Attack on Titan Fans Compare the Newly Formed Titan Parasite to Hallucigenia

Alert: This post contains the latest spoilers Attack the giant episode.

After watching recently Attack the giant episode, fans are comparing the Titan Founders parasite with Hallucigenia. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Episode 5 of Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 finally reached the point where Eren received the power of the Founding Titan from Ymir. In the final segment of the episode, we see Eren’s massive transformation into the Genesis Titan. I also started rumbling and convey his message to all Ymir subjects. Eren makes it clear that he wants to end all life outside of the walls because that is the only way his people will survive.

However, besides Eren’s transformation, the episode also focuses on the history of the Titans. Anime fans finally got to see Ymir’s past to understand exactly how she became the Founding Titan.

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Attack on Titan | Final season trailer



Attack on Titan | Final season trailer





Ymir was born an ordinary human and was enslaved by King Fritz along with thousands of others. And on one unfortunate day, Fritz ordered his men to use Ymir for their sport of hunting. Ymir was badly injured, and as she was running, she saw a large tree. She enters the tree through a hole and falls into a well, where a being fuses with Ymir, granting her the powers of the Founding Titan.

The attack on the Titan parasite looks a lot like Hallucigenia

Currently, the identity and origin of the parasite is still unclear in both the manga and anime. Some believe that it was a god who took pity on Ymir and gave her the powers of the Founder Titan, while others believe that parasites are the source of all life on the planet. However, what’s really interesting is that the parasite that appears in the episode looks a lot like Illusion.

Apparently, Hallucigenia was one of the oldest living things that existed on Earth about 500 million years ago during the Cambrian period. Simon Conway-Morris discovered the fossil of the extinct genus in 1977. The description for Hallucigenia states that it had about 10 pairs of slender legs. And when you compare the AOT parasite and the model of Hallucigenia side by side, you can clearly see the similarities. So it’s no wonder that some fans are confident that the Founding Titan parasite is a fictional representation of Hallucigenia.

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