Battlefield 2042 Review – Still fun despite many problems

As a franchise, Battlefield feels as if it has lost its identity over the past eight years. Glorious days of Battlefield 4 It seems like it’s been too long, with newer entries not providing the same enjoyable experience as the old one. Battlefield 2042 marks the franchise’s first return to the modern era since Battlefield 4. Although, if it lives up to the standards of the classics it is still up for debate.

Some players like it while others are frustrated with its problems. Many sites with pre-release review codes praise it while outraged Reddit users seem to think this is the worst. Battlefield has ever been performed. As usual, reality lies somewhere in between.


Battlefield 2042 give up a lot of aspects that have been established in the past Battlefield titles. Most notably, the class system is gone and replaced by professionals. Experts are playable characters in Battlefield who have their own abilities and utility specific to each of them.

An example of one of these experts is Webster Mackay, a Canadian soldier who can quickly reposition with his grappling hook. Another is Navin Rao, an Indian soldier who can hack enemy vehicles, temporarily disabling their weapons and defenses. As of the time of launch, there are a total of ten experts.

Battlefield 2042 Mackay Expert Review

A lot of players are not satisfied with the replacement of the traditional class system. And honestly, I had the exact same reaction when I first started playing. However, as I worked through the levels and experimented around, I started to enjoy the pros more than I expected.

They do a great job in facilitating these “just in” logos Battlefield“The moments that DICE is so proud of. Being able to get on a crane and then blow up an entire team camping there feels so epic. Sundance’s outfit is particularly interesting. I had a moment when I swooped down from a skyscraper and dropped the C4 mid-flight into the helicopter hovering below. The system isn’t perfect, as I believe the loss of traditional roles takes a toll on teamwork, but the potential of great plays coming from the pros largely makes up for that. .

Game mode

Total War

There are not many official game modes available in Battlefield 2042. There are two main modes along with community based mode Battlefield Portal. Additional note, there is no single player or campaign. This doesn’t bother me as much as I thought it would Battlefield most campaigns suck, but I know it’s a deal breaker for some. As for the game modes, the first is All-out Warfare which is made up of Conquest and Breakthrough. Conquest is classic Battlefield mode in which the player must capture areas on a large scale map.


Breakthrough is essentially a variant of Rush but scaled up. The attacking team must infiltrate the targets guarded by the other team. Although, instead of placing bombs like in Rush, the attackers are tasked with occupying the same areas as Conquest. Breakthrough in both Battlefield 1 and 5 and has served as an affordable addition to the franchise.

Battle Portal

Since its launch, Battlefield 2042 There is no official playlist for Conquest Small, Air Superior, Domination, Gun Master, or even Team Deathmatch. Technically they can be played through the Portal, although this alternative has its problems.

Battlefield In principle, the portal is a great idea. It allows the community to create their own game modes based on available content. DICE itself has even put together some nostalgic-driven playlists in the Gateway that aim to recreate fan-favorite game modes from past titles, like Battlefield 3of Conquest and Bad company 2Hurry.

Battlefield 2042 Bad Company 2 Rush Xm8 Prototype Review Portal

Unfortunately, it has its limits. Due to players exploiting XP farm servers early, DICE had to put an experience limit on all Portal game modes. Furthermore, weapon development is disabled in the Portal, so you cannot earn attachments.

I suspect the idea behind Portal is that it provides players who want to experience Battlefield an alternative. Massive, 128-player combat sounds great, but it can tire you out. Unfortunately, the lack of progress has limited the usefulness of the Portal. Until the changes are made, this will likely remain a proper sub-mode and never fulfill its true purpose.

Danger area

Danger Zone is the main new game mode introduced in Battlefield 2042. Truth be told, I didn’t care much for this prior to release as I assumed it was just another generic battle royale. Last Battlefield tried battle royale, we get Firestorm and the less talk about it the better.

To be fair, Danger Zone offers something different from your typical battle royale game. Instead of being the last team alive, the goal here is to get to the marked mining point while collecting as many data drives as possible. Doing so will reward Dark Market Credits that can be used to equip future Danger Zone games.

Battlefield 2042 Danger Area Rating Down

Not only other teams you are fighting to gain mining points. The maps are also filled with AI occupying forces that guard the mining spots and will shoot you in no time. This creates a situation where you have to be prepared to fight both the CPU and other players.

