Beginners Guide For Safer and Faster Torrenting Using VPN: Benefits, Risks, and Tips!

You’ve probably heard of torrenting files, movies, music, and other content. But what exactly is it? How do people benefit from torrenting, and what are its pitfalls?

Torrent sites are commonly used to download unauthorized content. We want to be clear that we do not support torrenting any copyrighted content in any way. However, there are a few ways that individuals and businesses can put torrenting technology to good use. 

While the torrenting advantage is apparent, there are two sides to every coin. As a result, many people have started torrenting with free VPN to protect their data from online snoopers. We’ll go over every point in detail in the next section.

Torrenting Explained.

When you download or update something from the Web, you usually click a download icon, and the file falls like manna from heaven onto your computer. 

Torrenting differs from the traditional system of downloading things online in that  BitTorrent uses the peer-to-peer protocol (P2P). That means BitTorrent computers ‘swarm’ together without a central computer. Simply put, these computers both upload and download the same torrent. So when you open the.torrent file in your BitTorrent client, your computer becomes a member of the BitTorrent swarm.

BitTorrent communicates with a tracker in the.torrent file. The tracker’s primary task is to keep a record of all the connected computers. Your IP address is also shared with the other computers in the swarm. 

The download itself is accomplished in stages. When your BitTorrent client has downloaded that many bits, it will begin sharing them with the other BitTorrent clients. In core, you will begin to transfer the files or documents you have downloaded with the others. This is referred to as ‘seeding.’

Benefits of Torrenting

As explained, the system in torrenting is quite different from the traditional way. The unique method of torrenting brings about benefits to its users. 

First, torrenting is a crafty method for efficiently distributing a large amount of data while also saving on bandwidth. BitTorrent can be used to download content, applications, games, videos, music, and images.

Even if your internet connection is slow, torrents allow you to download large files more quickly than the conventional downloading process. 

Moreover, torrents assist in downloading a file because of The BitTorrent protocol, which allows downloaders to assist in sending the file to the other downloaders, relieving the original owner of the burden.

Moreover, because P2P is a decentralized process, the files you download are not hosted on a central server. If a download source is down, you can use another to finish the download. 

So even if you get disconnected or your computer shuts down, you’ll be able to complete the download once you are back online. There is no need to start over. Convenient, right?

Risks of Torrenting

Now, let’s reveal its drawbacks. In torrenting, you have no idea what the file you’re attempting to download contains. Some websites display a bogus thumbnail but contain malware in the guise of a movie. And this is the most serious risk associated with torrenting– the authenticity of the files, movies, and images being shared. 

Torrents, as one of the most common and widely used peer-to-peer sharing protocols, are vulnerable to hackers, shady advertisers, and third parties seeking to infect systems. People with evil motives are taking advantage of the functionality of torrenting to deceive people who run to it for convenience.

Additionally, anyone who is downloading a torrent file you are seeding can see your public IP address. Literally, ANYONE—your ISP and even copyright holders included. 

How to Remain Secure While Torrenting

The best way to protect your data and credentials while torrenting is to pair it with a reliable VPN. Furthermore, downloading and uploading at the same time may place a strain on your bandwidth.

VPNs can help in this regard because of their unlimited bandwidth allowance and other amazing features engineered precisely for your online activities.

Setting up a VPN service while torrenting is simple. Configure your VPN before beginning to download torrents. However, the VPN must provide adequate speeds, strong security features, and torrent-optimized servers. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to set up a torrenting VPN:

  1. Install a VPN for torrenting, such as ExpressVPN.
  2. Connect to a specialized VPN P2P server.
  3. Go to a torrenting website and download your preferred torrent client.
  4. Begin by downloading torrents!

More Torrenting VPN Tips.

To take back your control while torrenting, follow these additional helpful tips collated by our expert team:

  1. Use a reliable VPN provider for torrenting. Connect to a P2P server from the list of Specialty servers. The server location is unimportant in terms of security, however, for a faster connection, choose one nearest to your location (ExpressVPN automatically selects the best or closest P2P server).
  1. Enable the Network Kill-switch. This feature prevents your IP address from being revealed if your VPN connection is lost either by closing the apps you choose (App Kill Switch) or disabling net access until the connection is restored (Internet Kill Switch). Both options are available in Windows, and they can be set up through ExpressVPN’s app settings. macOS has an Internet Kill Switch that is enabled by default and needs not to be activated, whereas the OpenVPN protocol has an App Kill switch from the website in the settings menu.
  1. Check to see if you’re properly connected. This can be accomplished by simply visiting websites like If you can see the VPN-designated IP address, you’re connected. Otherwise, check to see if you have any obstructive apps on your browser; if not, contact VPN support for extra help. Furthermore, once you launch the torrent, you can access Torrent Address Detection. After activating, it will start a dummy torrent file download, which then displays the detectable IP address on the site.
  1. Experiment with VPN protocols as these can significantly impact your overall VPN connection speed. When using ExpressVPN, it’s advisable to connect to its Lightway Protocol, a more stable and faster protocol. Now, if you decide to switch VPN protocols, ensure that you already change the Network Interface in the Torrent client.

Are Free VPNs for Torrenting A Good Idea?

A free VPN for torrenting that is secure enough for daily use does not allow, or successfully secure this online activity. As previously stated, P2P connections can consume a significant amount of bandwidth, degrading the experience of other users. As a result, VPN torrenting is usually considered a premium feature and is only available to paid users.

However, finding a free VPN for torrenting is not unheard of. In such instances, you must proceed with caution. Torrenting is a time-consuming task, especially when it is provided for free. Furthermore, your information is probably logged and traded to third parties. If an offer appears to be too good to be true, it usually is. Always double-check the software you’re installing for safety.


As beginners in VPN torrenting, we advise the use of premium VPNs to secure your activity and avoid the pitfalls that this online activity brings.

Unfortunately, free VPNs for torrenting fail to deliver quality service due to their lack of advanced features such as reliable servers, stable protocols, and unlimited bandwidth.

Finally, it is noteworthy that we do not tolerate illegality. If you use torrents for a crime, you expose yourself to its legal consequences. Therefore, torrent at your own risk. 

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