Auto Brawl Chess Mod Apk 18.0.2 (Recovery Speed) Download

Auto Brawl Chess Mod Apk is a strategy game with royal fighting style. Lead your army to victory, upgrade heroes and collect the most powerful heroes! The game is an addictive and entertaining game of chess style strategy battles. It has the same rules as chess but you play against computer-generated opponents that can be set to any level from beginner to expert. Auto Brawl Chess Mod Apk also includes many other features like new maps, events, quests and more!

About Auto Brawl Chess Mod Apk

Battle royale games have grown in popularity, and the arrival of Auto Brawl Chess: Battle Royale on Android is a godsend for fans of the action-adventure genre with RPG elements. One of these games is Auto Brawl Chess, where you have to fight monsters in a one-way war. The PANORAMIK GAMES LTD strategy started quite recently and already has over 1 million downloads on the Play Store.

After all, a tactical vehicle combat game that has multiple modes at once, can change the gameplay. Not only does it include a battle mode, but it also allows you to buy weapons and upgrade your troops.

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Many heroes for you to choose

Players can enjoy thousands of warriors in Auto Brawl Chess and choose the ones they like and match. In infinity battles, heroes unite and collaborate with each other. Collect various unique and special heroes to add variety to your collection. Players have the option to improve and customize their heroes’ weapons and talents, giving them a different color. You can upgrade your heroes’ weapons and skills as you wish, giving them a new color as they level up. For easier victory, your hero will become more and more diverse in weapons and abilities at higher levels.

Join different battlefields

In Auto Brawl Chess, you can play in many different situations. Each location has its own challenges and obstacles to test your fighting skills. Your hero will improve his abilities in battles. Explore the vast world together and destroy the great oligarchs and a variety of powerful monsters. With so many battlefields, the fights are more fierce and beautiful.

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Plan each battle

In order to beat your opponent with the least amount of effort, you must set yourself a clear strategy. Come up with your own unique creative thinking offensive and defensive ideas and combine them with cards to build your skills. Auto Brawl Chess has a large selection of modern weapons that allow you to kill your enemies faster. Power up heroes so that players win and get some important rewards.

Upgrade and evolve your hero

Each player in Auto Brawl Chess has a limit on the number of unique summoning cards they can use. Heroes can be upgraded once the limit is reached, requiring a specific number of summoning cards and gold coins. The more enhancements you use, the higher your chances of winning.

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Complete the quests

Get awesome bonuses by participating in raids, PvP fights, and completing current errands. Daily, monthly and epic quests can be accessed from the main menu at the top of the screen: you can complete each mission to earn experience points, chess pass points, gems and gold coins. You can also get daily prizes and offers in the form of reels, keys, gold coins and gems. Sometimes there is a possibility to get a hero or past heroes for free.

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Graphics and sound

Auto Brawl Chess is a fun entertaining game. It features 2D and 3D characters in bright costumes and interesting styles, who are owners of dazzling costumes and customs. The playing field is shaped like a chess board, with each shape having its own moving position. Each hero has its own unique ability (highlighted with a distinct color) that can be used in combat. The soundtrack is lively and features unobtrusive music as well as voice acting for the heroes performing various actions. You can hear the sounds of buying cards, calling heroes into battle and raising them throughout the game. The sound of receiving cards, summoning, and improving heroes can also be heard throughout the game.

Download Auto Brawl Chess Mod Apk

Auto Brawl Chess Mod Apk is a chess style strategy game where you lead your army to victory, upgrade heroes and collect the most powerful heroes! The game has been designed with addictive and entertaining elements that will keep you playing. With this mod apk comes a lot of features like new maps, events, quests and more! Download now to enjoy all these conveniences!

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