Best Corsair Mouse for Gaming

Established in 1994 with the mission of making RAM for PC, Corsair Gaming has since branched out into every part of PC life: electricity supply source, CPU cooler, computer case, gaming mouse and keyboards arrive headphone and even gaming chair.

In the last few years, Corsair has acquired companies like Elgato, SCUF Gaming and Origin PC Corp to expand their lineup. Elgato make streaming products famous Live stream deck, while SCUF manufacture custom controllers for PCs and consoles like PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Origin is a company that builds custom PCs that sell desktop, laptop, and accessory like keyboards and screen based on Corsair components.

There is a mouse in the Corsair lineup that will suit any player. Competitive players can choose high DPI and polling models such as Saber RGB Pro Wireless and hardcore MOBA players can enjoy the extra functionality of Scimitar Pro. Budget conscious buyers can check out more affordable options like Harpoonand left-handed users can try M55.

The best overall Corsair mouse for gaming

Image: Corsair

Corsair’s Saber RGB Pro Wireless geared towards competitive gamers and packed with modern features like wireless connectivity, high polling and sensitivity, as well as the must-have ultralight design.

For a high-end mouse, the Saber RGB Pro Wireless has a refined design and looks more like home in an office environment. It measures 5.1 x 2.76 x 1.7 inches (129 x 70 x 43 mm) and weighs just 79 grams. The all-black interface with gray faces and discrete RGB lighting on the logo is unremarkable, but the whole point of this mouse is that it’s streamlined and works well. As a right-handed mouse, it only has side buttons on the left side to complement left and right mouse clicks and the scroll wheel.

Performance is more important than looks, and that’s where the Saber RGB Pro Wireless shines. It uses a PixArt PAW3393 sensor up to 26,000 DPI, and for a wireless mouse it’s unbelievable that it can hit a polling rate of 2,000Hz. The buttons all use durable Omron switches with an expected lifespan of around 50 million presses.

Always great to watch Multiple connection options on a mouse. Saber RGB Pro Wireless works on 2.4Ghz or Bluetooth wireless frequency. Battery life is a key feature of any wireless mouse, and buyers can expect 90 hours of Bluetooth use and around 60 hours on wireless if the (unnecessary) lights are off.

While the Saber RGB Pro Wireless ticks all the boxes for a gaming mouse, it does have some limitations. It doesn’t come cheap, and some buyers might be left out by the lack of a physical CPI knob. Its 2,000Hz polling rate will only be appreciated by users with fastest screen and won’t make a difference to many buyers.

The best customizable Corsair mouse for gaming

Image: Corsair

There is no mistake Corsair Glaive Pro for anything but a gaming mouse with bright lights and chunky buttons. Its claim to fame is its three interchangeable grips for the left side. The handle changes the shape of the mouse so that buyers can tweak it for their preferred shape. Not like the frills M65 RGB Elite Needing a screwdriver to convert different weights, the Glaive Pro has a magnetic handle that makes it easy to clip in and out.

Buyers will either love or hate the look of the Glaive Pro. Some people will like the 115-gram plastic and aluminum mass and like to customize the three lighting zones, including one that indicates the DPI setting. Other buyers will find it too much and may be better off with more discrete options like the Saber RGB Pro Wireless.

This mouse has good performance no matter what you think about its looks. It uses a PixArt PMW3391 sensor capable of 18,000 DPI and has a projected polling rate of up to 1,000Hz. Like the Saber RGB Pro Wireless, it features an Omron switch with a lifespan of 50 million clicks.

The Glaive Pro has some of the best customization options in the Corsair range, with three interchangeable grips and three RGB lighting zones. It might be the best option if you want a personalized mouse, but it’s not suitable for office workers or buyers who want something discrete.

