Bard’s random concerts and musicians are among the best in the Final Fantasy 14 community

Final Fantasy 14 has become a popular MMORPG with a healthy community. Players are generally kind to each other and can often be found dancing or playfully casting random abilities in city ​​of Eorzea. Each player has their own stories of the community, from taking a track train in Crystarium to buying bread from a role-player in Ul’dah. The game has the best kind of mob mentality, one that invites players to rally and/or imitate each other.

Among these mischief is music, especially music played by those who have Bard’s job up to level 30. At level 30, Bards unlocks the ability to play an instrument and can freely beat the drums, strum the harp, and sound the horn. For most players, it’s a fun button performance tool. However, there are players out there who are well versed in the musical mechanics and go so far as to have live interests in the city states for all to see.


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What are Bard’s concerts like?

Lalafell plays cards in Limsa Lominsa.

While soloists can play random songs at any venue, concerts at Final Fantasy 14 more community oriented. Concert players have meetups, practice sessions, and even their own social media handles to share where they’re going live next. An example of this is Bardic Weapons, a band entirely belonging to Lalafell that have their own Twitter page and Youtube account to share their music. Some of the concerts are more privatized, playing at the Free Company’s home, which audiences come by invitation only or through some in-game gil payment. In such cases, there may even be no recording or streaming rules in place to keep the event special.

There are many active groups that actually exist, each with their own name and unique taste in clothing and fashion. music selection. Other bards performing in the MMORPG include The Songbirds, The Moogle Troupe, Mosh Mosh, and The Wiggles. These groups run on a variety of servers and typically choose one of the three starting cities to capture the most audience. They make playing on bard instruments look easy, but playing together gives the same effect as real music in timing, finding the right notes and tempo. However, what makes it different from real life music is that these bands can rely on macros and keybinding to simplify the process.

Other types of live music

Bard plays the flute.

Band concerts aren’t everything, like Final Fantasy 14 full of all kinds of musicians. Not all groups are organized and sometimes a bard will start solo with a slower sound. A common example of this is empty circles, which are a easy operation for a group of strangers to do together.

Typical of these types of players Final Fantasy 14, a lot of the music these players often choose to play comes from video games. Much of the music comes from Final Fantasy titles, but also games like Heart Kingdom, Undertale, World of Warcraft, Nier: Automata, Pokemon, and Mana’s secret. Outside of video games, it’s not uncommon to hear cards playing songs from Disney movies, holiday classics, shows and cartoons. On Youtube, many players performed these songs along with the track, actually forming a band using a character playing different parts and summing them together in one video. Final Fantasy 14 There are copyright warnings for third-party songs, but there’s no iron hammer to stop players from expressing their music.

While the player does their business, be it waiting in a dungeon or managing an inventory, they may encounter a guard or an entire band jamming with an audience. It’s peaceful to join the crowd and cheer on the musicians, especially in the safety of the video game scene. Cases like these remind everyone to slow down and enjoy Eorzea’s worldand what players created it.

Final Fantasy 14 Available now on PC, PS4 and PS5. Endwalker Released on December 7th.

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