Basics to Create a Stunning Video Presentation

Research has proven that videos engage a higher number of people than articles and plain media. With the growing online customer base, businesses are incorporating videos for the ease of customers.

You can incorporate videos in different business verticals to make it fun for all. More than 70% of marketers invest in creating videos for promotional content, sales, digital marketing, networking, webinars, etc.

A video presentation is an effective way to connect with customers virtually. Videos give a personal touch to one’s brand.

They are simplified versions of monotonous and lengthy documents. Video presentations help make information more understandable and exciting to maintain customer engagement.

What is a Video Presentation?

‘Video’ and ‘presentation’ are familiar terms. But what is a ‘Video Presentation’? A presentation that can be viewed and shared akin to a video is called a video presentation. It can be made available online and shared on different platforms like Twitter, YouTube, and other social media platforms.

It is used by businesses and firms to explain concepts with ease. You can explain statistics related cases via video presentation with ease. Adding audio or suitable music to the presentation improves its quality. An excellent video presentation can do wonders!

Why Create Video Presentations?

Video marketing in businesses is on the surge for the following reasons:

  • Drives traffic and increases engagement rate
  • It saves time yet results in effective communication.
  • Videos help simplify concepts.
  • It makes the information digestible for customers
  • It is a creative way to improve brand awareness.

How to Create a Video Presentation?

Technological advancement has made video creation a cakewalk. With the availability of various tools, you can author video presentations in less than an hour. Here are the basics to create an impressive video presentation:

  • A stunning video presentation communicates with the audience and helps build trust. Knowing your target audience is the fundamental step.
  • Have a vision, plan an exciting story to tell.
  • Choose the length of the presentation. Keep it short and compelling.
  • Craft a good script. You may begin with a catchy statement, an anecdote or a visual.
  • Choose a template depending upon the type of video presentation. A presentation can be persuasive, informative, demonstrative and inspirational. Select the type of your presentation depending upon the target audience and vision.
  • Use a video creating an application to do the formatting and compiling within minutes.
  • Promote your presentation.

Guidelines to Make it Impressive

Video presentations are being used globally for marketing. Making an innovative presentation is the key for businesses to have the edge over others. Add flavour to your video presentation with these key points in mind:

Understanding Target Audience: Know what resonates with your audience/ customers. Read reviews and carry out surveys to better understand your audience. Communicating with different gender types and age groups aids in getting a hinge of the diverse choices.

Brand Story: A personal story often connects with the audience on an emotional level. Think of a compelling story to tell that people can relate to. It improves brand awareness too.

Presentation Length: People want to avoid spending time. Making a short video with the right data and visuals can help drive huge traffic. It can increase engagement and social media shares.

Formatting: With the understanding of your customers, use your formatting skills to choose visuals, colours and graphics that would resonate with them. Choose layouts following the type of video presentation. Go for templates that align with your company’s logo colour and styling. Add animations and transitions. Moving graphics draws attention. Make it unique and appealing.

Add Graphs: Statistics can be included in the presentation. Graphs and proven studies have an impact on the audience. They tend to believe numbers more than anything. A point can be better proven using examples and statistics. Simple graphs add value and quality to a video presentation.

Applications and Tools: There are ample options to choose from. Tons of professional tools and video presentation apps are floating on the internet. Select the one that suits your requirement. Look for an experienced app that has a good UI. Avoid apps with ads to save on time.

Few Points to Keep in Mind

  • Maintain the quality of your video presentation. Use clean language to maintain professionalism. Ignorance or carelessness may lead to a flop video. If you are showing some product or service, make sure that the shooting space is organised.
  • Keep your sound clear and crisp while doing voice-overs. Any music or audio that you add must be audible.
  • The story you tell your audience must be a practical one. People should be able to relate to your story.
  • Humour is another way to drive the attention of your customers. It relieves tension to relax the atmosphere. You may use it in your video presentation to cheer up your customers.
  • Make sure that your video presentation does not hurt anyone’s sentiments by any chance. Check it with experts multiple times before promoting. Any carelessness might do great damage to the brand image in this era of social media.
  • Do not forget to review everything before uploading your presentation. Avoid grammatical mistakes, proofread the script, check the structure and formatting. Make necessary edits.
  • Answer the queries of your audience at the end of the talk. Give them a space to participate actively so that they sense their equal involvement. Answer questions like a warrior! Satisfy their curiosity and persuade them.

A presentation lasts a powerful impact on the audience. Communication becomes effective with the usage of visuals and graphs. Making stunning presentations with voice-overs is easy. With the advancements in technology and the digital market, these videos can be created within no time!

Big and small businesses are investing in presentations to sell products, services, etc. Videos capture the attention of the customers. These are effective ways to generate leads. In a fast-paced world, short and sweet videos can do wonders. The ease of sharing these mini-presentations has changed the fate of businesses worldwide.

The necessity of maintaining social distancing in the times of the pandemic has forced educational institutes to go online. Professional firms are using videos to educate, train and inform students globally. Presentations have been a saviour in these challenging times!

Huynh Nguyen

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