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HIDIVE might not quite have the same presence as Crunchyroll, Funimation, or Netflix, but the streaming service should be on the radar for anime fans. The site has plenty of old and new shows, some of which cannot be found on any other platform. Looking for a shonen series? HIDIVE has them by the dozens. Want a comedy? Jump onto HIDIVE and enjoy a good laugh. Feel like sitting through an anime movie? HIDIVE’s library is better than most in this area.

For those tempted to subscribe to the service but are unsure of what awaits them, let’s take a look at the best anime on HIDIVE.


Anime that are predominantly comedies will not be included as they are covered in a separate article. Also, the Japanese titles of each anime include links to their HIDIVE pages.

Best Summer 2022 Anime On HIDIVE

Although the streaming service has been around for a while, Summer 2022 feels like HIDIVE’s coming out party as a proper alternative to Crunchyroll and Funimation. The platform has an impressive selection of exclusives, including some of the season’s biggest anime. If there was ever an ideal time to pick up a HIDIVE subscription, Summer 2022 has to be it, at least if someone is interested in following certain simulcast shows.

Here are just a few of the Summer 2022 anime airing on HIDIVE.

Made In Abyss: The Golden City Of The Scorching Sun

The Summer 2022 season is not lacking sequels, with The Devil is a Part-Timer!, Overlord, Rent-a-Girlfriend, and Classroom of the Elite all airing highly anticipated follow-ups. While those shows are not on HIDIVE, the service has a couple of anime that compare favorably with those heavyweights. Made in Abyss: The Golden City of the Scorching Sun is an early contender for the best anime of not only Summer 2022 but the entire year, and the season has lived up to the hype.

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The entire anime franchise is available on HIDIVE, including 2020’s Made in Abyss: Dawn of the Deep Souls movie, which is a must-watch for anyone looking to start season 2. Dark, harrowing, and fantastical, Kinema Citrus’ series has stellar animation, endearing (or terrifying) characters, and a wonderful sense of mystery.

Vermeil In Gold

While not overflowing with all-time greats, Summer 2022 is jam-packed with above-average new shows that reliably provide 20 minutes of weekly entertainment. Vermeil in Gold is the quintessential example of this type of anime. Once Fall rolls around, this series will likely fade from memory, but it works well as a light Summer fling.

In order to preserve his magical school enrollment, Alto needs to summon a familiar, and he turns to a peculiar book to fulfill this requirement. Long story short, Alto frees and summons Vermeil, a demon who gathers her power by siphoning her master’s magic. Vermeil in Gold stacks its opening episodes with fanservice, to the point that these scenes almost come across like a litmus test to eliminate viewers who might be a bad match for the show. In due time, the anime begins to focus more on action and its magic systems, the latter of which has some neat ideas.

Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? 4

With a title that screams “light novel adaptation,” Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? took a while to prove itself a worthy addition to the anime landscape. By season 2, DanMachi had washed away most doubts through intelligent writing, a likable protagonist who grows constantly, and a fascinating power system built on pledging allegiances to deities. DanMachi season 4 looks set to cover the light novel’s Labyrinth Arc, one of the source material’s better storylines.

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The anime has steadily adopted a darker tone, and that is set to continue in the upcoming season. The Hestia Familia is in for heartbreak, sacrifice, and a lot of nail-biting action. Compared to season 2 and 3, the currently airing arc is a throwback to DanMachi‘s original dungeon crawling selling point, an activity Bell and company had not prioritized for quite a while.

Call Of The Night

Japanese Title Yofukashi no Uta
Genre Supernatural, Romance
Number of Episodes on HIDIVE 6+

Based on Kotoyama’s Shonen Sunday manga, Call of the Night follows Kou Yamori, a bored student who spends his nights exploring his city as a way to deal with his insomnia. During one particular stroll, Kou meets the enigmatic Nazuna Nanakusa, and the girl quickly reveals herself to be a vampire. Enamored by the freedom her life offers, Kou asks to be turned into a vampire, a process that requires a human to fall in love with his sire.

Call of the Night creates a dream-like atmosphere through its vibrant depictions of a moonlit city. Some of the show’s strongest moments simply involve Kou wandering around empty streets, almost as if he has been teleported to a whole new world.

