Battlefield 2042 Player Recreates Squid Game Red Light Green Light

Battlefield 2042 fans are continuing to prove how smart they are, with the creation of the latest Portal being a great homage to the Squid Game.

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Despite all the flaws of Battlefield 2042 which many were quick to point out, most players seem to agree that the new Portal mode is great. Now, one Battlefield 2042 players used this feature to remake Squid fishing gamemost iconic scene.

Battlefield 2042 Fans have done a lot of clever things with Portal so far. Although the purpose of this mode is to create custom playlists that incorporate certain parts of the past Battlefield game together, gamers pushed this feature to its limits by creating new game modes. While a training for Battlefield 2042‘s outfit definitely great, a new creation can be even more popular, as it brings Squid fishing gameRed Light, Green Light for multiplayer focused FPS.


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For those unfamiliar with widely popular program Squid fishing game, it’s essentially a contest where players risk their lives in deadly versions of children’s games for money to pay off debts. One such game is Redlight, Greenlight, which shows competitors needing to move when a death doll is turned around. If the doll detects them while it is scanning for movement, the player will be killed with the Sniper Rifle. While the game is certainly simple, it’s not the easiest thing to recreate in Battlefield 2042, especially since Portal is not a proper map editor.

However, YouTube users and Battlefield 2042 fan Two Angry Gamers TV has managed to successfully rebuild this part of Squid fishing game. Although it is not possible to add a giant doll Battlefield 2042, the players compensated by giving all participants a Sniper Rifle. When the words “Red Light” appear at the top of the screen, the player needs to freeze, or else they will be shot down by the opponent. When the “Green Light” appears, they can freely move with the knife and get a better position.

When Battlefield 2042 videotapes Having the fun moments and raw gameplay of the mode, Two Angry Gamers TV also recounts how it was made. Players have created a timer that switches between Red and Green Lights every eight seconds, while gamers will receive another Sniper Rifle with one bullet per Red phase. With players not needing to miss, and being careful when moving to hit a shot as other players may be watching, this mode is challenging and will be a blast with friends. Those who want to play Redlight, Greenlight can use the access code AADYBD.

While it remains to be seen if All-Out Warfare improves and Features requested for Battlefield 2042 moving to the game, Portal can help it thrive for a long time to come. Although it would be nice to see the others Squid fishing game entertainment activities like glass bridge, Redlight remake, Greenlight this will hardly reach the top.

Battlefield 2042 currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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