Artifacts, Bosses & Domain Drop Rate, Explanation

Amidst many controversies The Genshin effect have faced, one of which is the poor relegation rate. Another problem is poor transparency, where there is always a lack of communication between the developer and the player base. Now, put them together and the player will have: less transparent about the drop rate.

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As a result, many players joined together to submit their data to get clues about The Genshin effectdrop rate. With this information, players will have a better idea of ​​what to expect in their Resin spending. Hopefully, it will also lead to better resource management. Root Resin is the most important currency in The Genshin effect, so it shouldn’t be mindlessly wasted.


Genshin’s Impact Reduction Rate Explained

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Here, players can see the drop rates for the following:

  1. Normal Boss
  2. Weekly boss
  3. Software domain
  4. Weapon Ascension Material Domain
  5. Material domain name upgrade talent

To read the board, the player must pay attention to Limit and average value.

  • Range: How many items can be obtained.
  • Average: The expected quantity of the item.

For example, if an item has 1-2 in Range and 1.50 Medium, this means: Expect 1 item drop in each run (guaranteed), with a 50% chance of dropping the 2nd time two.

Note: The following information will only include the drop rate of the top domain and World Level. These are unofficial rates and are collected from community meetings.

Normal Boss

Item Limit average
5 star artifacts first first
4 star artifacts 1-2 1.47
3 star artifacts 2-3 2.10
The silver 2-3 2.15
Pieces 1-2 1.60
Chunk 0-1 0.14
Gemstone 0-1 0.014
Exclusive Boss Drop 2-3 2.55

Normal Bosses are large enemies that can be found in The Genshin effectopen world. This includes:

  1. Varicose veins
  2. Cryo Hypostasis
  3. Cryo Regisvine
  4. Lose weight with electricity
  5. Geo Hypostasis
  6. Golden wolf
  7. Water retention
  8. Maguu Kenki
  9. Oceanid
  10. Permanent mechanical array
  11. Primo Geovishap
  12. Pyro Hypostasis
  13. Pyro Regisvine
  14. Expression of Thunder

Players need to farm these monsters if they want to go up The Genshin effect character.

Tallest World level (WL 8), Travelers are guaranteed to receive a 5-star artifact for each run. So for those who need boss-specific artifacts like Gladiator’s Finale and Wanderer’s Troupe, then they should wait until they reach WL 8 to farm.

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Another notable takeaway from this drop rate is how low the Gem drop is. This item is only used for a character’s final ascension. Chance to get a gem from Normal Boss in The Genshin effect as low as 1.4%.

Weekly boss

Item Limit average
5 star artifacts 1-2 1.24
4 star artifacts 2-3 2.88
3 star artifacts 4-5 4.09
The silver 3-4 3.84
Pieces 2-3 2.04
Chunk 0-1 0.24
Gemstone 0-1 0.031
Prototype embryo 0-1 0.12
Talent upgrade material 2-3 2.39
Dream solvent 0-1 0.325

Unlike regular Bosses, players can only get one reward from each Weekly Boss (per week). This includes:

  1. Andrius
  2. Azhdaha
  3. Child
  4. Dvalin
  5. Signora

At the highest level, players can expect a 5 star artifact from each run, with some odds to get two. Just like with normal Boss, the probability of getting Gems through the weekly Boss is also low, with a 3.1% chance. This means that, on average, players can expect to receive one Gem every 30 Bosses weekly.

Meanwhile, because the The Genshin effectPrototype/Ingot, average drop rate is 12%. This means one Ingot every 8-9 Bosses weekly. It looks good on paper, but it’s actually rarer than that for most people. So at the end of the day, luck plays the biggest role to get this item.

Software domain

Item Limit average
5 star artifacts 1-2 1.07
4 star artifacts 2-3 2.48
3 star artifacts 3-4 3.55

The next drop rate comes from the Antiquities Domain. Players are encouraged start farming artifacts from Adventure Rank 45, as they are guaranteed a 5-star artifact per run. Visitors can also receive two 5-star artifacts at the same time, but the chances are very low.

Weapon Ascension Material Domain

Item Limit average
Material 5 stars (Gold) 0-2 0.07
Material 4 stars (Purple) 0-4 0.64
Material 3 stars (Blue) 0-4 2.40
2 Star Material (Green) 2-3 2.20

Weapon Ascension Materials consists of four levels: green, blue, purple, and yellow. At the top level, players will get two greens and two blues on most of their runs. However, sometimes, humans will also get purple and yellow. When this happens, they may get 0 drops of blue color.

However, there can’t be 0 blue without purple or yellow items, so Travelers shouldn’t worry about the range too much.

Material domain name upgrade talent

Item Limit average
Material 4 stars (Purple) 0-3 0.23
Material 3 stars (Blue) 0-3 1.97
2 Star Material (Green) 2-3 2.20

Just like with Weapon Ascension Materials, the average player will receive two green and two blue items. It’s also not possible to get 0 drops of blue without getting purple at the same time. However, there is a higher chance of getting the top level reduction, compared to Weapon Ascension Materials.

The Genshin effect Now available on Mobile, PC, PS4 and PS5. A Switch version is in development.

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The source: Genshin . Impact Data Collection

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