Battlefield 2042 players successfully recreate the iconic Rendezook kill

For all its problems, Battlefield 2042 still manages to give players the necessary tools to recreate the classic “Battlefield Moment”. The most iconic game that has been made in the past is Rendezook, and one player has honored the moment by performing the same murder in Battlefield 2042.

Absurdity Battlefield 2042 plays has proven to be popular online, with players showing off their most ridiculous kills through social media. However, while it’s fun to see a seaplane take down a helicopter or a player swoop in on the helicopter to destroy it with some C4, nothing can compete with Rendezook. With the original taking place almost a decade ago in a match of Battlefield 3, a fan decided to pay tribute to the viral clip of Stun_gravy.


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Rendezook has become legendary among fans of the franchise, with DICE even including a movie version of the play in Battlefield 2042 reveal trailer. Rendezook gets its name from the act of blowing up a jet with a bazooka and reuniting with the jet the player originally jumped out of. Given that it requires a lot of luck and skill, since the opposing player’s jet needs to be in the right position, very few have been able to successfully recreate the original video. However, Redditor Ashimdude pulled it out.

30 seconds Battlefield 2042 clip started as one would expect. Two jets are in the air, Ashimdude tricks the opponent into following them as they fly straight into the sky. When they fly high enough into the air, they will launch, soaring even higher into the clouds. Eventually, the enemy jet will also come into their sights, and the player will fire a projectile as soon as it appears. They fired their air-launched guns, hard, back to their vehicles.

The final seconds of the clip show players parachuting towards their jet, bouncing back into the plane and successfully flying away. In the comments, Battlefield 2042 player clarify that they are not actually using SOFLAM to lock the jet, as the target from the device is only used to help them see the plane. Considering that the player is not aiming for the launcher, this claim is correct and the clip is indeed a proper rendezvous. Unsurprisingly, the comments were rave reviews, with many shocked that the gamer was able to pull off the classic trick so smoothly.

When Battlefield 2042 evaluate Since both critics and players have clarified many of the game’s problems, it’s nice to see that players like Ashimdude are still having fun with it. Hopefully the game will improve over time, attracting more players so that unbelievable clips like this become even more popular.

Battlefield 2042 currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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