navigator, Futaba, is notorious for being a recluse who isolated herself in her room after the death of her mother. Because of this isolation, Futaba’s physical stature is very weak, to the point that she will sleep for days if left unchecked. Even her stepfather, Sojiro, admits that her sleeping patterns are the norm despite his attempts to get Futaba out of her room.

However, after Futaba bonds with the player, he slowly begins to open up to other people. She begins to show a more playful side by messing with her fellow Phantom Thieves, though her unfamiliarity with unfamiliar social environments still lingers.

4 Tiki (Fire Emblem Series)

Present since the first game in the fire sign In the series, the innocent and childlike Tiki is best known for being Naga’s daughter and for sleeping for thousands of years. Though Tiki hates sleeping, she instead childishly clings to Marth and Bantu to keep their potentially continent-shattering power at bay.

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While Tiki may have been more innocent in the first game, Fire Emblem: Awakening sees her as more composed and with a more realistic view of the world after two millennia have passed. She longs to see her friends from the past again, even sees bits of “Mar-Mar” in Lucina, but decides to keep building new relationships to ease her loneliness.

3 Sayu (Genshin Impact)

Sayu, a Shuumatsun resident ninja, has arguably the best reason to sleep in of all the Nemuidere characters in gaming. Obsessed with her height, she believes that if she sleeps enough, she will grow taller.

Sayu’s goals may be pure, but she doesn’t shy away from sleeping to avoid her responsibilities as a ninja. As a result, her laziness has become quite notorious among Shuumatsun. Despite this, the other villagers still have a great deal of respect for Sayu’s abilities, suggesting that she may just be serving a real purpose.

2 Seimei (Senran Kagura: New Wave)

While the other girls at Hanzo Academy are more upbeat and energetic, Seimei can usually be found sleeping wherever she sees fit. Curiously, her dreams serve as visions, presenting her with a frighteningly accurate prediction of future events.

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Though Seimei is rarely seen wide awake, she is ready to fight when the situation calls for it; True to her personality, she has no problem fighting in her pajamas. Her weapon of choice is an insanely large rocket launcher, a flashy weapon that is a stark contrast to her perpetually sleepy personality.

1 Meru Myoujou (1bitHeart)

Meru Myoujou is one of the last few characters Nanashi can befriend. As a clerk at an aftermarket store, Meru’s demeanor borders on narcolepsy; She frequently falls asleep during her shifts and has trouble holding a conversation due to falling asleep and falling asleep.

Meru’s conversations with Nanashi revolve around the latter trying to rearrange her sleep schedule, even taking her to a psychiatrist for help. Her favorite gifts are anything that stimulates the senses, namely the rainbow afro, the teeny bikini and the palm tree mix, the former two of which correspond to the nature of her daily work.

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