Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 19 Ending Explained

MAPPA recently released the much-awaited 19th volume of Attack the giant Season 4. Unlike the first two episodes of Season, episode three has an ending that leaves fans bewildered.

The latest episode starts exactly where the previous one left off, and we see the Beast Titan fall to the ground. However, Zeke was still alive, so Eren picked up the pace and started moving towards his brother to contact him.

The Armored Titan and Jaw Titan do everything in their power to stop Eren. Eren humiliates Jaw Titan by punching him in the face several times, and Galliard is mortally wounded by Eren’s attack. But Reiner got hold of Eren and pinned him down. So Zeke decided to do what everyone was afraid of and opened his mouth to scream.

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Attack on Titan | Levi & Zeke Crescendo’s Final Trailer



Attack on Titan | Levi & Zeke Crescendo’s Final Trailer





What happened in the latest episode of Attack on Titan?

Even after learning that Falco had eaten Zeke’s liquid, he still shouted and turned some of the people in the wall into Titans. He was then hit by another bullet and everyone, especially Reiner, caught off guard, thinking Zeke was dead. However, Zeke was just pretending to be dead. Now, on the side, Galliard sacrificed himself by giving himself to Falco, and Eren left his Titan form and started running towards Zeke. But surprisingly, Gabi hit Eren in the head with a bullet. At that time, fans believed that Eren is dead, but it turns out, Zeke made contact with Eren’s head before he lost consciousness.

Then Eren wakes up to what Zeke says are the Coordinates, where all roads converge into one. There, Eren sees Zeke in chains, and the Beast Titan tells him that several years have passed. Eren sees the Founder of Ymir approaching them, and Zeke tells him that Ymir once rebuilt his body with the Earth around. And the same way she built shackles to contain Zeke because of the War of Forsaking the Oath. However, Eren can freely move here since he does not have Royal Blood, so the Oath does not apply to him.

Finally, Zeke asks Eren to order Ymir about making the Eldians unable to have children. But as expected, Eren said no to Zeke’s plan, stating that he was only playing with Zeke to get here. Now, Eren asks the Founder of Ymir to lend him her powers. But to his surprise, Ymir headed straight for Zeke.

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Apparently, Zeke was just testing Eren, and he already had the Founding Titan’s powers. Zeke reveals that after spending a lot of time with Ymir, he was able to nullify the War of Renunciation of the Oath, the Oath that Karl Fritz made with the Founding Titan. So Zeke was able to give up the Oath that had held him back all these years, and that was why he was able to walk freely in this place.

Also, even though Ymir is the Founder, she is still a slave to someone of Royal blood. Since Zeke has Royal Blood and has nullified the Oath, he can command Ymir to his liking. In short, Zeke had everything he wanted, but he wasn’t ready to dump Eren just yet.

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