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Square Enix and PlatinumGames’ The Fall of Babylon has had an odd history since being announced at E3 2018 during Square’s press event. The action title was originally scheduled for release in 2019, just a year after it was revealed. However, that date has been pushed further and further back, and as 2022 draws nearer, The Fall of Babylon There’s still no confirmed release date or even a window. However, the good thing is that since the beginning of this year, Square Enix has had several beta tests to give fans a glimpse of what the full game will look like. After playing for a few hours during the recent 3rd phase of the beta, it can be said that The Fall of Babylon is something very different for PlatinumGames, but not necessarily in a good way.


Platinum is primarily known for making some of the best single-player action games that also feature compelling and emotional storylines. Two recent examples would be NieR: Automata and Chain of souls. Both of these titles have the signature PlatinumGames style with tight combat, frenetic boss fights, and even memorable soundtracks, but neither of them have any sort of multiplayer functionality. The Fall of Babylon, however, is understood to be a live-serve co-op action game, all about doing quests with friends and battling waves of monsters over and over for powerful loot. stronger.

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Similar to games like Monster hunter, The Fall of Babylon asks the player to board the quest, choose which “mission” to continue, then team up with up to four players to complete it. Unlike Monster hunter, these quests take the player to a tower (at least in the beta) and follow through in stages with increasing difficulty.

babylons . falling tower

Players advance through these linear corridors and battle waves of monsters to then proceed to the next area. Besides jumping over random obstacles here and there and collecting loot inside treasure chests, the actual walk for each fight seems pointless and just a way to fill up. world a little bit. And even though there are multiple levels of difficulty for a dungeon, the dungeon paths are exactly the same and can feel repetitive at times.

The Fall of Babylon maybe there will be more dungeons in the full release, but playing the same dungeon over and over with stronger enemies doesn’t feel very satisfying or enjoyable; however, something The Fall of Babylon seems to do the most right is how players use their weapons in combat.

fight against falling babylons

Instead of just picking a single weapon before a mission, Babylon’s Autumn fight focuses on the player using four different weapons at the same time. There are hammers, swords, bows, wands, and shields to use in the beta, and each can be outfitted with the shoulder buttons and two face buttons on the controller.

This allows for flexible combat and allows players to really think about what kind of attacker they want to be. One could equip the bow and magic staff to the buttons on their face to use whenever they wanted to attack from a distance, and then use the buttons on their shoulders for heavy damage weapons like hammers or sword. All weapons can be charged to use a special attack that uses the player’s energy, but attacking an enemy raises the bar a bit. From the outside looking in, the battle would feel like a perfect one mix between Devil May Cry and Final Fantasy, but The Fall of Babylon never quite reached one of those heights. Linking combos together is not as easy as one would like, and the effects of most weapons on enemies are not satisfying.

BABYLON'S FALL Beta Version_20211115165507

When multiplayer is casting spells and pouring all their might on a tough enemy boss, The Fall of Babylon can make you happy, especially when players see all that shiny loot at the final results screen for a quest. During the beta, it was difficult to find more than one other player participating in a mission, but when three or more players were on a mission at the same time, the game would begin. Playing alone is a different story, as it is essentially impossible to end a match unless the character has overplayed, causing The Fall of Babylon feels super abrasive.

Enemies in the dungeon will take a lot of damage before falling, making them very spongy in the worst possible way. Players will find themselves repeatedly mixing the same four buttons to try to reduce the monster’s health, but they take a long time to cool down and playing alone is not a pleasant experience. Hopefully the full release can find a way to make it easy for solo players, as not everyone wants to play against other players online.

monster babylons fall beta

Due to lackluster design, uninteresting combat and balance issues, The Fall of Babylon there seems to be room for improvement. But having a framework could end up being more interesting if it were extended.

Considering that PlatinumGames and Square Enix have plenty of time to redo everything, The Fall of Babylon still has potential to grow and develop into something that could be good, or even great. It will definitely be interesting to see how The Fall of Babylon look and play a year from now.

The Fall of Babylon in development for PC, PS4 and PS5. Game Rant has been provided with a code from Square Enix to access the closed beta.

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