Best Artifacts in Marvel Future Fight

Undoubtedly, the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) has taken over the movie industry with its constant release of new movies and series that hardcore fans can’t get enough of. And as the MCU introduces new characters like Namor, the cinematic universe continues to expand to new lengths. But while longtime fans have enjoyed how Marvel has adapted their favorite heroes to the big screen, the video game adaptations haven’t always hit the mark.

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games like Guardians of the Galaxy or Marvel’s Avengers were confronted with harsh criticism, which ultimately led to their failure. Some Marvel games have lived up to fans’ ambitions, and Marvel Future Fight is one such game where players can play as their favorite heroes and villains. But there is still more to do Marvel Future Fight than choosing a hero, as players must also choose the right artifact if they want to win the fight against evil.


7 Wolverine – The Immortal Warrior

Be able:

Players who want to successfully complete a level need to make sure their team stays alive, and while that’s easy in the early stages of the game, the enemies are much stronger in the later stages. An effective artifact to have regardless of game mode is Wolverine’s artifact as it can save a hero from death.

And that’s because once a hero has less than 5% HP, the Artifact’s ability activates and restores 50% of their max HP. And when Wolverine is part of the team, he regains an additional percentage of HP for each Total Instinct Buff he has activated. Additionally, using Wolverine’s Artifact grants the user Guard Break Immunity.

6 Gilgamesh – Roar of Bravery

Be able:

Although Gilgamesh is not often considered one of the most powerful heroes due to his lack of certain abilities that make him Superman-like, he is still one of the strongest Eternals in the MCU. Gilgamesh a Marvel Future Fight is a decent hero, especially when a player needs a strong character. And that’s because his Leadership ability (Ruthless Power) increases Base Defense by +50%.

But his Artifact is his true strength as it restores HP by 80%. In addition, Roar of Valor also increases Max HP by 75% (additional 0.1% for each Total Instinct buff). This artifact has a 27 second cooldown, allowing players to constantly heal their team.

5 Hela – blessing of death

Be able:

Hela is a powerful Support-type villain Marvel Future Fight since most of their abilities improve attack and dodge rating by a certain percentage (depending on villain level). But players will need to add a tank to their team as Hela is pretty squishy compared to other Support type rogues.

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Despite a long cooldown (180 seconds), Hela’s Artifact can save an entire team in no time. This is because the Blessing of Death artifact activates whenever a party member’s HP drops below 5%, increasing their HP regeneration rate by 50%. Players can increase their party’s HP recovery rate the more overall instincts the party has prior to activation.

4 Sersi – vision of the ancients

Be able:

  • Eternal Resurrection Lv.4

Unfortunately, Sersi is not a true Blast-type character due to her poor toolkit and the fact that most of her Sersi abilities are limited to the other Eternals. But players who have access to all of the Eternals (Gilgamesh, Ikaris, Thena) will be able to get through most phases as they work together better than other factions.

The good news is that their artifact (Vision of the Ancients) is among the best Marvel Future Fight since it can revive a party member with 50% of max HP every 300 seconds. As players can expect, this ability can come in handy when facing boss-like enemies.

3 Heimdall – Vision of the Realms

Be able:

Undoubtedly, Heimdall is one of the best tank characters in Marvel Future Fight as it reduces damage taken by 25% and increases dodge rate by 35%. And players who equip the Asgard Invasion uniform will allow Heimdal to remove a debuff every 12 seconds. But interestingly, Heimdal’s Artifact doesn’t boost a player team’s defenses, instead increasing their overall damage.

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It increases the base damage (20%) dealt to each character in the Super Villain faction. Of course, most players refrain from using artifacts that are limited to a specific faction, but the super villain faction is among the most common Marvel Strike Forcewhich makes it extremely useful.

2 Emma Frost – Diamond Queen

Be able:

Barriers and Shields is one of the OP buffs with the most Marvel Future Fight since they can render most attacks useless. Experienced players tend to counter these buffs by using speed-type characters, since they can essentially defeat an enemy character before they can move.

But of course most players don’t like using Speed ​​type characters as they are usually squishier than most. Luckily, players can use Emma Frost’s Artifact to reduce damage taken (35%) while reflecting it back onto the attacker. In addition, this artifact also increases Max Attack by 0.5% per Total Instinct stack.

1 Scarlet Witch – Love and Chaos

Be able:

Scarlet Witch is an essential Universal character in Marvel Future Fight as she can heal herself and penetrate Super Armor, Barrier, Shield and Invincible buffs. She can also boost her energy attacks, making her a well-rounded character, much like Doctor Strange or Adam Warlock.

But her Artifact makes her shine as it increases damage against Super Heroes and Super Villains by 20%. And to top it off, players can further increase this damage bonus for each stack of Total Instinct, up to 200%. So the Love and Chaos Artifact is without a doubt the best Artifact to use in Marvel Future Fight.

Marvel Future Fight is now available for download for Android and iOS.

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