Best Anime On HIDIVE (Non-Airing)

What HIDIVE lacks in simulcasts, the streaming service more than makes up for in classic and completed anime. Here are the best anime series on HIDIVE:

Lupin The 3rd

Japanese Title Lupin III
Genre Action
Studio Tokyo Movie Shinsha, Telecom Animation Film, TMS Entertainment
Number of Episodes on HIDIVE 85

An all-time classic, Lupin the 3rd has been a staple of the anime scene since the early ’70s. Over the decades, Arsene Lupin III and his ragtag crew have pulled off all sorts of legendary heists, driving Zenigata up the wall in the process. HIDIVE does not have all the franchise’s seasons, but the content it does have is pretty good:

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  • Lupin the 3rd – Part 1 (1971): The one that started it all, this is the original 1971 series. Naturally, these episodes are dated in quite a few ways, beyond just the animation, but the stories and characters remain as enjoyable as ever. Approach these for what they are – lighthearted heists – and a good time should be had.
  • Lupin the 3rd: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine (2012): A side story that pushes Fujiko to the forefront, this season is not quite as comedic as the main shows, opting for a darker overall tone. While it lacks some of the charm of classic Lupin, The Woman Called Fujiko Mine is nevertheless a worthy addition to the franchise.
  • Lupin the 3rd – Part 4 (2015): Beautiful animation, solid episodic storylines, and a memorable overarching plot, this season represents everything great about this legendary anime property.
  • Lupin the 3rd – Part 5 (2018): Arguably the franchise’s best season, Part 5 is a thrill ride from beginning to end. Be it the action, comedy, or main arch, everything in this season hits the mark. If someone is only willing to try one entry in the series, Lupin the 3rd – Part 5 should be it.
  • Lupin the 3rd – Part 6 (2021): A bit of let down after the stellar previous seasons, Part 6 has a pretty good first half revolving around Sherlock Holmes, along with a middling second cour that does not quite come together as satisfyingly as it could. Nonetheless, this is still a decent watch.

Parasyte: The Maxim

A mix of sci-fi and horror, Parasyte: The Maxim is about identity, a common theme in both genres. Shinichi Izumi is quite an unassuming teenager, but his life changes when his hand becomes infected by an alien parasite. As the intruder fails to take over the human’s brain, the two are left with no choice but to co-exist, a relationship that gradually morphs both parties.

Parasyte: The Maxim blends gory scenes with sharp writing and complex characterization to craft a story that gets under the viewer’s skin. While not necessarily scary, the anime is unsettling and discomforting.

Beautiful Bones -Sakurako’s Investigation-

HIDIVE might not have a library as vast as Crunchyroll or Funimation, but the platform has more than a couple of anime that are not (legally) available on any other service. These shows endorse HIDIVE’s existence, making it a fantastic addition to the ever-expanding world of anime streaming. Beautiful Bones -Sakurako’s Investigation- is one such series, and it is worth a one-month subscription on its own.

A procedural revolving around Sakurako Kujō, an osteologist obsessed with bones, and the assistant who helps ground her, this anime primarily follows an episodic structure. Each story finds the duo piecing together the story behind a set of human bones, all the while further exploring the protagonists’ psyches.

No Game, No Life

Japanese Title No Game, No Life
Genre Isekai
Studio Madhouse
Number of Episodes on HIDIVE 12

Like any service specializing in Japanese animation, HIDIVE has plenty of great isekai anime. Since releasing its only cour in 2014 and a prequel in 2017, No Game, No Life‘s reputation has steadily declined as it became apparent that a continuation might not materialize. Consequently, the anime is not complete or fully satisfying.

That said, No Game, No Life‘s strengths hold up well even after more than half a decade following the anime’s debut. Madhouse’s animation is top-notch, Sora and Shiro make for a charismatic pair of protagonists, and the high-stakes games they engage in are entertaining. The movie prequel, No Game, No Life Zero, is also available on HIDIVE.

The Big O

Japanese Title The Big O
Genre Action, Mecha
Studio Sunrise
Number of Episodes on HIDIVE 13

The Big O is an extremely cool late-’90s, early 2000s anime that basically combines Batman and giant robots. It is a glorious and bombastic neo-noir action anime that has a western-style to it. The anime is not readily available on most platforms, so mecha fans yearning to watch this cult classic’s first season need to check out HIDIVE.

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Unfortunately, The Big O season 2 is not available on HIDIVE or any other legal streaming service. While that is a shame since the anime does not miss a beat throughout its final 13 episodes, season 1 is still worth streaming on its own.

