Assassin’s Creed Infinity should buy back the sages of the Franchise

Because of how early it was developed, there is still a lot of unconfirmed about it Assassin’s Creed Infinity—An upcoming entry in the franchise is fully paid live service game. What that even means, when most of the live service games are free to play, is another question and a lot of rumors have filled it.

One of the most popular ways accepted by Assassin’s Creed community is that it will serve as the hub for future stories and past stories. This, according to rumors, leads to Assassin’s Creed Infinity have “redo” of previous games — perhaps better described as upgraded and adapted to Infinity’s live service model — and which will adapt, repair, and/or modify The plot has disappointed fans.


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That in itself raises more questions than answers, but if Assassin’s Creed Infinity will “fix” the problematic plots, then there will be one that needs to be fully redeemed: Sages. Many people can recall how Assassin’s Creed 4The story revolves around the pursuit of a Sage in Kenway’s time, as well as the emergence of a modern-day Sage, but in the end that plot turns sideways and ignores the Aita sages altogether. The Asgardian Sage.

Assassin’s Creed Sages – Aita and Asgardian


For those who may have forgotten, the human Sages are essentially the reincarnated Isu. At times, it seems that these Sages can regain their original Isu memories, while others can resist or ignore their past. Throughout the series, two main Sage-type characters appear: Aita Sages, the reincarnation of Aita, Juno’s lover (the main villain returns to Desmond’s time, if need be reminded), and the Asgardian Sages.

In AC4, Edward Kenway met a Sage in Bartholomew Roberts, while John Standish was a Sage encountered in its modern-day plot. Standish is trying to find a host for Juno. AC Unity there’s also the Aita Sages in Jacques de Molay and Francois-Thomas Germain, and there’s a lot of setting for what the Sages can do and represent in the franchise.

But after that The entire plot of Juno and Aita has been transferred to the manga, where Desmond’s son Elijah – possibly against Aita’s personality and Desmond’s desire to become a Sage carrying the genes – puts an end to Juno’s reincarnation. Indeed, there are a lot of people who don’t know that Juno was “solved” in this way, and it has problems with the storytelling of the entire series.

Of course, the Sages are not taken and disappear. Players learn in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla that Isu Asgardian stole a path to escape the Great Catastrophe from the other Isu and reincarnated himself. However, while Aita reincarnated many times, there is no clear indication if that could happen to Odin, Thor, Loki and the like, but these Sages could have some impact on the future. future of franchising with AC Valhalla‘s upcoming DLC. For now, it’s still not clear.

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Problem with Assassin’s Creed’s Sages

creed assassins extremely intelligent sages

Hopefully the importance of the Asgardian Sages will become clearer as the franchise moves forward. As it is, Loki is still alive in modern times, and Eivor suppressed Odin, but there’s clearly more to be said here. That story is still evolving, but the Aita sages should have a better ending. If AC Infinity working on fixing the storylines, the Sages are great for fixing.

Sure, learning more about the Aita Sages, Asgardian Sages, and other Sages is likely to come eventually, but the sudden drop in the Aita Sages is worth noting. The Aita sages have purpose and goals in finding, liberating, reincarnating, and protecting/loving Juno, but that means there’s more to rebirth than what fans now know. Apart from a few things mentioned above, what did these Aita Sage do differently from Knights and Assassins, is Aita the only one who reincarnates regularly, and why?

Sages, sometimes, get mad, but that doesn’t mean all are. Sometimes the sages accept their Aita role, and others do not. Then how did this random process work Assassin’s Creedhistorical timeline of? The story and concept get off to a good start but then, at least for Aita and the non-Asgardians, getting nowhere is important and certainly for the franchise.

Aita and Juno appear in AC OdysseyDLC’s, but it still doesn’t explain much. With Aita’s reincarnation, which happened to the other Isu, and Loki now existing in the modern storyline, AC Infinity could regroup and present a stronger story to all the Sages, starting with Aita.

These are just some of the questions that could be better explored by further defining the Sages and bringing the whole concept of modern Isu back to the mainstream. Assassin’s Creed fold. The story never deserves to be left out of the main games, apparently because it’s the result of Desmond sacrificing her life and setting her free to save the world, but bringing it back, building chi detailing the Sages and telling them more stories — while also showing what’s next for the Asgardians or other Sages — would be a good way for Infinity to tie this whole plot together.

Assassin’s Creed Infinity is in the process of development.

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