Below Zero – 10 Most Useful Items (& How To Craft Them)

The second entry within the Subnautica collection, Subnautica: Beneath Zero, absolutely launched on Might 14, 2021, following a keep in early entry. The title has stored its core gameplay similar to its predecessor, with arctic biomes and a brand new set of creatures being among the many few important adjustments.

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Like within the earlier sport, Subnautica: Beneath Zero does not give gamers a lot route. The open-world game has a small handful of important quests to finish, although gamers are free to finish them in any means and at nearly any time that they select. Because of this lack of hand-holding, gamers can discover it tough to know what to do within the opening few hours. To give beginners some guidance, listed here are a number of the most helpful objects to craft within the sport.

Up to date on July 27, 2021, by Jack Pursey: Like most survival video games, it is helpful in Subnautica: Below Zero to make use of each useful merchandise within the sport. Though it might take a while to assemble them, it is nearly at all times well worth the effort because the objects had been carried out for motive and can help the participant in making progress. So, to shine the highlight on some extra useful objects, we have expanded this listing by an extra 5 entries.

15 Grav Entice

Grav Trap pulling in a fish

The Grav Entice is a wonderful merchandise for the early sport, as it’ll save gamers a ton of leg work. Gamers can put the machine close to to their base, and it’ll robotically pull close by fish in the direction of it and maintain them in place. Contemplating how usually gamers must catch fish when replenishing starvation and hydration, it is definitely price establishing.

How To Craft It

• Mix one Battery, one Copper Ore, and one Titanium at a Fabricator

14 Swim Cost Fins

Swim Charge Fins data box location

The Swim Cost Fins provide an awesome answer to the fixed must recharge batteries. Whereas swimming, the fins will cost the tools within the participant’s hand, which is particularly helpful for the Seaglide because it primarily provides it limitless cost. To search out the fins’ blueprint, head to the Omega Lab at coordinates 550, -202, -1075, and a databox might be subsequent to some flowerbeds.

How To Craft It

• Mix one set of Fins, one Polyaniline, and one Wiring Kit at a Modification Station.

13 Water Purification Tablets

Robin holding a snowball as a Snow Stalker approaches

Imagine it not, snowballs aren’t solely included in Subnautica: Beneath Zero for throwing at Snow Stalkers. By crafting Water Purification Tablets, gamers can flip snowballs into Giant Filtered Water. This makes exploring the arctic biomes far much less hectic, as snowballs may be made in nearly each space.

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How To Craft It

• Mix one Frost Vase Plant and one Salt Deposit at a Fabricator

12 Seaglide

Close-up of the Seaglide

With the quantity of swimming that gamers must do in Subnautica: Beneath Zero, it ought to come as no shock that an merchandise that vastly will increase the participant’s motion velocity underwater may be very helpful. The Seaglide does what it says on the tin, permitting gamers to glide via the water at a quick tempo, which is particularly useful when being spotted by a predator and needing to make a fast escape.

How To Craft It

• Mix one Battery, one Lubricant, one Copper Wire, and one Titanium at a Fabricator

11 Chilly Swimsuit

Character in a cold suit

Just like the aforementioned Water Purification Tablets, the Chilly Swimsuit makes traversing the brand new arctic biomes far smoother. It is price establishing the Gloves, Swimsuit, and Helmet, as combining the three will make the participant nearly immune from dying of hypothermia.

How To Craft The Chilly Swimsuit

• Mix two Fiber Mesh and two Snow Stalker Fur at a Fabricator

How To Craft The Chilly Swimsuit Gloves

• Mix one Fiber Mesh and one Snow Stalker Fur at a Fabricator

How To Craft The Chilly Swimsuit Helmet

• Mix one Fiber Mesh and one Snow Stalker Fur at a Fabricator

10 Battery

Seaglide underwater

Contemplating what number of electronics are in Beneath Zero, it ought to go with out saying that gamers will want a fair proportion of batteries always. It is vital to notice that used batteries should not be discarded, as they are often recharged later within the sport and may also be used to craft different objects.

How To Craft It

  • Mix two Ribbon Plants and two Copper Ore on the Fabricator.

9 Scanner

Subnautica Below Zero new equipment

The scanner is an important merchandise in Subnautica: Beneath Zero, apart from meals and water. With out it, gamers might be extraordinarily restricted within the progress that they will make, as the scanner is important for studying easy methods to craft new and improved objects.

