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Circus Electric is quite a unique title. It’s an interesting role-playing game (aka RPG) revolving around circuses and artists. All of the attacks and party members revolve around the wild, wacky world of the circus, which helps set it apart from some of the other great indie games that have been released in recent years.

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This unique premise will draw many people into it Circus Electric. Of course, some people will be able to pick up the game right away and start playing right away. However, others may struggle to get used to some of the game’s more interesting mechanics and may need some beginner’s tips to help them along the way.


7 The Strongman is a good all-rounder

It’s no secret to anyone who’s played the game a little that the Strongman is one of the best characters in his party. He’s a very good all-rounder that a player can build into his team.

Because that’s him StrongMan, he can offer both tankiness and really good damage. Overall, he may not have the highest stats everyone category but he is still very good and can stand on his own two feet.

6 Manage the devotion

Something players have to deal with Circus Electric is the devotion of the player’s team. Essentially, the Devotion stat is a great way for a player to see how their team is doing, and managing the Dedication stat is a great way to ensure their team is ready to go.

Managing devotion is something very important that every player should do. With enough dedication, there is a higher chance that the circus will be able to complete activities (thereby making the show more popular, which in turn results in the player getting more resources for crafting).

5 First go to upgrade the train

As a player progresses through the game, they gain the ability to upgrade parts of their circus with the right amount of resources. As it turns out, upgrading the train is going to be one of the best decisions a player makes in both short- and long-term gameplay.

With the move, a player can make their characters have more talents. Also, more classes are unlocked the higher the level of the train, and the max level of performers is increased. There is absolutely no downside to upgrading the move.

4 Carry only the most important items

When a player goes into battle, they are allowed to take items with their team that can help them in battle. However, it would be in the player’s best interest to only bring essential items and no more.

While it may seem tempting to bring your entire supply of items, it really would be a good idea to bring just a little. This allows a player to cycle through things faster. Players will soon find that some items are better than others (e.g. Goo or Bandage).

3 Remember to keep performing

The show got to go on. in the Circus Electric, this is taken to a whole new level. Performing means that a player will be able to get all the materials they need to advance in the game.

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The more performance a player achieves, the more performance stars they receive. These stars will make their circus more and more notorious, giving performers more experience, resources to craft, and allowing players to level up more.

2 Positions are actually important

This may sound a bit odd, but it’s actually very important to determine which cast members are positioned in which areas. Positioning can actually make a team win or break in some cases.

Not every character will do well in the front lines, and not every character will thrive in the background. However, the strong one is one of the units that performs best on the front line due to its robustness and the high damage it brings to the group. Supporting units should normally stay behind to ensure there is some line of defense against the enemies.

1 Save on group skills

While there are many single target abilities that are very strong on their own, group abilities are a special breed and really should be saved. A player shouldn’t spend their party abilities haphazardly and risk cooling them down if they do Yes, really to need.

Group abilities deal damage to multiple units at once. While they don’t do as much damage as a single target attack, they’re best used when there are one or more low-HP enemies. This is how the damage is dealt to kill one enemy and weaken another.

Circus Electric is available for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X and Series S, and PlayStation 5.

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