Best fall settings in games

Games that use different seasons to tell a compelling story or deliver engaging gameplay should definitely be commended for doing so. Winter, summer and spring are easily three of the most popular seasons to play a game in, which is a shame given that the vastly underrated backdrop of fall tends to take a backseat. It’s quite odd, as ideally the beauty of falling leaves and shades of orange should be fairly obvious.

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That being said, it’s not as if fall has been completely ignored in video games. Certain titles use aspects of this environment to great effect, creating a rich backdrop for their games. Here are some of the best games where the fall season was well represented.


10 fire clock

fire clock is an addicting running simulator with a pretty gripping story of its own. The idea of ​​playing as a parking attendant shouldn’t be anything but exciting, but it’s the amazing narrative of fire clock that puts it in a class by itself.

It helps that the game also uses the fall season very effectively. It makes for a somber setting as players slowly uncover what’s going on in the title.

9 night in the forest

This charming adventure game should be played by every fan who loves down-to-earth stories with unforgettable characters. The player controls an anthropomorphic cat named Mae who returns to her hometown only to find out how much she has changed.

It’s a delightful story that can get very emotional and impactful at times, while the autumn setting also lends itself to some picturesque locations. Gamers looking to see examples of great writing in video games should look no further than night in the forest.

8th The Sims 4

The Sims is a series that Seasons has packaged with their games as content packs, and this applies to The Sims 4 also. The game covers all seasons of a calendar year, including autumn.

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Watching the leaves fall and a brownish orange hue take over for a while makes for a fresh change indeed. Since snowfall means players need to wear warm clothing, players should enjoy their Sim’s original appearance during this time of year until the onset of winter.

7 Stardew Valley

Speaking of adorable games, it would be impossible not to mention it Stardew Valley. This game took the world by storm when it was released and remains one of the most popular farming simulation games out there.

It helps that the characters of Stardew Valley are also a pleasure to interact with. The fall season is arguably one of the game’s strengths, as it allows players to farm and sell some of the most valuable crops in the game.

6 Animal Crossing: New Horizons

That animal crossing series features some of the funniest social simulation titles ever made New Horizons the latest and greatest entry in the series. Customizing an island to the players’ liking makes for a great time and also lets the players show their creativity.

animal crossing uses a real-time clock to simulate the game’s seasons. In the fall, the game is actually going to be quite beautiful, allowing players to enjoy a fresh set of graphics that will eventually lead players to sink more hours into this title.

5 life is strange

life is strange is one of the best adventure games that everyone can try thanks to a wide variety of amazing characters. It helps that the rewind mechanic present in this title also alleviates a lot of frustration that players might experience in general in a genre where every single choice counts.

It helps that the game takes place in the fall, which makes it look prettier than it should. It’s easy to see why this game has spawned its own franchise despite being the first life is strange Title still has a charm that’s pretty hard to replicate.

4 Alan Wake

Alan Wake is an excellent action-adventure title from Remedy Entertainment, the mastermind behind the Max Payne Series. The addicting gameplay of this title is further enhanced by a beautiful cinematic story that is a joy to discover.

Remedy Entertainment have always been masters at what they do and Alan Wake is no exception. Players will definitely get hooked as they control this author and uncover the pieces of the puzzle that put him in such a predicament in the first place.

3 bullying

The fact that so many fans are still screaming for bullying Remake shows how many people love this title. Controlling Jimmy Hopkins at Bullworth Academy and seeing the shenanigans he can pull off is really fun.

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It helps that the story of bullying is awesome and the world is slowly expanding as players discover more of it. Rockstar should be commended for using a school setting to create such an immersive video game, even though it may have faced some controversy when it launched.

2 The last of us

The last of us is by far one of the most beautiful games on this list. Many seasons pass as Joel and Ellie traverse the United States to help cure the plague that has swept the world.

The last of us‘ Taking the fall is pretty awesome, even if it might not be as long as the time you spend in the summer. However, this part of the game has many highlights of its own that will shock players.

1 Marvel’s Spider-Man

Swinging through the streets of New York as an iconic web crawler is enough for most people to be convinced to check it out Marvel’s Spider-Man. However, the fact that this game takes place in the fall makes the title even more appealing.

Places like Central Park look almost otherworldly this season, showing just how beautiful they are Marvel’s Spider-Man really is. Fans can only wait and hope that the second game lives up to the high standards of its predecessor.

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