Though unlocking blueprints is the scanner’s essential profit, it may also be helpful for understanding predator conduct. For instance, the Cryptosuchus’ could appear terrifying at first, however scanning them will reveal that they’ll instantly retreat after only one hit.

How To Craft It

  • Mix one Battery with one Titanium on the Fabricator

8 Excessive Capability O₂ Tank

Subnautica: Below Zero Alien Statue Location

The Standard O2 Tank is the primary oxygen tank that gamers could make. Because the High Capacity O2 Tank is not a lot more durable to craft, it is price spending the additional time to make it.

Gamers should continually regulate their oxygen stage within the sport, and it’ll deplete in a short time until an oxygen tank has been outfitted. That is a necessary merchandise that permits gamers to delve deeper and discover better assets.

How To Craft It

  • Assemble a Customary O2 tank utilizing two Titanium one Fiber Mesh.
  • Mix the Customary O2 Tank, two Glass, 4 Titanium, and one Silver Ore on the Fabricator.

7 Multipurpose Room

Underwater base

Base building in Subnautica: Beneath Zero is not only a enjoyable facet exercise; it is usually a good way to make preparations for the mid-game. Gamers needs to be ready to create quite a few bases throughout Beneath Zero‘s map. These will make touring between biomes far smoother, whereas additionally offering a secure spot for gamers to keep away from predators, heal, eat, drink, retailer objects, and craft.

The Multipurpose Room is vital to base constructing. This space provides gamers a handy place to begin, and in addition provides a clean canvas.

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How To Craft It

  • Craft a Habitat Builder, which requires one Wiring Package, one Computer Chip, and one Battery.
  • Use the Habitat Builder to craft the Multipurpose room with six Titanium.

6 Survival Knife

Subnautica: Below Zero - Knife item model

On a planet full of harmful predators, a Survival Knife is a useful instrument to make use of in a sticky scenario. The knife is not significantly sturdy towards the sport’s bigger predators, so gamers should not trouble attempting to kill them.

Nonetheless, it’s helpful towards the Cryptosuchus’ who, as talked about earlier than, will retreat after being broken. Moreover, the knife is important for amassing assets that must be lower down.

How To Craft It

5 Flashlight

In lots of video games with day and evening cycles, a descending solar and darkening sky spell hazard, because it implies that harmful enemies or hazardous climate circumstances are approaching. Fortunately, this is not the case in Subnautica: Beneath Zero.

Little or no adjustments underneath the ocean when the solar goes down. The primary concern that gamers will take care of, unsurprisingly, is struggling to see. To enhance visibility at evening, gamers ought to assemble a Flashlight.

How To Craft It

  • Mix one Battery and one Glass on the Fabricator.

4 Filtered Water

Inventory screen

Filtered Water is probably the most important merchandise on this listing by far, as gamers will not stay very lengthy with out it. When taking part in on survival mode, gamers will continually have their hydration meter ticking down. It will finally kill them if they do not rehydrate quick sufficient.

How To Craft It

  • Catch Bladderfish, that are often discovered swimming round shallow water. They are often gathered collectively for ease with the assistance of a Grav Trap.
  • Convert the Bladderfish on the Fabricator.

3 First Help Package

Shadow Leviathan approaching camera

Sadly, gamers aren’t alone of their adventures on 4546B. Quite a few predators lurk under the water and above land, a lot of which might deal important injury to gamers in the event that they get too shut.

To make sure that they do not succumb to a bloody dying, gamers ought to at all times carry no less than one First Aid Kit with them.

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How To Craft It

  • First Help Kits may be crafted at a Fabricator with one Fiber Mesh.

2 Rebreather

Subnautica: Below Zero - Rebreather item model

In Subnautica: Beneath Zero, gamers will start to eat extra oxygen after they descend under 100 meters, severely harming the participant’s capability to discover. Fortunately, this concern may be negated with the assistance of a Rebreather, which absorbs and recycles CO2 into breathable air.

How To Craft It

  • Mix one Wiring Package, one Silicone Rubber, and one Fiber Mesh on the Fabricator.

1 Beacon

Beacon in the snow

Subnautica: Beneath Zero includes a comparatively large open world, although gamers aren’t in a position to assemble a map to information them on their journey. This could, after all, trigger critical points, as gamers will discover it extraordinarily tough to seek out their means again to unmarked places.

Fortunately, this concern may be solved with Beacons. These craftable objects set a everlasting waypoint that may be seen from wherever within the sport world.

How To Craft It

  • Mix one Copper Ore and one Titanium on the Fabricator.

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