Battlefield 2042 players appear with a unique trick to heal teammates from a distance

A Battlefield 2042 player found a useful trick to heal other players on their team from a distance without risking their lives doing so.

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Battlefield 2042The game’s official release has finally arrived, and despite the negativity surrounding the game, some players are still trying to find innovative strategies and tricks to gain an edge in battle. . One player found a near-great telemedicine for other players.

EA and DICE released Battlefield 2042 just a few days ago, and fan reception has proven to be extremely mixed, with the overall view that the game removes too much from previous installments in the series. Updates are planned and underway, but the buggy launch is leaving many players frustrated with the game and EA.


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One trick demonstrated by Redditor ArchieBuld is to incorporate mechanics in a way that may not be desirable; When a medical crate is thrown onto Casper’s drone, the drone will carry the medical crate wherever it flies. Opposed to the usual direct confrontation in Battlefield 2042 matches, this can be used to remotely heal teammates without endangering the drone pilot’s life and the demo video clip introduced proves it can work in many situations different.

Heal teammates in Battlefield 2042 can be difficult to do without risk, as in most cases players need to be close together to transfer supplies. The ability to heal teammates from afar with such ease can make all the difference in an intense battle, especially since the healed player doesn’t even need to be in line of sight. unmanned aerial vehicle pilot.

Unfortunately, the mechanic appears to be an unintentional side effect of the imprecise collision boxes and unsophisticated medical crate physics, further reinforcing the fan story that Battlefield 2042 could be better if delayed. Under normal circumstances, having items that don’t have an accurate physics simulation shouldn’t be a problem; however, if the actual force of motion were to act on the assist, it would fall right off the drone, not to mention how the drone’s propellers clamp to it. It’s not clear if DICE will patch this somehow, but since it’s such a unique and interesting mechanic, perhaps the developer will find a way to balance it and incorporate it into the game in a way. reasonable.

Player creativity reigns supreme in gameplay, and if there are quirks or hidden elements of a game with a large player base, it will likely be found eventually. Developers often hide little easter eggs in the game to reward attentive players, but even unintended exploits can be fun. The replies to the drone video clip mentioned other players using the drone to carry explosives, and it remains to be seen what other players will use the tool for.

Battlefield 2042 Now out on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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