Best Bachelors in Story Of Seasons: Pioneers Of Olive Town

History of the Seasons: Pioneers of the Olive City is more than a story that allows players to farm to their heart’s content. As with any good farming simulator that follows the story of harvest moonthere are many agreeable suitors who willingly await marriage.

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With five original Bachelor options and three more added through DLCs, there are a total of eight Bachelors for the player to meet and hopefully settle down with them one day. Unlike older titles History of the Seasons allows both sexes to enter into a relationship with these men and therefore it is only up to you to decide who is the best match.

8th Iori The Runaway King

Iori is a gentle soul with much hiddenness who comes from a distant land with his henchman Dosetsu; It will take time for the player to unfold this mysterious man. He may not appeal to many players due to his former life of luxury, which led him to leave many of his day-to-day chores to Dosetsu, but that doesn’t stop Iori from being a friendly person.

During his heart events, players will begin to understand this caring nature as it pushes the player to distance themselves from him for their safety. It is later revealed that he is being pursued by a ninja, although the player is eventually able to persuade Iori to let her in so they can protect each other.

7 The mysterious biker Damon

Much like Iori’s coldness, Damon almost completely ignores the player at first, eventually opening up to them through encouragement from his best friend Lars. Damon’s outward demeanor suggests that many things don’t mean much to him, but it’s actually quite the opposite because, much like his family who own the pet shop, he has a deep love of and caring for animals.

Also, Damon really loves to ride a motorbike, which the player will eventually participate in, despite being invited by Lars and not Damon. A big problem with their romance is the lack of effort Damon seems to put into it as Lars has to convince his friend to put more effort into the player.

6 Ralph the righteous ranger

A simple man to please, Ralph is delighted to have his partner feed him bread and soup while he goes on his patrols to protect the wilderness. Unlike many other romance options in Pioneers of the Olive Cityit’s hard to see any connection between the player and Ralph, although that doesn’t stop him from being a lovable character.

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He takes his job very seriously and many of his events revolve around being the best ranger he can be to rekindle his love of football which he unfortunately had to give up due to injury. Spending time with Ralph while he’s at work is a way for players to win him over.

5 Travel chef Raeger

Added to Pioneers of the Olive City during the Terracotta Oasis DLC Pack released in June 2021, players who played the original History of the Seasons on the 3DS, Raeger will be remembered as one of the bachelors in it. He hasn’t changed much since then, for better or for worse.

Raeger has decided to travel to discover new cuisines while his restaurant is temporarily closed. This is when he will finally hit the player. During his Heart Events, the player encourages Raeger to take a break from cooking, something he’s struggling with, while also uncovering what happened to his restaurant that caused it to close.

4 Ludus The master craftsman

Date back to trio of citiesthis well-known character by fans of the franchise, Ludus was finally able to meet again during the Isle of Dawn expansion pack. Ludus hopes to experience more cultures by exploring with his apprentice Tigre, so he meets the player again.

Ludus loves to fix things and he has many skills that make him a great handyman. In many of his heart events throughout the DLC, the player meets Ludus while on the road getting the Twilight Isle in tip-top shape. Helping Ludus discover Olive Town’s culture through a tour and cuisine is a sure-fire way for players to win his heart.

3 A kind of salesman Jack

Placing Jack that high seems quite controversial with many players arguing about his appeal. He helps his family run the town’s general store, although his skills as a salesman leave a lot to be desired, and he admits it himself. As the town grows, Jack eventually gets his own little booth displaying his woodcarvings, but even then he’s not very good at selling them.

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Aside from his lack of people skills and many players’ desire for him to mature a bit, Jack is a pretty sweet person with heart events that can be either funny or warming. It may not be everyone’s dream novel, but Jack is definitely trying, even if it doesn’t look like it.

2 Animal lover Neil

Another added DLC character, Neil, has been added to the game from the 3DS title A new beginning during the Windswept Falls expansion. This gave players another brooding bachelor with a soft spot for fluffy sheep or feathered chickens to fall in love with during their playthrough.

Neil may seem like a tough egg to crack, as he’s known for being very stubborn or cold towards strangers, but as seen during his heart events, that facade vanishes to reveal a good-natured man who absolutely loves chickens . Neil is by far one of the best added bachelors from the DLCs, with a lot for players to learn and love about him.

1 Emilio The romantic fisherman

Gamers looking for a man who values ​​his family, has a cheerful personality and has musical ability need look no further than Emilio. He has a lot of love for life, especially the sea, and still enough space to love the player too. It’s hard to find any faults with him.

Many of his heart events are incredibly heartwarming to watch, as he is a kind and sharing person from the start, allowing the player to have every last piece of cheesecake available. This leads to the player becoming almost a part of Emilio’s family and spending an afternoon at the beach while playing the guitar.

History of the Seasons: Pioneers of the Olive City is now available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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