Asmongold responds to criticism from xQc

Popular Twitch streamer Asmongold is responding to criticism of his recent statements about gambling and One True King from fellow xQc.


Some popular Twitch Streamers have been criticized for gambling streams, and Asmongold is one of the streamers who has an opposing view of those types of streams. One of Asmongold’s personal friends and fellow streamer xQc took offense at his comment and some other recent Asmongold comments, to which Asmongold has now responded.

Asmongold has recently been embroiled in some controversy over the claims he made about the One True King recently. Twitch current. A “Friendship Ceremony” live stream hosted by streamer collective OTK on November 21 resulted in some issues between Asmongold and other streamer attendees following some miscommunication. The OTK is led by Asmongold, Mizkif and Esfand, and the situation has caused some friction between Asmongold and Esfand.


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During the Festival of Friends event, a Twitch streamer named Minx pretended to be affected by the painkiller Oxycodone and wanted to celebrate the event with some booze. This is when One True King Co-Founder and fellow Twitch streamer Esfand interjected between Minx and booze when he was under the impression that Oxycodone was already in her system and mixing the two was a bad idea. Asmongold recently said that everyone at the Friends Festival live was wrong after what happened, but after xQc responded to that and commented on his gambling stream, he He changed his mind.

Asmongold and xQc are friends and xQc was quick to remind his Twitch community before going into his comment on what Asmongold has to say about his gambling streams. Streaming on Twitch while responding to a video of gambling streams, xQc says that Asmongold is his friend, but he is not his father. In Asmongold’s response to the OTK situation and xQc’s gambling streams, the streamer appears to have adopted the same approach when trying to direct the actions of others.

“I can do what I want, right?” xQc said in his recent Twitch stream in response to Asmongold. “If you’re someone’s friend, who are you to tell them what to do and what not to do, right?” Popular Only chat on Twitch streamer respectfully criticize your friend because his words can sometimes mislead others. Asmongold reflected on both the OTK Friends Festival situation as well as xQc’s reaction to it in a recent Twitch stream he was playing. New world.

After some reflection, Asmongold admitted that the situation between him and OTK co-founder Esfand was stupid, and he attributed it to him entering “a really weird space.” Among his criticisms of himself, Asmongold also stated that xQc was right about his remarks about Gambling Stream on Twitch and the TV series OTK. Asmongold also confirmed that he wants to be less negative with his friends and colleagues Twitch streamers are moving forward, suggesting that the issues between him and Esfand could also be worked out.

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