Best Corsair MOBA/MMO Mouse for Gaming

Image: Corsair

Massively multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games like League of Legends and DOTA 2 requires input and quick response from players. Rats like Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB There are additional programmable buttons that can be linked to in-game abilities. It’s often easier to access capabilities with the press of a button instead of searching for shortcuts, especially when every second counts.

The Scimitar Pro RGB has 17 programmable buttons, including 12 in a quad-by-three grid on the left side. Each alternate column has a texture to prevent you from pressing the wrong button during battle. The entire mesh can also slide forward or backward for the most comfortable position possible. This mouse can also work for competitive shooters like Apex Legends or VALUABLE, and the side buttons can be mapped to abilities or healing abilities.

On the inside, the Scimitar Pro RGB has a PixArt PMW3367 sensor capable of 16,000 DPI. It’s lower than other mice listed so far, but most players don’t use high settings. Changing sensitivity, programming the buttons, and configuring the RGB lighting are all done through Corsair’s iCUE application.

Although the Scimitar Pro RGB offers more functionality, it is quite bulky at 4.7 x 3.0 x 1.9 inches (119 x 76.2 x 48 mm) and weighs 147 grams. It’s ideal for players who need extra functionality for certain games but might be overkill for casual players.

The best ambidextrous Corsair mouse for gaming

Image: Corsair

All the mice listed so far are for right-handed players. The Corsair M55 Keeping up with the trend with a symmetrical design and buttons on the sides to appeal to left-handed players. Aside from the extra buttons, the M55 has a fairly standard design with a matte black finish and the usual RGB logo.

Despite its casual appearance, the M55 can fit most hands at 4.9 x 2.3 x 1.6 inches (124.4 x 57.3 x 40 mm). Light mouse fans also appreciate its 86-gram weight, which is slightly heavier than the Saber RGB Pro Wireless.

The 12,400 DPI PixArt PMW3327 sensor can’t match the other mice mentioned so far, but it’s still more than enough for most games. The point where the M55 matches its rivals is that it includes durable Omron switches.

Corsair’s M55 is aimed at right- and left-handed buyers and has a reasonable price tag. Its main downside is a set of side buttons that are always hard to reach depending on which hand you’re using, making them superfluous.

Best budget Corsair mouse for gaming

Image: Corsair

The Corsair Harpoon Pro has been around for a while and is geared towards budget conscious buyers. For a low-end mouse, it has a comfortable shape with soft contours and textures on both sides. It also feels sturdy without the flimsiness commonly found on lower-end mice.

As expected, Harpoon Pro has a minimalist design with two side buttons, scroll wheel, left and right click. There is also a DPI adjustment button behind the roller, which is not available on the high-end Saber RGB Pro Wireless. At 4.53 x 2.69 x 1.59 inches (115 x 68 x 40 mm), it should fit most hands, and its 85-gram weight isn’t bad either.

Originally supplied with 6,000 DPI PixArt PMW3320, Harpoon Pro has been upgraded to 12,000 DPI PMW3327. It’s the same sensor from the more expensive M55 and offers acceptable gaming performance for most users.

For an inexpensive mouse, the Harpoon Pro is comfortable and has acceptable performance. Its build quality can also match some of its more expensive rivals. Some players won’t like its basic design, but it’s hard to complain, considering the low price tag.

Other Corsair mice to consider

Corsair Katar Pro XTKatar Pro XT is Corsair’s entry into the ultralight segment weighing 73 grams. It has a symmetrical design with buttons only on the left side and an 18,000 DPI sensor.

Corsair Saber RGB ProAs the name suggests, the Corsair Saber RGB Pro is the wired version of the Saber RGB Pro Wireless. It has the highest polling rate of any Corsair mouse at 8,000Hz and it’s also super light at 74 grams.

Corsair Nightsword RGB – This mouse has separate weights, so buyers can adjust it between 119 and 141 grams. There is also a “sniper button” on the left side to reduce DPI when aiming in first person shooters like Overwatch or Call of Duty. Best Corsair Mouse for Gaming


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