Behind the scenes of ‘Wheel of Time’ Most Controversial Shift vs the Books: Perrin’s Wife

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Whenever a favorite series of books is adapted to the screen, changes are made and Main video‘NS Wheel of time definitely make a series. From allowing Egwene (Madeleine Madden) be the one (like the boys) to show us the tense encounter between Moiraine (Rosamund Pike) and Nyneave (Zo Robins), Wheel of time not afraid to change things in Robert Jordan’s books to make the TV show work.

However, there is one big change compared to the books in Prime Video’s Wheel of time that can really upset fans: Marcus RutherfordPerrin Aybara’s has a wife. Perrin is married! Do you hear me? Perrin has a wife named Laila Dearn in Wheel of time only. She is played by Helena Westerman! She is a blacksmith! She died too! Under Perrins hands?!? WHAT IS GOING IN?!?

In case you haven’t read Robert Jordan’s Wheel of timePerrin Aybara, the beloved blacksmith of the Two Rivers, is not supposed to be married when the story begins. He is said to be an awkward teenager when it comes to girls. (In a lovely rhetorical trick, Jordan repeatedly made Perrin wish he was as good at talking to girls as Rand was, and Rand wished he was as good at it as Perrin. Boys! Sweet boys! ) So that means Laila is a completely original character who was introduced only to die a horrible death. So what for? Why Wheel of time Was the decision to introduce Laila into the story a good idea?

Decider went straight to Wheel of timeshowrunner’s, Rafe Judkins, to find out why Perrin has a wife on the show. “One thing we wanted to do for all the characters was give them something on screen. Perrin is such an introspective character in the books,” says Judkins. “Almost all of his content is very introspective, so we had to create something on the show that allows the audience whenever they see this character sitting quietly thinking about violence or what it meant to him, that it would show the impact on him when the camera was just on his face. Because otherwise, I think Perrin is in danger of disappearing in the adaptation and you can’t follow his emotional journey because it’s so introspective.”

Laila, Perrin's wife in The Wheel of Time
Photo: Prime Video

Perrin’s Marcus Rutherford also agrees with Judkins. “It’s something that we’ve had to navigate throughout the season and I think it’s something that provides a really integral part of Perrin’s journey,” said Rutherford.

“I think he has a special side to him, a sort of demeanor that runs through the books, and I think Rafe wanted one thing clear for the audience to know,” Rutherford said. “I think having the addition of Perrin’s wife gives them a signal to look back and see how his journey will continue from that point on.”

Rafe Judkins also said that they want to grow old all four main characters of Two Rivers – Perrin, Egwene, Rand (Josha Stradowski) and Mat (Barney Harris) – from teens to twenties such that Wheel of time would not be the same as a “YA program”. Judkins explains how that choice also influenced the creation of Laila.

“So to really age, [you have to] shows that they had a life that happened before Moiraine got to Two Rivers essentially. So it seems very natural that at least one of these characters would get married if they lived in this town and they were in their twenties. It feels like it’s an important choice for one of them to have that and Perrin is the most natural choice to fit in with that,” Judkins said.

Decider also asked Judkins if he was concerned that Laila’s character’s death could be considered. “Fridge”, A scary joke in the genre of fiction in which a female character dies to motivate the male protagonist.

Judkins said, “Obviously we talked a lot in the room about this character and what she means and what she means to Perrin, and hopefully if we can bring in enough interesting characters. strong onto the screen in the show that none of them have. bear the burden of life NS ‘female character’ in the show. “

So you got it: the reason why Perrin got married in the first episode of Time wheel.

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