Flip Flappers

Japanese Title Flip Flappers
Genre Fantasy, Magical Girl
Studio Studio 3Hz
Number of Episodes on HIDIVE 13

An anime original, Flip Flappers is difficult to pin down. Centering around two girls named Cocona and Papika, the series follows these characters as they go on mini-adventures to colorful, unpredictable realms known as Pure Illusion. Although the protagonists do have something resembling goals, Flip Flappers does not pay much attention to structure or logic, opting to be driven by emotion and imagination instead.

Ultimately, this is a coming-of-age story about two teenagers who are discovering themselves. Flip Flappers is ambitious, creative, and beautifully animated; it might not hit the mark for everyone, but those who get sucked into its worlds might find themselves wishing they would never leave.

Akame Ga Kill!

Japanese Title Akame Ga Kill!
Genre Action
Studio White Fox
Number of Episodes on HIDIVE 24

An adaptation of Takahiro’s manga with the same name, Akame ga Kill! is all about revolution and taking down a corrupt government led by a sinister Prime Minister. Naturally, such a process involves a lot of sacrifices, blood, and cool weapons.

Akame ga Kill! revolves around the Night Raid, the Revolutionary Army’s assassination team that targets high-profile officials to undermine the power of the state. The anime has splendid action, likable characters, and a significant body count. Even though the anime is not considered a spot-on adaptation of the manga, when viewed on its own, the show is a blast.

Run With The Wind

HIDIVE does not have an expansive selection of sports anime; in fact, this genre is one of the most lacking in the streaming platform’s library. That said, the service does have a couple of noteworthy shows, with Run with the Wind being especially great. On the surface, running might not sound like an especially interesting activity to base a series on, but like with most sports shows, the central activity is merely used as a backdrop for character development.

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And, it so happens that Run with the Wind has an absolutely fantastic roster of characters. For a sport that seems rather isolating at a glance, this anime really pushes teamwork and togetherness as core ideologies for success. Funny and heartfelt, Run with the Wind is one of the best anime on HIDIVE.

Ya Boy Kongming!

Japanese Title Paripi Koumei
Genre Idol
Studio P.A. Works
Number of Episodes on HIDIVE 12

If this anime proves anything, it is that there is no such thing as “too silly” of an idea. Named after a Chinese military strategist who lived during the Three Kingdoms era, Ya Boy Kongming! reincarnates the historical figure in modern Tokyo. So far, so isekai; however, things get stranger when the show throws Zhuge Kongming into the idol industry and he becomes the manager of a struggling performer.

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Ya Boy Kongming! is more than just a gimmick. The anime treats its characters with respect, fleshing out their fears, dreams, and blind spots. Zhuge is not the story’s only great character either as Eiko Tsukimi, the hopeful idol, is just as important to its success. Idol anime can be hard sells, but this show is a fantastic entry point into the genre.

Beyond The Boundary

Japanese Title Kyoukai No Kanata
Genre Action
Studio Kyoto Animation
Number of Episodes on HIDIVE 12

On the surface, Beyond the Boundary appears to be your run-of-the-mill fantasy action anime about a girl with a unique sword who fights wayward spirits. Technically, the anime is all of that, but Beyond the Boundary is also deeply tragic, beautifully bittersweet, and refreshingly nuanced. This is also a character-driven anime, one that does not use its action as a substitute for strong writing.

Along with the series, the Beyond the Boundary: I’ll Be Here – Future movie is also on HIDIVE. Make sure to also watch that.

High School Of The Dead

Madhouse’s High School of the Dead has a weird reputation. On the one hand, it is one of the most famous horror-themed anime; conversely, certain scenes are infamous. High School of the Dead has its fair share of ecchi, but it also embraces the absurdity of fanservice in a way that most shows would not entertain. Consequently, these moments are typically memorable, even if they might not be to everyone’s tastes.

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The rest of High School of the Dead is strong, be it Madhouse’s animation, the action sequences, or some hints of social commentary. Although the anime takes itself a bit too seriously at times, it is generally a fun, albeit short ride.


Japanese Title Chihayafuru
Genre Sports, Josei
Studio Madhouse
Number of Episodes on HIDIVE 75

Chihayafuru revolves around karuta, a Japanese card game. It is not particularly known in Western countries, however, like most of the best sports anime, a familiarity or interest in karuta is not required to appreciate Chihayafuru. This show is all about its three main characters: the oblivious Chihaya, the endearing Taichi, and the reserved Arata.

