Battlefield 2042 Player Creates Improvements to the End of the Round Screen

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A single-player Battlefield 2042 improves on the game’s much-faulted end-of-round display, more in keeping with the somber tone of the setting.

battlefield 2042 ends round screen improvement

After launching last November, it’s been a rough ride for DICE’s latest game, Battlefield 2042. The community seems to be at odds with the developer over many changes or omissions as well as various bugs still causing the experience to include funny takedown animation is broken. Dissatisfied with DICE’s own Battlefield 2042 Round End screen, one player recently posted their own erroneous version of the match summary.

Compared to the original version of Battlefield 2042 The match recap, which BesterSpieler0 co-edited and posted on the game’s main subreddit, is much more somber and serious. It removes the game’s quirky lucky character quips, focusing instead on highlighting player achievements to the rhythm of the game. Battlefield 2042 soundtrack.


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This surprisingly mellow but endearing circular display seems to have been inspired by dramatic diorama-style scenes, rather than relying on flashy animations and character satires – both are criticized by the Battlefield 2042 This video subreddit was posted on. Instead, the player gets a neat overview of the three biggest achievements of the given match and a small chat window in the upper right corner of the screen. After all of these are shown, players can also see what their team did during the match in a proper sequence.

It should be pointed out that the diorama itself is in fact derived from a recent match synopsis error, with prominent characters being frozen in place rather than sarcastically as they usually do. The user enhanced this sneak shot with a few visual effects (such as the flash and the rear blast of a sniper rifle), as well as squad summaries. These may sound like simple additions on paper, but the end result is, in fact, significantly more appealing and in line with Battlefield titles.

Although the end of the round screen is not nearly was harshly criticized for several other elements of the Battlefield 2042, fans have voiced opposition to this feature. The game is set in the midst of a global ecological and financial crisis, with private military contractors reigning supreme, and loyalty in short supply. However, the match summary contains sarcasm and jokes that seem contrary to the general style of Battlefield 2042, one of the main reasons that pushed players to come up with their own custom late-round edits.

Thoughtful thinking like this match summary edit, it’s always worth pointing out that the developers’ intentions for a game are most likely different from what the community might want from it. There is an argument to be made that Battlefield 2042 can also act as a “hero” oriented FPS, even if fans of the classic Battlefield the game may not agree. Either way, fan ingenuity will be celebrated, with this custom edit just the latest in a long line. great video Battlefield community known for.

Battlefield 2042 Currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles.

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The source: BesterSpieler0/ Reddit

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