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Super robot war 30 is a great celebration of the series that began in 1991 about Game Boy. For those who don’t know, each entry follows an original crew made for that game. The heroes then meet villains and heroes across a variety of anime and games. Absolute number of intersections can make even Heart Kingdom blush.

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In Super robot war 30, there are more than 12 representative series. There are five programs from Gundam series alone, along with representations from the anime based on mech Magnificent Prince, SSSS.GRIDMAN, and Code Geass. Super robot war 30 there are a lot of mechanics, so it can be confusing even for tactical RPG veterans. Let’s go over a few things to keep in mind when starting the game.

Controller keyboard shortcuts

Cutscenes featuring characters from Super Robot Wars 30

There are many tutorials in Super robot war 30 being thrown at the player seems to be too fast. This is typical for role-playing games. Here are the best control shortcuts to use in the Switch version where the game doesn’t do the best job of notifying players:

  • Players can hit Y on the map to pick whatever units they want instead of hunting them down.

  • During a battle animation, the player can press ONE to make the sequence go faster and make the user interface disappear.

  • Fight NS will skip the battle altogether.

  • Hold down R and A will speed through text faster in story sequence.

  • These scenes can be completely skipped if the player presses L and Plus button simultaneously.

  • To soft reset, press R, L and Plus button at the same time.


Understanding the difficulty limit

The main character in the battle in Super Robot Wars 30

Players can choose to play Super robot war 30 on one of four difficulty settings The Beginning. They can change the difficulty later, that’s a good features easy to reach. However, there is a downside. This can only be done at the base ship before the battle begins. That means it’s important to save manually before starting a match.

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Players never know how difficult a battle will be. They may need to step back and try again at a lower setting. Losing progress like this is never fun but it’s better to start over from the beginning of the game. The same is true if a player finds a map too easy and they want to increase the challenge.

Combat Tips

Asagi in battle from Super Robot Wars 30

There’s a lot to be said about the game’s combat. One of the more useful features is automatic battle system. However, don’t rely too much on this mechanic and just walk away to Super robot war 30 its work. The AI ​​isn’t the best at making perfect picks even as players adjust what units focus on from offensive to defensive maneuvers. The combat animations are another highlight in the game.

However, seeing them a hundred times can be tiring. Yes fast forward and leap but there is an extra feature to speed up the process. In the video wall, the player can choose to disable the animation. It’s also important to alternate kills to keep the whole team on the same level. There are not many opportunities to participate Super robot war 30 unlike other role-playing games so every experience point is valuable.

Stay healthy, keep the unit together

Place units on the map in Super Robot Wars 30

One of the reasons why auto-battle isn’t the best choice is because AI will often branch out. This is a bad move. Enemies often outnumber the player’s team by a ratio of 2:1. This means that if a character splits off to fight an enemy, they can be surrounded by two or more others and have can die. There are assistive abilities to heal mechs in combat but they are expensive and cannot be spammed.

Mechs can stick with motherhood, that’s a better way to heal. Then the easiest way to keep the team running is to get everyone together. Place parenting in the middle with the strongest units around it. This might make the battle last longer, but Super robot war 30 will be easier and less frustrating in the long run. This strategy can be applied to some tactical role-playing games.

Upgrade Tips

Super Robot Wars mech upgrade menu 30

There are three main currencies in the game:

  • PP can be applied to pilots so they can learn support abilities to use in battle.
  • Credit used to upgrade the mech from increasing HP to increasing weapon damage.
  • MxP used to expand the ship.

Before upgrading the pilot or mech, focus on the ship.

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Building a better ship will earn the benefit of upgrading the other two items. For example, in the ship’s lab, there is a way to increase the Credits and experience points earned in battle by 10%. Those two upgrades should be bought now. There are also programs to reduce the cost of Credits used when upgrading mechs.

Save between each turn

Suspend Menu from Super Robot Wars 30

Players can manually save up to 120 files in the onboard pause menu. That’s way more than enough number of slots but the number is overrated. As mentioned earlier, it’s always important to save up before the mission. Players can also save in battle with Suspended Selection. Every time the game is paused, the previous save will be deleted.

The cool thing about this is that the player won’t be kicked out of the menu, unlike some other RPGs. Take advantage of this and make sure save the game with Pause at the start of each turn. That way, if the Game Over screen appears, the player can simply soft reset and then restart from the Pause option instead of saving it manually. The general tip for sharing between manual save and Pause is to be cautious.

Super robot war 30 released on October 27, 2021 and officially available on calculator in North America. However, it is possible to import PS4 and Transfer Prints also have full English subtitles.

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