Love triangles are not always executed well, but Chihayafuru finds a way to fan the flames without making any of the characters unlikable or pathetic. All three seasons are available on HIDIVE, and the show maintains a high standard throughout its entire run.

Land Of The Lustrous

Japanese Title Houseki no Kuni
Genre Fantasy
Studio Orange
Number of Episodes on HIDIVE 12

A contender for the best CG anime of all time, Land of the Lustrous is a masterpiece that is slightly underappreciated. The anime envisions a reality where Gems, humanoid beings who are quite fragile, are constantly trying to survive onslaughts from the Lunarians. Phos, a Gem deemed not fit to directly fight the Lunarians, desperately seeks a way to assist their society and to justify their existence.

Land of the Lustrous accomplishes a lot in just 12 episodes; not only does the anime expertly establish its fantasy world, but it gives its main character a complex and complete arc that never feels rushed.

Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor & Against All Rules

Gambling anime are rare, but they tend to be a treat. As awesome as Akagi and One Outs are, Kaiji has a slight edge over them in one specific area: intensity. Kaiji is very much a normal person who is forced into situations that go well beyond his expertise; regardless of the challenge being faced, the protagonist is constantly struggling to avoid drowning.

Kaiji is a masterpiece of suspense, and Madhouse’s anime is fantastic in both seasons. Each series is split into different arcs, all of which stand on their own while simultaneously building upon Kaiji’s character and this universe’s rules.

Ushio & Tora

Japanese Title Ushio To Tora
Genre Action, Shonen
Studios MAPPA, Studio VOLN
Number of Episodes on HIDIVE 39

Ushio is a loud teenager who has no time for his father’s ramblings about demons. When the boy finds Tora, a yokai, trapped in his family basement, Ushio determines that maybe his father has not been just spouting nonsense.

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Due to a series of supernatural events, Ushio and Tora end up begrudgingly working together, a partnership that puts them on a perilous road filled with dangerous villains. 2015’s Ushio & Tora is based on Kazuhiro Fujita’s manga from the ’90s, and the shonen anime very much feels like a show from that era.

When They Cry

Anime is versatile and covers nearly every genre imaginable. That said, horror is not as popular in anime as it is in live-action, and while there are plenty of great shows that fall within the genre, few are particularly frightening. When They Cry is occasionally an exception, delivering some of the biggest scares in the history of Japanese animation.

HIDIVE has When They Cry‘s 2000s series, so the original show, Kai, and Rei. For newcomers, it is best to go into this franchise as blind as possible, as When They Cry relies heavily on its shock factor.

Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories

Japanese Title Yami Shibai
Genre Horror
Studio ILCA
Number of Episodes on HIDIVE 26

Sticking with nightmares for the moment, Yamishibai might be the most traditional “horror” anime of all time, in the sense that it specifically covers Japanese urban legends. Consisting of short episodes, each segment goes into a frightening story that typically comes with a life lesson, and while not every chapter hits the mark, the majority are at least unsettling.

HIDIVE only has the first two seasons of Yamishibai, which recently concluded its tenth entry. That said, these two cours are the most consistent in the franchise.

Princess Tutu

Japanese Title Princess Tutu
Genre Magical Girl
Studio Hal Film Maker
Number of Episodes on HIDIVE 26

Blending fairy tales with magical girls, Princess Tutu is a classic that does not get enough love, perhaps due to its title putting off some people. Taking inspiration from ballets like Swan Lake, Princess Tutu tells the story of a duck who transforms into a girl to heal the heart of a prince.

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Princess Tutu is a thought-provoking anime that tackles themes about the nature of destiny and personal agency. The anime succeeds in crafting moments of unbridled whimsy and joy while also allowing for the exploration of mature ideas and the execution of heavy sequences. Do not be put off by its name, Princess Tutu is one of the best anime on HIDIVE.


Japanese Title Mawaru Penguindrum
Genre Avant Garde
Studio Brain’s Base
Number of Episodes on HIDIVE 24

Penguindrum cannot be truly described. Yes, the plot can be summarized as two brothers searching for the titular “Penguindrum” in order to unlock a power that will save their third friend, Himari; however, that does not even begin to reflect this anime’s bizarre flow, endless imagination, and unique tone. Predictability is not necessarily a terrible thing, but it is refreshing to encounter something that is unequivocally like nothing else.

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Penguindrum is ambitious, silly, heartfelt, funny, and dark. Not every part of the package works, but the overall experience is satisfying. Penguindrum is only available on HIDIVE and the anime is worth a one-month subscription all on its own.

