As the United States struggles to survive, the resilience and good judgment of the American people increase before its eyes

“People know their rights; and they were never slow to claim and maintain them, when they were invaded,” Abraham Lincoln once said. speak.

So it has always been in the history of the republic of the United States of America.

Whenever the governing body has gone far beyond extermination, the people have stepped in to defend their rights, and they are doing so again in our time.

It starts with Revolutionary War when the colonists protested against King George III and Parliament denied them their basic rights as English citizens and children of God.

During the Civil War, Lincoln finally rallied Americans to put their lives first to preserve the Union and to do so in a way consistent with the Declaration of Independence – equality for all in the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. .


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At the beginning of the 20th century, at the height of the industrial revolution, the people demanded that the government step in and pass the necessary reforms related to child labor and the length of working day.

More recently, the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s nullified the unjust Jim Crow laws in the South that made blacks second-class citizens.

Moving forward into our times, the war of the past few decades has surpassed the size of the federal government.

Do you think the Americans will get the country back on track?

Ronald Reagan’s resounding victories in the 1980s were a response to defeat Great society The policies of the 1960s led to the economic and social unrest of the 1970s.

While campaigning for re-election in 1984, the 40th president speak, “In 1980, the people of the United States declared their independence once again. We have recognized once and for all that a government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take away all you have.”

Reagan won 49 out of 50 states by the way, in the election of 84.

In the face of this new reality of conservative domination and the booming, vibrant economy that the Reagan Revolution created, Bill Clinton ran as a centrist,”New Democratic Party“In 1992.

However, after taking office, as he and the Democrats sought to pass government-controlled universal health care coverage and other leftist policies, the American people stepped in to test power. their.

Successful Republican Revolution 54 seats for the GOP in the House with control Senate for the first time since the 1950s.


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The same thing happened in 2010 after President Barack Obama and the Democrats passed the $800 billion economic stimulus bill and Obamacare.

The Tea Party Revolution midterm elections led to support for the GOP 63 seats indoor.

The year-end elections earlier this month should encourage freedom-loving Americans that another red wave is forming that will reset Washington.

Everywhere votes up and down from New York and New Jersey to Virginia, Texas and Seattle, Washington, the Republican Party has made the inevitable gains.

NS problem That has driven people to very clear polls: parental rights in education, public safety, the economy, COVID policy, taxes.

During the 2020 election cycle, Joe Biden promised Americans a return to normal after the tumultuous years of President Donald Trump.

Of course, much of the turbulence was created by the Democrats and their allies in the DC bureaucracy and the media.

When viewed objectively, Trump make a nation safer and more prosperous than in the Obama era.

COVID-19 popped up during an election year, which has disrupted American lives so much, and Biden offered his old “grass will be greener” enticement regarding his response to the pandemic.

The country will”follow science“You committed.

Uncle Joe“Also assure voters that he is not as socialist as his opponent for the Democratic nomination, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

Biden won and continues to rule as a full-fledged leftist, just as Clinton did during his first two years in office.

On Day One, Biden halted construction of the border wall, ended the stay-in-Mexico policy for asylum seekers, halted oil exploration on federal lands, and canceled the Keystone XL Pipeline. .

During his inaugural address and several times since, Biden made repeated calls to the US systematic racism.

In March, “center” Biden and Democrats passed – without a single Republican vote – nearly $2 trillion American rescue plan.

Surprise, surprise, hiring rose dramatically in October, the month after the federal unemployment boost ended and initial claims for unemployment benefits finally fell. less than 300,000 per week.

The president has imposed tough vaccine duties on federal employees and has search put them on private staff, completely ignoring the science regarding natural immunity among other matters.

Biden’s Justice Department threatened parents who attended school board meetings to protest COVID mandates and critical race theory with prosecute.

And now the Democrats want to cross the multi-trillion dollars Build back better plan, will launch many new, open-ended benefits programs that the country cannot afford.

All in all, the American people don’t like Biden’s direction on the country.

Real clear politics medium shows that about 62 percent of Americans believe the country is going in the wrong direction while not quite 30 percent believe we are on the right track.

A Washington Post / ABC News poll found that 59% of respondents fear Biden “will do too much to increase the size and role of government in American society.”

Furthermore, among registered voters, 51% said they would support a Republican candidate more than 41% who would vote for a Democratic candidate in the midterms of 2022.

This plus 10 lead is the largest lead the GOP has ever held in the history of this poll, in 40 years.

Biden’s approval rating in the Post/ABC news survey among registered voters is 38 percent.

There’s a big red wave forming, and that’s caused by the Democrats.

The people knew their rights, and they realized that Biden and his team were infiltrating them and needed to be checked.

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