Arthas may play a role in the fight with boss Anduin in Eternity’s End

World of Warcraft data-checkers discovered several references to and feedback on the Lich King during his battle against Anduin Wrynn at Eternity’s End.

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Recently, World of Warcraft announced the final main content patch of Shadowlands titled Eternity’s End. While sifting through files that reached the Public Check server, data examiners discovered details of an impending encounter with Anduin Wrynn suggesting a direct connection to Lich. The former King, Arthas Menethil.

Vandals and speculators for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands to follow.

World of Warcraft will take the player into the First Ones realm of Zerith Mortis in Eternity’s End, where they will confront Anduin Wrynn in the Sepulcher of the First Ones raid. The skills, lines, and enemies discovered from the encounter not only summon the Lich King boss from The Rage of the Lich King, but pull abilities and mechanics directly from it.


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The first stage of Battle against Anduin in the Grave of the Firsts called “Kingsmourne Hungers”, a direct reference to one of the Lich King’s most iconic lines, “Frostmourne Hungers”. Anduin’s ability of the same name expels the player’s souls in a similar way to the Lich King’s Harvest Souls ability returning during his own battle. The pause period is also known as the “Ruins of a Fallen King.” During this phase, this Remnant appears to fight with or instead of Anduin, using two more spells used by the Lich King – Soul Reaper and Remorseless Winter.

Arthas before corruption - Facts about the Death Knight in World of Warcraft

Players have speculated about Arthas’ appearance or connection since Shadowlands has been announced, especially because his appearance in Uther the Lightbringer Shadowlands: Afterlives movie. This is further enforced by the actions of Jailer, the villain responsible for creating the Lich King, and who uses at least one of the Lich King’s abilities during his own encounters later in life. assault. While he damaged Anduin’s sword to create Kingsmourne, Jailer pulled out a piece of the soul that many suspected belonged to Arthas himself, which could explain who and what is the Remnant of the Fallen King. .

Long time Warcraft Fans have been buzzing about any and all references to Iconic Lich King they can find Shadowlands. The tragic demise of Prince Arthas is one of the most iconic stories told in the universe since Warcraft 3and many hidden references and connections on Shadowlands Many have wondered if he will appear directly in the story.

The other players wanted to see Arthas stay buried. His story is neatly told between Warcraft 3 and The Rage of the Lich King, and many believe that pulling him back to the story directly will detract from his story. Steve Danuser, By WoW Narrator, previously said Blizzard has no plans to revisit Arthas’ story. While he may or may not appear in person, Arthas’ legacy, strength, and perhaps even nature will certainly play a part in this. The fate of Anduin and the cast of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands available on PC. Eternity’s End currently under development.

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The source: Wowhead

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