Bandai Namco Should Try More Unique Ideas Like Dragon Ball: The Breakers

Among the popular anime series out there, few are as perfect for a video game adaptation as seven dragon pearls. Akira ToriyamaIts hugely successful shonen series has been around for three decades, but its popularity is as present as ever. This is something that Bandai Namco must be satisfied with as they are able to create a consistent stream of games based on the popular IP. This trend continues with the recent announcement of Dragon Ball: The Breakers.

Unlike most games related to the series that allow the player to take control of the most powerful fighters in the universe, Dragon Ball: The Breakers there is a much different approach. The game will be an asymmetrical multiplayer project where players control civilians in Dragon ball universe tries to avoid dangerous villains like Frieza and Cell. This is completely out of left field, but is a breath of fresh air and a sign that Bandai Namco shouldn’t be afraid to experiment.


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Exit the norm

Recent video game by Dragonball Z

seven dragon pearls obviously focused on flying action and muscular characters. Many statues in NS Dragon ball The universe can topple mountains and obliterate cities with a single move, causing them all to reach the level of divine power. Many of the confrontations in the series have been reclaimed as some of the most iconic in all of anime, with Goku confronting Frieza on a ruined planet being a notable highlight.

Due to its focus on non-stop combat, it’s no surprise that many video games over the years have chosen to stick to this vision. Loans well to the fighting game genre, games like Dragon Ball FighterZ and Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 has attracted die-hard fans and more casual fighting game players in general. There’s no denying that taking control of these characters and unleashing all of their potential is undeniable.

All that being said, variety is the spice of life. Large as seven dragon pearls is for the fighting game genre, with many games over the years giving off a deja vu feel. While combat is at the heart of the franchise, there’s more to it than that. Wild sense of humor, surprising emotional beats, and adventure all emphasize flash combat, so Dragon Ball: The Breakers proved that there is more to explore than just punching in the face.

A universe of possibilities

Dragonball z Kai's Opening Screenshot

The question now remains what other genres should be explored by Dragon ball The universe. Dragon Ball: The Breakers not the first attempt at something new, like Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is a sharp action role-playing game. Also, while not a great game, Dragon Ball Z: Sagas in 2005 marked the initial attempt to transform the franchise into a more level adventure concept. The potential is there, all it takes is the right team and the vision behind the project to make it a reality.

Previous stories about Goku’s youth in Dragon ball with a greater emphasis on adventure and refreshing fun, marking an opportunity to adapt those stories into a third-person adventure game that might be similar to The Legend of Zelda Franchising. Maybe a first-person shooter would make sense, allowing the player to take control of one of the many opponents and have them completely obliterate landscapes similar to Rainfall Megaton. If Bandai Namco wants to go really crazy, Mario Kart-The stylish racing game will surprise, but can be considered a classic since Goku learned to drive a car at one point in the series.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers release for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One in 2022.

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