Best and Worst Resident Evil Movies

NS Resident Evil The franchise is, for better or worse, one of the oldest video game adaptations, spanning six films over the course of fourteen years. The movies are of a very different quality, some entries are unrecognizable from others, and each is a completely different experience.

Paul WS Anderson directed each of the six Resident Evil movies, which have the participation of Anderson’s wife, Milla Jovovich. The series takes inspiration, elements, and sometimes scenes that are completely recreated, from its original materials, but creating a completely separate plot and new characters. This resulted in a very divisive fan reaction to the series, with some abstaining entirely while others accepting the differences.


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The first feature film in Capcom’s classic horror franchise is undoubtedly the best. Released in 2002, Resident Evil joined the video game movie craze early on, before fans were mocked by years of flops. Paul WS Anderson was chosen to direct the film after the modest success of his 1995 Mortal Kombat movie marks the culmination of expectations for the genre. Anderson decided to avoid connecting too much with games because video game movies tend to underperform. Anderson is said to be such a big fan of the franchise that he wrote the screenplay for a movie in which he himself voiced an excerpt of Capcom’s work. Usually in the modern era, R-rated movies are edited to appeal to younger audiences, but Anderson knows Resident Evil need to be faithful to its source. Reportedly, the film needed editing to reduce it from NC-17 to Rs.

Resident Evil is the story of Alice, a mysterious amnesiac who wakes up with a pair of men in a deserted mansion. The trio discover a vast laboratory system hidden beneath the scene, then they find themselves assigned to guard duty. Joined by a team of heavily armed commandos, Alice and company delve deep into the Umbrella Corporation’s secret research facility. Once there, they encounter high-tech, CHOLD traps monster reproduction in the gameand tons of creepy fast-paced violence.

The movie is far from perfect, but it’s the most cohesive of the series. It’s a perfectly logical story in the game’s world, without simply retelling the story of any game. It gradually escalates from a claustrophobic thriller into an action movie that is absurd in a way that can make a lot of money. Its visual style is striking, with red lighting and visceral gore set against a rigorous and clinical white lab environment. Most of the action is hilarious, although some of it is very old, some of it still looks good. Overall, Resident Evil is a solid movie set in the beloved universe.

Resident Evil Retribution Action Alice

The second installment establishes the series as an action franchise, the third scales up, the fourth is too fun to hate, but Retribution, fifth film, is an embarrassing disaster. Every movie in the series is related to the game, becoming more intrusive over the years as the original ideas seem to run out. Retribution is of prime importance, not only giving up any reason to appropriate it, not only pushing in random references, but also breaking beloved characters into unrecognizable forms as if They are trying to win the hearts of their fans. previous item, Kingdom Come, which features a frame-by-frame rendering of the cutscene are from Resident Evil 5and yet, Retribution still manages to feel shameless by the series’ standards. But spoiling portions of the source material isn’t the only thing the franchise overdoes in this fifth entry, which has gone too far in almost every direction.

By this point in the franchise, Alice has been clearly identified as the only character that matters. Most of the other original characters either died or became villains and all the characters in the game are there to be recognisable, like cosplayers in a photo session. The film sees Alice, now so powerful that nothing seems like a credible threat to her, entering a VR simulation and fighting through a frozen experimental station. All the unique visual style of the first series is replaced by generic ruins and mostly CGI suburbs. All the action focuses on the characters shooting at hordes of zombies or engaging in endless hand-to-hand brawls.

Any horror attempt franchise by third entry, there’s absolutely nothing scary about this movie, though not for lack of trying. The film re-reads aspects of previous entries with even less context, using it to steal moments from its own franchise that are often imperfect the first time around. And perhaps worst of all, the film ends with a deep disappointment that never pays off. The movie is such a complete story into a dead end, so pointless and stupid that it becomes the bottom of the barrel, in a franchise that seems to go deeper each time.

Resident Evil is a very enjoyable movie and has a lot of fun buried in its sequels, even the bad ones are often fun to watch. With Welcome to Raccoon City Now in theaters, fans can only hope that it will be a shining diamond in this adorably chaotic series.

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