I don’t mind the Danger Zone, but it’s nothing special. A lot of players compare with Escape from Tarkov, but I don’t think it’s anywhere near that. When Tarkov Featuring unparalleled gun customization and intense squad-based gameplay, Danger Zone offers little in comparison. While it’s fun to play with friends, I don’t see this new mode starting to work any time soon. There is not enough depth for it.


I would like to emphasize that most aspects of Battlefield 2042The game’s very interesting. You can do fun things like fly a seaplane up the side of a building or keep enemies out of range from five hundred meters away. Despite the criticisms that some players make, this game offers a real fun and chaos. Battlefield experience.

I wouldn’t be honest, though, assuming it didn’t matter. In fact, there are a number of design decisions that have been made that I can’t even try to justify because they feel so out of place. More than anything else, blooming weapons testify to this.

Review Battlefield 2042 Bloom Dmr

Bloom has no place in Battlefield. Photos like these shouldn’t be lacking.

Weapon expansion refers to the random deflection of a projectile that can occur after firing. In other words, the bullet doesn’t always go where you’re aiming. This feels terrible. Knowing well that your aiming mechanics are working fine but not seeing the markers or kills followed is the least rewarding gameplay mechanics I can imagine.

Worse yet, this seems to apply not only to automatic guns, but marksman rifles and snipers as well. Take a precision weapon and make it imprecise. What the hell is DICE thinking? Fortunately, BattlefieldPrincipal game designer Florian Le Bihan has appeared on Twitter and confirmed that his team is working on solving this problem. Even so, it’s hard to believe this was ever considered a good idea. I don’t care if it’s realistic or not. You should never sacrifice gameplay for realism. Especially not in a game like Battlefield it’s as arcade shooter as it gets.


I always appreciate the way BattlefieldThe progression of has been active. Instead of unlocking by levels, players will progress a class and gun using things from those categories. For example, in Battlefield 4 if you want to unlock SCAR-H, you must first get 4,000 points with the AK12. It’s simple but effective, allowing players to choose how they progress.

Battlefield 2042 Weapon Progress Rating Ntw 50

It’s all gone. Now you unlock guns and gadgets by leveling up Call of Duty Style. You could argue that this is easier to understand, but honestly, it’s not very interesting. I can’t specialize in handguns to get a gun that I love like the SPAS-12 anymore. I just have to crush levels using anything and play anything until I hit it. Well, actually SPAS-12 isn’t even in Battlefield 2042 with the game launching with only 22 main weapons. There are more things in Portal but until the experience cap is removed it’s hard to count them.

Image and performance

No need to say that Battlefield 2042 is a beautiful game. As with all DICE titles, this really pushes the boundaries of what is possible with modern technology. Even on lower settings, which I doubt most people will play on, it looks great.

The downside of these images is Battlefield 2042 very difficult to run well. This game is both GPU and CPU intensive, the latter largely due to its complex physics engine and sub-par optimization. The Steam page claims that this can run on a GTX 1050 Ti, but I’m not entirely convinced. One theory that this benchmark video seems to support.


Put this way, the RTX 2060 barely runs at a consistent 60 FPS on 1440p, minimal settings. It’s playable but not ideal by any means. Also, if you don’t have at least a Ryzen 5 3600 or higher, I wouldn’t even bother trying. You will most likely experience stuttering and your GPU will be clogged by the CPU.

Considering the sheer number of players and data, the servers tend to perform well. Definitely better than many battle royale games I’ve played with similarly sized lobbies. Even so, there are some jitters that can be frustrating when it becomes particularly unstable. This is something to keep in mind, as I have impacted some of my preferences.

It’s fun, but patches are needed

Battlefield 2042 Not the best game in the franchise, nor the best FPS game of the season. It’s buggy, not well optimized, and home to some weird creative decisions that I just can’t fathom. While the community outrage is overwhelming, I can understand why some players are frustrated.

However, even with all that said, I can’t hate this game. This is still a Battlefield A game where I can do the stupidest and most chaotic things I can while having a good time. Throw some friends into the equation and it can get hilarious. It may not be perfect by any means but Battlefield 2042 gave me some of the best gaming memories of my year. Although, even that doesn’t prove the state in which the game launched. It takes work to get everything right. | Battlefield 2042 Review – Still fun despite many problems


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