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

Japanese Title Tokyo Magnitude 8.0
Genre Drama, Disaster
Studios Bones, Kinema Citrus
Number of Episodes on HIDIVE 11

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 presents a story seldom tackled in anime: natural disasters. Unlike most Roland Emmerich movies, this series prioritizes realism above everything else, and that goes beyond just the scale of the destruction. In fact, the majority of the anime takes place in the aftermath of the quake as it follows three characters seeking to return home.

The result is a moving series that matches a large-scale incident with intimate storytelling. Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 is a powerful and often upsetting watch, but the anime’s willingness to explore the human component of such a disaster is what intensifies its impact. This is a fantastic anime that should not be missed.

The Promised Neverland

Japanese Title Yakusoku no Neverland
Genre Horror, Psychological
Studio CloverWorks
Number of Episodes on HIDIVE 12

HIDIVE only has season 1 of The Promised Neverland, so fans will need to go elsewhere to watch the polarizing sequel. Although it ends on something of a cliffhanger, season 1 is nevertheless a satisfying solo sit, one that makes expert use of its confined setting to tell a suspenseful and unpredictable story.

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The Promised Neverland opens in an orphanage that sends children into the world when they hit a certain age. When a young girl is adopted, Emma and Norman decide to go after her so they can give her a toy she left behind. This excursion opens the kids’ eyes to the horrors that await them.

Bloom Into You

Japanese Title Yagate Kimi ni Naru
Genre Drama, Romance, Shoujo-Ai
Number of Episodes on HIDIVE 13

A high school drama centering around a romance between two girls, Bloom Into You can be a hard sell to anyone who is not immediately onboard after reading that description. Anime has an uneven track record when it comes to yuri-themed stories, so this skepticism is not unfounded. However, Bloom Into You is something special.

Although romance naturally plays a part, Bloom Into You is closer to a coming-of-age drama that happens to use a blossoming relationship as a catalyst for its characters’ development. Speaking of the characters, this anime is fantastic in this department; as the leads, Yuu Koito and Youko Nanami get the most attention, and they are both three-dimensional figures with clearly defined flaws and desires. They feel like real people rather than idolized versions of teenagers. The supporting cast is also incredibly strong.

Girls’ Last Tour

Japanese Title Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou
Genre Slice of Life, Adventure
Studio White Fox
Number of Episodes on HIDIVE 12

Slice of life anime are a dime-a-dozen, which is by no means a criticism of the industry. These shows tend to be warm, cozy, and relaxing; they are perfect for unwind after a long day at work or school. Girls’ Last Tour has most of these elements to a certain degree, it just happens to be set in a post-apocalyptic world with barely any signs of life.

Chito and Yuuri are the titular girls, and they find themselves scavenging their way through a desolate city as they attempt to survive the struggles of everyday life. Despite its dark setting, Girls’ Last Tour is still quite optimistic and charming, which mostly stems from the girls’ personalities and their banter with each other. One of the best anime on HIDIVE, Girls’ Last Tour is unique, endearing, and periodically haunting.


Japanese Title Nana
Genre Drama, Romance, Slice of Life
Studios Madhouse
Number of Episodes on HIDIVE 50

Nana Osaki and Nana Komatsu might share a name and an apartment but they are vastly different in basically every other way. By all “logic”, they should not get along, but the opposite somehow happens: they end up hitting it off like nobody’s business. More importantly, their relationship helps facilitate self-exploration for both characters.

Nana‘s core dynamic is about as good as any you are likely to find in an anime. This relationship evolves organically throughout the show’s run, rarely ever seeming like it is being used to trigger cheap melodrama. Anyone seeking a mature slice of life anime needs to check out Nana.

Legend Of The Galactic Heroes

Japanese Title Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu
Genre Sci-Fi
Studios K-Factory, Kitty Film Mitaka Studio
Number of Episodes on HIDIVE 162

Anime’s definitive space opera, Legend of the Galactic Heroes is simultaneously a bona fide classic and an underappreciated gem. Compared to most other sci-fi shows, LoGH has very little action as the anime focuses squarely on the political and social side of a long-running war between two superpowers. Its characters are plainly fantastic, particularly Reinhard von Lohengramm.

The anime’s animation and pacing can be off-putting, but once LoGH gets going, there are few sci-fi shows that can match its writing, characters, or political intrigue.

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